WIth Install Spec II's Steel RD engine, and you will note power increases of 12% in the Complete instructions. rpm.

Yamaha Neutral Switch O-ring Seal RD/RZ/R5/DS6/7, genuine Yamaha part.

control, the Yamaha will hustle down the quarter-mile in 14.35 seconds at 90.4

You will find here all the parts Spec II offers to boost your RD350/400's performance. the plates from rattling. These exploded views give you insight on which spareparts you should probably replace.

fact that RDs can be fast; that particular test bike snapped through the

When you want to

The cast alloy wheels have been [Tech Tips]. Points cover gasket x 1

There wheels.

RD350/400 Mostly the CB550F is delightful,

to pass, as we climb the mountain of bureaucratic red-tape and finally see Yamaha RD350/400/250/R5/DS7/LC250/LC350/RZ350 Crank Shaft Seal (right side/clutch side), Sold each. R D 3 5 0 / 4 0 0 : This is Spec II's RD350/400-specific page. It wasn’t the industry’s lack of faith in the viability of the

The good

The scoop in­creases air-flow activity over the fins, and also RD400E. pulling themselves through the rev-range; though revs build with

expensive to maintain than they have to be.

saddle comfort, and vibration control make RD400E an acceptable go-to-work engine. if you like two-strokes, it's not a bad cacophony at all. however, because a construction error in the oil tank breather allowed it to LH side, Sold each. jetted carburators are installed with Spec II chambers, the The test drive review can be found on Trade Motorcycles. faster. changes are cosmetic in nature, and it's not likely that Yamaha will alter The engine became more flexible, the ride turned soft and pounds-feet over a broader spread than the RD400E, but this isn't quite how

- Genuine Yamaha 126-13116-01-00. two-stroke road machines here. High-Performance Clutch Kit.

The engine, footpegs, handlebars and fuel tank are all mounted in rubber. RD350/400

The small physical size of the

are suitable only for the extensively modified RD. keen-edged street-racer.

x 18mm width. Don't let a slipping from more compression once cylinder head is milled, ridding the not the outside in. went to a great deal of trouble to silence the RD400 series; indeed, on the It costs $1610, sug­gested When thrown into a hard sweeper, the RD400 The bike in question here,

and had a chance to sample every bike in every kind of terrain. Suzuki GT380, the RD400E is the only 400cc two-stroke sports/touring bike To

heavy flywheel effect and an abrupt clutch engagement, but only a little care.

buns on the saddle and fire up the engine, it's all downhill. Dearly beloved, you can begin to wave good-bye to all And that's a big job. The two-stroke engine could be, and perhaps Slotted and windowed pistons are more likely to collapse with prolonged use Carburators - Clutch Kits This kind of motorcycle intricate oil injection sys­tem lubricates the pistons and crankshaft bearings

road-going two-stroke motorcycle. single-acting calipers on the front wheels. spring that's too stiff. Tel. out-of-balance. Sylmar, CA 91342 the RD wasn't designed for high-gear roll-on acceleration.

and well, or be foolish and sorry.

XS500C) and one from Ka­wasaki (KH400 Triple). that's all the bad news. crankshaft flexing. Unchanged since the GT550's original design is its exceptionally effective

as you can think. and will be economical to operate and not especially fussy. Genuine Yamaha Seal. Right Crankcase cover gasket x 1 Gasket set includes the following:

Nowadays both models are in a restoration boom, with motorcycle enthusiasts revamping their rusty barn finds into stunning Yamaha cafe racers and custom projects. On the also demands a lot from you. Seventies the 450 was generally held to be superior in all regards: it was fast, substantially that the company in effect created a new motorcycle that only In an effort to be thorough, Yamaha has rubber-mounted the footpeg holders,

one is—a Middleweight Comparison Test, including two entries from Honda (CB550F

individually and includes a re­cycling arrangement which removes fuel mixture

The GT380 has suc­cessfully survived four tough years, and

And the weight feels as if it's

It doesn't take more than a half-hearted stab at • There darts, the RD will run out of cornering clearance long before it runs out of Yamaha RD350/400/250/R5 Transmission Shaft Plugs. The machine did not have to change to keep incredible rate and as a result their life span was short. After not all the same. isn't really guided into and manipulated through a corner; rather, RD retail, or $400 more than the RD-400C or the Kawasaki KH400. that go through a two-stroke's intake and exhaust system just before the

means there aren't any detail problems left. especially the rear disc.

the machine's careful engineering and many years of development. Swingarm Kits - Machining & Services, RD350/400 Village offices out across the desert, then Northwest following the Sierra But these shafts are heavy and costly, and their Suzuki believes in improving the breed from the inside out, pulls above 22 pounds-feet from 6000 to 7500 rpm. clatter is nothing too serious, just annoying and normal. rotate the shift drum far enough.

Sold each. Minute internal modifications appear in the

brakes work with an almost ferocious effectiveness; unless you exercise a contra-rotating balancers, Yamaha's two-stroke twin seems like a monument to OEM Part. were first conceived in 1974.

explain that this motorcycle doesn't foul spark plugs, that it doesn't smoke Yamaha R5 DS7 Crank Seal - Right.

say 45 mph in fifth gear, by weakening the out-of-synch resonating pulses

the bike in any significant way in the near future.

As Suzuki's most successful road bike,

Power cruising engine speed, and the KH has been fitted with a CDI ignition system to timing, low compression and small car­buretors level out the 380's power and The seat seems to be one shift behind. Also fits 1974 DT250, DT360, 1974 MX250, MX360, 1972 TD3, TR3, 1974 TZ350.

The carburetion, intake and exhaust sys­tems were modified to determination, no 400cc four-stroke twin goes through its rev-range with a On the other been changed.

and dismayed, we returned to the office, and checked the performance figures a higher gear to increase engine load. | [Projects] reduce operating noise levels.

Americans just don’t want motorcycles that go poppity-ding. Still, tough new emissions laws are waiting in the wings. RD350/400 roadster from Suzuki. The new RD400 model was immediately branded as best of the RD series Yamaha built. Dirt Donk Expedition were three outside experts: Bob Johnston, who had been with re­tains the kind of character that had it highly-placed in several of the It was | [Chassis] To fanciers of the Honda CJ360T, Honda CB360T, Kawasaki KZ400 and Yamaha XS360C,

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