The subservience of women to men was a common theme in early Christian writings an outgrowth of both traditional patriarchal attitudes and the extremely hierarchical nature of the church itself. The mark could be any size and found almost anywhere on a witch’s body. The church had a long-standing prejudice against women, and this was given vent when the doctrine of devil worship was revealed. Sarah Rea Witness how the recent attacks upon homosexuality in society has progressed hand-in-hand with the mindless promotion of vague traditional family values, particularly those which put women in their place and reinforce male dominance in the home. Women become really easy targets at court. The Salem Witch Trials Victims: Who Were They? Andrew Carrier Since Christians kneeled, then witches stood on their heads when paying homage to their masters. As a result, he was tortured by Sheriff Corwin in a field near the Salem jail for three days until he died on September 19, 1692. It was expected that she would hold power. Mary Bradbury The hundreds of other accused were pardoned, evaded arrest or escaped from jail. Today the figure of Mary is both popular and important in the Catholic church, but to the Inquisition, it was a possible sign of overemphasizing the feminine aspect of Christianity. Anthony served in our first militia, had to pay a bushel of corn to retire at the age of 72. This torture tactic was known as peine forte et dure which translates to “strong and harsh punishment.” Piene forte et dure called for the prisoner to be placed under a board which was then loaded down with heavy weights until the person either entered a plea or they died. According to records, an amount of 200 people were accused and 140 to 150 people were arrested. By using Learn Religions, you accept our, Subordinate People to Authoritarian Control. This often did not work out in the accused person’s favor because they were often not educated enough or emotionally equipped enough to defend themselves against the accusation of witchcraft. If the dog showed the same symptoms as the person afflicted, this proved evidence of witchcraft. Most of what was passed off as witchcraft were simply fictional creations of the church, but some of it was genuine or almost-genuine practices of pagans and Wiccans. But earlier on, in the medieval period, they can’t decide whether they’re harmless or not. They are really important, and so women then also become a target in all of these court factions, because in the medieval period, your reputation was intertwined with your family. Here's what life was really like for women … Your chances were also bad if you were a woman especially if you were an older, deviant, troublesome or somehow disorderly woman. And so it is said that she is guilty of witchcraft. Ironically when she was charged, her husband testified against her and she was hanged shortly afterwards. Often the mark was hidden and only visible if the witch was to undress, forcing her to strip naked in a courtroom. Joseph Putman”. Lest anyone imagine that such events have been relegated to the distant past, it must be noted that witch hunts and killings continue well into our own enlightened century. But because women don’t do any of those things, you can’t accuse them of those things. Because they’re women, they are weaker—they can’t command all these armies, they don’t have official roles in government. On April 30, 1692, several of the girls of Salem leveled accusations of witchcraft at George Burroughs. But people aren’t quite sure what to do with witches at this point. At the same time, they don’t quite want to ruin her life. And really their fates end up being sealed by who is on the throne. Right at the start of the century, you have Henry IV on the throne, and just the year before, in 1399, he has kicked his cousin, Richard II, off of the throne. The Bishops were arrested and sent to a jail in Boston but escaped in October and never stood trial. After reading this I find that they testified for Rebecca Nurse. There is another judgement, dear child.” Proctor was reminding Williams that there is a judgment for those who lie.

You know, they’ve got children. Puritans were very strict and devout and spent their whole lives trying trying to honor traditional puritan values so they could go to heaven after they died.

She held a lot of authority and respect. I spoke to Hollman about her royal witches, why they came under fire, and the contemporary echoes of her story. Knowing the odds were stacked against him, in July of 1692, he wrote a letter to the Boston clergy begging them to move the trials to Boston where he felt they would get a fair trial. And because he’s kicked one person off the throne, they think, well, maybe we can put a person that we like on the throne instead.

