I don't agree with Veronica Roth's decision to kill Tris by a mere bullet wound at the end of the Divergent series, I feel that Tris represents hope, and in a dystopian novel there's nothing more important than hope. Anyway, once the gang has been cleansed, this guy explains that the whole compound knows who they are because they've been watching the Chicago experiment like reality TV.

There's literally no civilization and everyone's just like, "Well, fuck.". Shailene Woodley is officially done with the franchise. David is only interested in Tris's genetic makeup because she's a "Pure Divergent." The setting and action are HIGH STAKES and TENSE. And the dialogue is SO FLAT!!!! The others get out and form a plan. Everyone hated that ending, or so I remember.

Also, in case you don't remember, "divergents" are those who score differently on the faction aptitude test, resulting in multiple factions instead of one. Tris and Tobias deserve to succeed and be together at the end of it all. So, of course Tori gets shot and dies. Fun! I don't know. Four leaves for Chicago, where he's captured and arrested, while Tris stays in the city. Tris shoots the generator thing and saves the day. I am petitioning Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate and the script writers of Allegiant Part 2, to take inspiration from the wonderful alternate ending authored by Stephanie Ziel and Let Tris Live! And its horrible to trash the hope carried by a symbol like Tris into the ground, and along with it, our hope and our love for her and everything she represents. If the directors change the ending, they can regain most of the lost and disappointed fans. If Tris dies, it would feel her parents sacrificed themselves to save her for nothing.

18, isn't quite as exciting as the end of the next movie, Ascendant , will be, as that upcoming film will close out the series with some major surprises, revelations, and even deaths. But his expression is like, "Oh, hey guys." I'm a little bored (because it feels overdone), and we have like 40 minutes left!!!

Anyway, this is who they chose to play David. A bit of backstory: the government, led by a leader called David, has a dangerous plan to release a memory-erasing serum into Chicago that'll restore peace, but destroy people's identities. I live in Los Angeles, and I would have thought I would have seen marketing somewhere in this city advertising the Allegiant movie in 2016, but alas!!!! Tris is like, "Let's just trust David!!!" Listen, I really liked the Divergent book, but I didn't see the last movie — so I decided to watch! It will also feature a younger Natalie Prior, the mother of Tris. Fans can catch the movie "Divergent: Allegiant" on March 18 next year in different movie theaters. Of course, the conclusion of the film, out Mar.

Oh, and I guess he tried to kill Tris at some point. She and Christina go to find Four, while Caleb stays in the plane, using its technology to find the source of the ventilation system so they can hopefully stop the serum from spreading. - Does being a divergent even matter anymore, since there aren't any factions left? They live happily ever after. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. All rights reserved. That's all I remember about him.). By joining, or logging in via Facebook, you accept Change.org’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Although Evelyn is initially resistant, she becomes OK with it after using a sample of her serum on her ex-husband, Marcus, as a form of punishment. There's a mild fight scene where The Escape Gang™ are shot at as they try to escape up and over the wall. "Every move you make, every step you take, I'll be watching you!". If you've read the books or seen these movies, lmk your thoughts in the comments. Caleb is trying to stop all of this and finally figures...something out. I forget, so we'll see.

Both him and Matthew try to take over the ship, only to end up crashing it. AM I MAKING THAT UP? Tris should live at the end of the last Divergent movie (Allegiant Part 2). What happens next?

The hero's journey represents the journey of our own lives. The hero's victory is our victory, and when the hero dies, it feels as if we've died too. Allegiant Summary (Spoilers all over the place here, folks!) After all, some things need to be saved for the finale. *I am now aware that there was supposed to be an Allegiant: Part 2 (similar to what they did with Mockingjay), but that never happened. But then some hologram thing opens up to show an army on the other side. What he plans to do with this information? "Tris? The last shot focuses on Tris and Four, but then pans behind them and we see DAVID, who I think is supposed to be a threat? Anyway, Tris has to go down some portal tunnel thing to blow up the main source of power so the serum stops. The film was initially titled The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Part 1, however, in September 2015, Part 1 was renamed Allegiant and Part 2 as Ascendant. When the first, So, without further ado, here are my thoughts and feelings on the third and final movie —. Here's where things get a little rushed.

Even though they look very close in age?? Obsessed with travel? He takes her back to the weird compound, but of course she's mad because he's actually the. Four and Tris — who are in a fight, as Four always thought David was evil but Tris refused to believe it — want to stop this, but don't yet know how. Idk, like I said, it's been a while since I read it. Which means they're basically spying on Chicago through super high-tech computer simulations that make you feel like you're there. Here's how The Divergent Series: Allegiant ends — this should go without saying, but plenty of spoilers ahead! When Tris and Four meet back up, he's figured out that he is a Damaged Divergent while she is a Pure Divergent. That's the real tragedy. Tris eventually recovers and recollectl everything after a kiss with Four. (FYI, Peter was kind of an asshole in the first book. Stephanie Ziel has penned an alternate ending and epilogue. This is the ending I want. Anyway, Four's instinct is right. Tris tells her people that Chicago was this whole big experiment, and the factions in their city were created to divide each other. Four attempts to walk back to Chicago, and at this point it honestly looks like we've entered some kind of zombie horror movie. The movie's finale truly starts when Tris, along with Christina and Caleb, realize that Four is right and go to rescue him. Specifically, I enjoy reading young adult books. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Spoiler: Tris dies at the end of the Allegiant book because she sacrifices herself.

BUT! LIKE, KEEP GOING YA DING DONGS. She agrees to David's plan and goes with Peter to activate the serum, which starts spreading throughout the city.

This is my favorite moment. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! I will say, it wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. It's a very hard crash, but they survive. HAHAHA. They think they're in the clear to make a break for the wall, but then Peter's like, "Nah my dude — I'm coming, too.".

Once everything is settled and Tris is back with her crew, she tells Chicago that there is an entire world outside, informing them of all she's learned since heading over the wall. David is not too pleased. You'll have to wait until Ascendant comes out in 2017 to find out. GIRL. And now the second to last installment, Allegiant, is here — and even those who aren't massive Divergent series fans will be talking about the Allegiant ending. If the directors change the ending, they can regain most of the lost and disappointed fans. From this point on, it feels like the actors are just...not into it!! This cast is honestly a big game of six degrees of separation!!! Allegiant, Part 1 will be released March 18, 2016 and Allegiant, Part 2 will be released March 24, 2017. Honey, can you please cut it out?". David can see what Tris is doing through his fancy surveillance system and is like, "noooo, stop" with as much gusto as someone politely asking you what time it is. Hey guys, I'm Farrah! Also, I think Evelyn is Four's mother? Lionsgate: Let Tris Live in the last Divergent movie (Allegiant Part 2), This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google.

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