You gain +1 to WisdomSuvivalist. A conservated animated body wrapped in bandages. The only real shining star is their level 6 ability.

If damage reduces you to 0 hit points, you must make a Constitution saving throw with a DC of 5 plus the damage taken, unless the damage is radiant or from a critical hit. Due to their leg change, most are around 6-9' tall (no taller than 9'), and most necromancers alter their torso's and general body to look like roughly normal proportions. You may have lost the coloration in your skin. Geists are a unique form of a ghost or other spirit in that they have elected to turn away from the Blessed Sleep, a form of the afterlife where the souls find eternal rest, rather than being prohibited from it due to a geist's anguish or regret overcoming the pull toward the Æther. It could be raw meat, rotting fruit, or even tree bark.

As a result, the average height is that of their birth race minus two inches and they are skinnier. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. And unlife.Size. As long as there has been humanoids, there has been those dying. These undead races are rich in flavor and some even come along with racial feats.

As someone who played a lot of older editions, the lack of any flavor of Undead was a little disheartening. Edit this Page | All pages needing balance, You can help D&D Wiki by finishing and/or adding flavor to this page. Your size is Medium. Where were my barely-alive boys? Thus they will still be muscular even in death. maybe you were a necromancers first reanimated corpse,but something went wrong and you are fully under your own control,or maybe you serve your new master till you can find a way to break your "chains".

The soul of a mortal who met a cruel and undeserving fate.

We can help! You are neither dead nor alive, yet both at once. You may have been brought back to life as experimentation to cure the disease. Health potions have no effect on you though healing spells still work, though healing received is halved for any spell that says it doesn’t effect undead.Languages. A lich has a rotting, undead humanoid body, often with the skeleton trying to pry out of its flesh at one point or another. There's no calories in the brain of an idiot! The height of a geist varies based on the geist's original race, however, regardless of your original race. But it is not uncommon for Accursed Undead to make a new name for themselves to symbolize their "rebirth" Your size is Medium. Ability Score Increase. Your size is Medium. Dead warriors might rise from a battlefield, eviscerated and bloated after days in the sun. When they become a Hollow in this way, there is no reversing it. What happened? Name Summary Abilities Size Speed Alastor : The spirits of humanoids that inhabit swords, becoming dependant on their new bodies, but gaining the ability to hover and never decay. Undead can tell you are one of them and if you are stronger than them, unless attacked or ordered to, undead won’t attack you.Undead Nature.

Their bodies are souless, departed for the afterlife… And yet, their bodies have a small fragment of themselves, clinging for life. You can communicate telepathically with any creature you can see within 30 feet of you. Despite a small size, merchants have a surprising turn of speed. See our Artillerist 5E Guide for more information. As an action, you can force a creature to have disadvantage on saving throws for a minute. This isn’t something you want to abuse, since you already got a second chance at life. You can't discern color, only shades of gray regardless of the light level.Undead:. Your speed is 30 feet. They have existed as long as mortals that really didn't want to die have. A Chosen Undead is the animated skeleton of a humanoid that has been given additional gifts from the animator at like there memories, personality, freedom of movement and speech. A race of humans who gained near-vampiric powers. Your subrace options are. Accursed Undead are an enduring sort. Angels of death are almost always between 5 feet and 7 feet and rarely weigh more than 130 pounds. Why the hell would I do that?

Undead humanoids with a burning heart and need for blood. Your eyes no longer work. The physical skeleton is no different from in life, but now there are faint ethereal eye balls, teeth and a tongue in the skull that allow the Chosen Undead to speak and see normally. For another look at the new races and subraces, see our Wildemount Races Review. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. However, the magic that creates them often takes time to run its course. Adversity is their driving force. Common, plus any one language usually one related to there original race.Subrace. maybe you refused to leave your body and rise to kill your killer. And they have no hard limit on how old they can get. Undead Fortitude. A Chosen Undead is the animated skeleton of a humanoid that has been given additional gifts from the animator at like there memories, personality, freedom of movement and speech. You do not need to eat or breathe, but you can ingest food or drink if you wish. Your size is Medium.

Shadow fiends usually appear between 4 and 6 feet tall.