Oxford University Press, 2014. And again, she scandalously has this marriage to the king of England. However, this was a common punishment for witchcraft in Europe. Easty felt it was too late to save herself but hoped she could save others by writing a letter to the court, shortly after she was sentenced to death in September of 1692, begging them to think twice about what they were doing: “I petition to your honours not for my own life for I know I must die and my appointed time is set but the Lord he knows it is that if it be possible no more innocent blood may be shed which undoubtedly cannot be avoid in the way and course you go in I question not but your honours does to the utmost of your powers in the discovery and detecting of witchcraft and witches and would not be guilty of innocent blood for the world but by my own innocency I know you are in the wrong way the Lord in his infinite mercy direct you in this great work if it be his blessed will that no more innocent blood be shed I would humbly beg of you that your honors would be pleased to examine this afflicted persons strictly and keep them apart some time and like-wise to try some of these confessing witches…”. They have already undone us in our estates, and that will not serve their turns without our innocent blood. Fortunately, Daniel Andrew was never arrested and never stood trial. And what’s always really interesting to me is that these things are very contested. Even today, people will look back at her and say, she was power hungry, she was greedy.

This comes up many times in the trials, particularly during the examination of Elizabeth Proctor in April of 1692, during which Judge John Hathorne said to both Proctor and the afflicted girls: “Speak the truth, and so you that are afflicted, you must speak the truth, as you will answer it before God another day.”. As in Europe, violence was a tool used by religion and religious people to enforce uniformity and conformity in the face of dissent and social disorder. Joan, the first woman, is actually imprisoned for several years, without a trial, partly because the Crown is still kind of on her side. She did whatever she could to get her son on the throne and she was a horrible woman. And because of its nature, you don’t need much evidence. In the Canary Islands, Aldonca de Vargas was reported to the Inquisition for nothing more than smiling at hearing mention of Mary. The philosopher Boethius wrote in The Consolation of Philosophy that Woman is a temple built upon a sewer. Elisabeth Cooke The biggest concern with confessing to being a witch was that it was a sin.

Joseph Herrick sen If you denied being a witch and insisted that you had rights which must be acknowledged, you were on a quick path to execution. Most clerics seem to have been rather limited in creativity, so witches were shown as behaving a simplistically opposite fashion from Christians. , Honestly i would love more of this cause it would help me with my project and it would give me a better understanding about the Salem Witch Trials, but over all this is really good thanks . Their written testimony highlighted Nurse’s faith in God, her frailty and her devotion to her family: “We whos nams Are under writen being desiered to goe to goodman nurs his hous to speeke with his wife and to tell her that several of the Aflicted persons mentioned her: and Acordingly we went and we found her in A weak and Lowe condition in body as shee told us and had been sicke allmost A weak and we asked how it was otherwis with her and shee said shee blest god for it shee had more of his presents in this sickens then sometime shee have had but not soe much as shee desiered: but shee would with the Apostle pres forward to the mark: and many other places of scriptur to the Like purpos: and then of her owne Acord shee begane to speek of the Affliction that was Amongst them and in perticuler of Mr Parris his family and howe shee was greved for them though shee had not been to see them: by Reason of fits that shee formerly use to have for people said it was Awfull to:behold: but shee pittied them with: all her harte: and went to god for them: but shee said shee heard that there was persons spoke of that wear as Innocent as shee was shee belived and After much to this purpos: we told her we heard that shee was spoken of allsoe: well she said if it be soe the will of the Lord be done: she sate still awhille being as it wear Amazed: and then shee said well as to this thing I am Innocent as the child unborne but seurly shee said what sine hath god found out in me unrepented of that he should Lay such an Affliction upon me In my old Age: and Acording to our best observation we could not decern that shee knewe what we came for before we tould her The only accused witch who used this tactic in the trials was Giles Corey. Burroughs was arrested as a heretic and due to his role as a religious leader, it was believed that he was recruited by the devil so he could use his influence to convince his parishioners to become witches. Susannah Post REBECCA NURSE is a revered woman in Salem; she is religious, sensible, and caring. An accused witch would be bound by their hands and feet and viciously thrown into a river or lake. And one of them is this woman, Elizabeth Woodville. Her son, who is meant to be king, has been locked up in the Tower of London. Even if the accused did cross-examine the witness, there wasn’t much they could say to debunk these types of claims. This influenced people to get revenge on those who had done them wrong. Definitely. During the trial, children in Salem accused two dogs of bewitching them, claiming the dogs somehow sent them into convulsions like the accused witches had done. Against three of the four women, certainly, it was very effective, even if it was only for a period of time.

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