At the 2003 Eurobike trade show, Neobike exhibited their—now unsanctioned—clone of the Brompton, offering it to potential dealers within Europe. The suspension block is kept in compression by the rider's weight. A -12% reduction makes sense on 6-speeds, which feature Brompton Wide Range (BWR) Sturmey Archer hub on the rear wheel. Additional front derailleur chain-rings as from on a mountain bike, Oversize, or elliptical ("egg") rings giving higher possible top-speeds for extremely fit riders, Electric motor, combined with a battery bank attached to either the rear rack, or stored in the front pannier, Dynamo hubs. Please Select. Other additions need a modified frame which is available from third party manufacturers: Shimano Nexus seven- eight- or eleven-speed hubs. With 4 basic gearing options, plus the ability to adjust the range, the gearing can be tailored to suit the rider and terrain. $36.99 $ 36. 2018 Interbike Impressions: The Bad and the Ugly, 10 (or so) Reasons to Own a Brompton in Chicago, Brompton S1E: Your Partner for the Urban Salsa. In the Queen's Birthday Honours of 21 April 2010, the company was awarded two Queen's Awards for Enterprise, in the Innovation and International Trade categories.

It is very rare for a company to receive two of these awards in one year. This is the sizing according to the ISO system and means that the tube will be perfect for your bike. Your right hand operates the 3-speed internal hub, the left hand operated the 2-speed derailleur. Brompton now offer a narrow-width SON XS or alternatively a Shimano dynamo hub as standard factory supplied upgrades, Custom-made luggage using the Brompton luggage frame, Leather or other handlebar grips; replacements need to be approximately 95-100mm wide compared to 130mm for other bicycles, Upgraded saddles: Brompton offer a branded Brooks B17, but any saddle can be fitted if the Brompton "Pentaclip" adapter is used, "SP". Pick an inner tube that says it is suitable for 37-349 tyres. 4 ... BEYST Bike Double Roller Rear Wheels for Brompton- 60mm Aluminum Alloy Wheel Easy Extension Roller Assembly for Folding Bicycle Rear Mudguard. Bicycles are offered in four colours at no additional charge: Black, White, Orange and Cobalt Blue. The valve has a length of around 40mm / 1.6in which fits perfectly on your Brompton wheels. Ritchie was awarded the 2009 Prince Philip Designers Prize for work on the bicycle. [5] The company also operates a bicycle hire system.[16]. Light.

Hub dynamo options use a special narrow-width SON XS hub dynamo fitted at the centre of the front-wheel and manufactured by Schmidt Maschinenbau or a less expensive hub dynamo manufactured by Shimano. The option replaces the rear triangle and front forks with titanium and other smaller parts with titanium or aluminium. All new Brompton bikes come fitted with the New Rollers which are great for storage, folding and the occasional small tow. There’s also a rubber strip that runs all the way round the centre of the tyre tread.

Use your Brompton regularly and you’ll probably find that, once the tube has popped, there’s likely to also be a fair bit of wear to the tyre as well. [32] By early 1988, mass-production Brompton bicycles were once again in circulation. a chain tensioner arm capable of swinging through a wide arc, in order to control the full length of the chain during folding without the chain coming loose. The clever design means that the bike can easily be folded or unfolded in under 20 seconds. [5], In March 2009, Brompton Bicycle achieved a record monthly turnover of just under £1 million; the employees were rewarded with fish and chips. All available models of the folding bicycle are based on the same hinged bicycle frame and 16 inch (37×349 mm) bicycle wheel tyre size. Want a recommendation? Durable. Visit your local store and test ride a Brompton fold bicycle today. Superlight. These frame parts are longer than standard, for larger wheels – so the folded size is a bit larger, and standard accessories like mudguards either won’t fit or have to be modified to fit. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Coordinates: 51°29′27″N 0°17′35″W / 51.4907°N 0.2931°W / 51.4907; -0.2931, Until 2007, all Brompton bicycles had "M"-style handle bars, with the fixtures being "C" (no mudguards), "L" (mudguards) or "T" (rear rack and dynamo lighting). The Schrader valve is the standard type of valve that you also see on most car tyres. What's a fair price, and how do you know it's a fair price? Further modifications are provided by some Brompton dealers or skilled individuals, the most prominent examples being: Brompton owners and designers with suitable engineering expertise have tried to improve the design, although there is limited scope to do so as any additions attached are likely to compromise either the final folded size, carried weight or folding action. The two-speed drivetrain is comprised of a proprietary 2-speed derailleur which switches the chain between two cogs affixed to the rear hub, and is activated by a small left-hand shifter. In 1976 Andrew Ritchie founded the company, named after the Brompton Oratory,[3] a landmark visible from his bedroom workshop where the first prototypes were built.

Do you also need a tire for your Brompton? The standard 6-speed comes with a 50-tooth chainring, while a reduced 6-speed comes with a 44-tooth chainring.

From 2002, when Will Butler-Adams joined the firm (he became Managing Director in 2008), to 2013, production increased from 6,000 to approximately 40,000 bikes per year. What Size Inner Tube For Brompton? A larger diameter w Brompton Bicycle is a British manufacturer of folding bicycles based in Greenford, London. By mid-1992, Neobike had recruited three senior research and development employees from Dahon, another folding bicycle company, and had started to produce other designs and copies in addition to the official Brompton design. From first time commuter to scaling alpine climbs, there is a gearing option for everyone on the small folding bike. $37.99 $ 37. [44] One week later after the expiration of the official licensing agreement Euro-Tai sold its controlling stake in Neobike to YTE Manufacturing, an aluminium supplier that was already involved with producing frames for Neobike.[45].

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