As the Declaration of Independence declares, “governments are instituted among men, deriving their just power from the consent of the governed.”  Or as our Constitution begins, “We the people of the United States…”. ... To answer the question, “why I am a Republican,” I go back to Ronald Reagan and the incredible legacy he left for America. Inferior, How Technology Can Benefit A Child 's Cognitive Development. There are several reasons why I am Republican.

I am also a Republican because I support the freedom provided by our country. Growing up, my family was poor, and I bought into the need for many of the so-called government give-away programs. This is one reason why I am a Republican. Through all of this, I have been, and remain, a Christian conservative voter. Is Cambridge Mass The City Of Chance, Opportunity, Diversity, And Most Important Basketball? That is a part of why I choose to be a Republican. Engl 110. Mba 505: Foundations, Treatment For Influenza Adults : A Meta Analysis Of Randomized Controlled Trials, Corporate Law Firms And Small Private Law Companies, The Importance Of An Outside Source Of Sugar, Understanding Fromm's Mechanisms of Escape, The Structural Model Approach : Movie Review, The And Gay Individuals With Time Had Made An Impact On Healthcare Policy And Vice Versa, Safety and Hazards in Oil and Gas Industry, When Is Resignation Not Enoughban Ethical Dilemma, Self Driving Vehicles And The Positive Future, Survey On Keyword Search Of Relational Databases, Breaching The Security Of An Internet Patient Portal. Your email address will not be published. However, right now we are observing the opposite of that: doubling the number of people needing food stamps in a few short years and having record numbers of households moving into poverty these past few years. As a relative newcomer to politics, I have never viewed myself as a “politician” as that conjures up negative connotations for many. In my first term, my top priority was to provide residents with tax relief and responsible budgets while enhancing public safety, lowering crime in the city and improving the city’s educational system. Analysis Of George Wilson 's ' God ' Freaking Idiots ', William Shakespeare 's Macbeth Directed By Roman Polanski, Divorce : Why It Affects Children More Than Adults, The Case Study Written By Keith K. Schillo Of Suny College, John Keats 's On Seeing The Elgin Marbles. Chuck Norris Today, the Republican imperative is to be problem-solvers in a nation where the short-term solution often comes at the expense of personal or constitutional freedoms, in the form of higher taxes, and with a necessary prescription for bigger government. I know many people have a certain stereotype about us Republicans. Therefore, the success of any government should be in how it helps citizens be responsible for their own lives. But access to affordable health care, unlike free passage to America for illegal immigrants, has become a valued and important right to the American people in this day and age. They want a pretext that enough of them can unite upon to make it respectable. I do not take the position that my party is perfect or without fault in its history or platforms. When I first checked the box to register to vote, there was no hesitation. Sewickley, Pennsylvania. We believe in retaining the original intent of our Constitution. In my role as Mayor of Manchester, I have developed a similar governing style. In every way I am glad that I made the switch as a young man to become a conservative Republican. Conservative Presidents and Governors nominate, and conservative Senators confirm, good, honest judges who interpret the laws and who do not act like super-legislators from the bench. Exploring the implications of Christ's presence in all of life. As a Black American, the history of support from the beginning of the Republican Party — from Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas — has been without political peer. No matter our reasons for becoming Republicans, we are charged with expanding a common sense view of public policy to ensure the future health of our nation, as well as our party. If you live near Sioux Center, Iowa, also consider attending the Iowa Conference on Presidential Politics on October 29-31, 2015. My Republican friends have often asked, with incredulous snarls: “Why are you a Democrat? While I believe that we ought to properly finance our government with the needed resources to provide for the essential services of our government for the safety and protection of our citizens, we have long ago crossed into a different role where our current government is a conduit of taking from a shrinking group of folks to redistribute to another expanding majority with the promise of more free stuff. What is most important is the party listens and evolves to continue to represent the needs and thinking of the people of the United States of America. Lynn Swann Nevada State Assembly

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