You are however tall you were in life and weigh significantly less. When you hit a creature with this natural weapon, they must make a DC 8 + your Proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier Constitution saving throw, or be poisoned until the end of their next turn. The dead sometimes rise, however, either from a necromancer bringing them back, magical energies left in the area, or some other effect bringing the bodies of what was once-dead back to life. In life you knew of dragons and now in death you have been granted aspects of them. Super creative and well executed!

Zombies appear as they did in life, showing the wounds that killed then.

Magically induced sleep can cause you to enter this inactive state.

The Awakened Undead Character Race includes rules for playing undead characters of all descriptions, from lowly skeletons to ravenous ghouls, spectral ghosts, vengeful revenants, and cursed mummies. All Chosen Undead retain everything from life however they do have an aspect they had in life magnified many times so that there are sub races within the sub race of undead, many have been noted but there are surely more.

You may have died from a powerful catapult crushing your body, or to a soldier of your foes.

You can only possess the bodies of Medium or Small humanoids.

It is a bonus action to reform, when you reform you are prone. Your size is Medium. Flesh doesn't always grow back to full. Military Training. When the mechanics have been changed so that this template is no longer applicable please remove this template. Blackbando's Homebrew Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Since 5E doesn’t have any aging penalties or bonuses, this doesn’t do much. Your size is Medium. Insidia have varying builds like humans, though they often keep the stature they had from their living days. Add new page.

Your life was ended by some sort of mental power, either from madness overwhelming your brain into shutting down, or psionics destroying your mind.

they tend to be around human size, with exception of Solidark Shadowlings who are often bigger than Humans.

You are as large as a human, though possibly leaner or stockier. Your size is medium. 33,940 Pages. Most newer books are in the original electronic format. The Hollow ones are beings that were reanimated from the horrendous curses of the Blightshore. You’re both yourself, and not yourself! Their bodies may appear either exactly like a living one of their race but with the differing skin, or may be almost unrecognizable from how mangled it is. Hallows are a sore subject around Accursed Undead. That shred of yourself within means that you do not gain the immunities of an Undead creature. Magical healing might not work, but nothing in the Resting section (PHB 186) says that it doesn't work for undead creatures, and the Undead Nature trait only says that you don't require sleep, not that you can't sleep, so there is no reason that a Lich or Vampire couldn't restore their health with a bit of beauty sleep. You don't need to sleep when you rest.

Due to your increased pain from your mortal injury, you have learned to toughen yourself. Your size is Small or Medium, depending on your former race. Regular looking humanoid with a parasite for brains. I shower 10 times a day because I hate how my flesh smells. You know one cantrip of your choice from the wizard spell list. Good and Evil can spring from all life. A playable undead race. You know what 5E needed? Zombies do not age at all, due to already being dead, however if their body is not well-kept they can start to rot.

Finally, that cursed land makes something useful. Your weight range is very low however, because bones are light.

Ability Score Increase.

Your Wisdom score increases by 1. They deal 1d6 piercing damage, and have the light property. Others build secret towns where aware undead like themselves and live in peace and rest. Skeletal beings that are half humanoid and reptilian. Tieflings that have horns, tails or wings in life that then later become Chosen Undead keep these spectacular but the horns dull in colour and texture and tails and wings become ethereal. Not much that can be done that I haven't tried.

Cnámhrûh are resurrected having lost all their flesh, and so a good portion of their original size is sheared down. Small correction: The artwork by David Revoy is released under the Creative Commons CC-BY Attribution 3.0 license.

if you were to kill a humanoid, you can harvest its humanity. Your size is Medium. There is usually something that marks you as "unnatural". Mortal Injury. When creating a Accursed Undead character, it is a good idea to think carefully on the background your character has. When the mechanics have been changed so that this template is no longer applicable please remove this template. You’re still your creature type, but you show up as undead if anybody tries to check you with Detect Undead or something like that. You only need to eat and drink half as much, and don't breathe.

Your Dexterity, and Intelligence scores each increase by 2, and your your Constitution score descreases by 1.Separate. Hey, kinda confused about the inheriting from your living race.

This is dependent on your secondary race.

Wights are undead returned solely by hate. Your size is Medium. You can eat any organic matter, regardless of its state. I have forgotten what pain is, and don't care for those suffering it.

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