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[4], The Eli Banana Society, established in 1878, represented a new kind of secret society at the university. The T.I.L.K.A. The Order of Claw & Dagger logo is now found on the side of Rouss Hall on The Lawn next to that of the IMP Society. "[20] The group is notable for appearing in public in purple hooded robes that have drawn comparison to Ku Klux Klan attire. Here are some of the most talked about secret societies that have been around the world. In 1853, students petitioned the Faculty to set up a "secret" colony of Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Each year on Thomas Jefferson's birthday The Thirteen Society publishes their new members' names around Grounds. It is not clear how many members are in the society.

A few secret societies are recorded during the years 1865–1878, of whom the only one of any note is the Dedils, most notable for being shut down by the Faculty after their minutes were found where they had been dropped by the drunken president of the organization. There's something about cults that pulls us towards them, isn't there?

[10] The organizations were sufficiently integrated into student life by the late 1940s that a Virginia Glee Club album of University songs included the Tilka anthem ("Come Fill Your Glasses Up for T.I.L.K.A.").

The Order is known to honor students and professors in McIntire with published letters based on their core tenets of Honor, Excellence, and Humility.

[1] Student society activity for the first period of the University appears to have been confined to similar literary societies, including the Patrick Henry Society, Philomathean Society, Parthenon Society, Columbian, and Washington Society, which were not secret societies; only the last is still active.[2]. [29] The society historically also presented a rotten gourd to an individual whom it felt deserving of criticism on Halloween night, but this practice was ended in 2000. When spotted in public, the members of the SDL can be easily identified by their clothes.

Secret societies have been a part of University of Virginia student life since the first class of students in 1825. The P.U.M.P.K.I.N.

[39], The O.W.L. But […] Secret societies have been a part of University of Virginia student life since the first class of students in 1825. We will stay out of your way and not bother you, trust me. In addition to the letter, the society left a whip in front of the statue, a cloth wrapped around its head, and a sign on its torso, as well as a splatter of what appeared to be tar on the ground before it.[41].

The A.N.G.E.L.S. But not all of them may have shelf life.

Unlike many societies on Grounds, The Thirteen Society is formally recognized by the University.[16]. Select McIntire faculty are speculated to be involved as well.

[24] The group has taken other stands recently, including encouraging students to end the practice of chanting "not gay" when The Good Old Song is sung.[25]. We have a group and chat, if you’d like to meet us for online gaming, chatting, support, and art, we are here for you. The SDL began when the Sons of Liberty were founded in the early 2000s.

The group distributes actual pumpkins, along with letters of commendation, annually on the night of Halloween. Though the SDL commonly poke fun at the Jefferson Society, they have also been known to bring lightheartedness to the student body by interrupting meetings, streaking libraries, and raucously decrying tyranny to any who may listen. [32] Most recently, the Society of the Dawn has issued public statements recognizing dedicated student organizations that diversify the University's public image.

As the Thursdays (as they are known in the vernacular and around Grounds) are not the most secretive of the secret societies, "if you're observant enough around Grounds, you may be fortunate enough to see a gaggle of giggling Thursdays"[17] on your walk to class.

Historically, the publication has always been published anonymously though throughout the 1980s and 1990s the nature of the paper and its members were not secretive.

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