If you need to dig into your doors, dash or console, Alldatadiy.com is the better choice because Eautorepair.net doesn’t any interior or exterior trim or body part removal. DB7 : 2 DOOR / COUPE : 1995 - 1999 : 80 ft-lbs : DB7VOLANTE : 2 DOOR / CONVERTBLE : 1996 - 1997 : 80 ft-lbs : DB9

The spark plugs torque from 160 inch-pounds to 20 foot-pounds. Before you install your wheels, check your vehicle’s recommended torque. If you’re tracking down a wiring issue, Eautorepair.net is the better choice. Post navigation ← Kia Sorento Lug Nut Torque Specs (2002 – 2018) VW Jetta Bolt Pattern (1998 – 2018) → Pretty sure it's 76 ft/lbs but what's 2 #? Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Always make sure that the lug nuts on your Toyota 86 are properly torqued according to maufacturer's recommendations. So you have to refer to the factory legends to learn the identification symbols and then refer back to circuit diagrams to find the splice and ground locations. Reference the model year in the table to see what lug nut torque and size is applicable for your car. The throttle body is mounted to a torque of less than 100 inch-pounds for a V-6 engine or 20 to 22 foot-pounds for a four-cylinder. The intake manifold typically requires from 130 inch-pounds to 22 foot-pounds, while the exhaust manifold nuts and bolts are from 27 to 36 foot-pounds.

The pan that contains the automatic transmission fluid is mounted with its bolts tightened to approximately 69 inch-pounds; the drain plug is tightened to 35 to 36 foot-pounds.

New member here. These videos shows you them on this vehicle.

My daughter has the car so I can't look at the manual. This entry was posted in Lug Nut Torque, Toyota, Toyota Camry on August 12, 2018 by mk2005. TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS TOYOTA APPLICATION FT-LBS (N-m) AXLE SPINDLE NUT CAMRY (1994-92) 217 (294) CELICA (1992) & SUPRA 203 (276) CELICA (1994-93) … I reckon the best 'torque spec' is the tightest you can do it up with your wheel spanner. The brake calipers are often mounted at a torque of 25 foot-pounds, while the torque plate bolts are about 79 foot-pounds for the front brakes and 34 to 46 foot-pounds for the rear. I used to have a chart when I worked at the dealership but thats long gone. Address: 24805 Pacific Highway South Kent, WA 98032. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Chevy Impala Lug Nut Torque Specs And Lug Nut Sizes (2010 – 2020), Subaru Outback Lug Nut Torque Specs And Lug Nut Sizes (2003 – 2020), Hyundai Tucson Lug Nut Torque Specs And Lug Nut Sizes (2003 – 2020), Honda CRV Lug Nut Torque Specs And Lug Nut Sizes (2003 – 2020), Ford Edge Lug Nut Torque Specs And Lug Nut Sizes (2003 – 2020). Nut Bolt Thread Type: The thread size and thread pitch of a lug nut, lug bolt, or wheel lock will determine whether or not the lug will screw on to your Toyota Camry wheel stud. For all Toyota Camry models, the nut hex size is 21. My Camry and a Scion I owned was 78lbs as I recall.

Using the manufacturer recommended torque also helps guarantee that there isn’t either too much or too little pressure on any of the assemblies to which the wheel attaches. Looking for the torques numbers to get that tightening correct? Look in the owners manual. Lug Nut Torque: When installing lug nuts, it is recommended to tighten them with a calibrated torque wrench. Here are Toyota lug nut torque specs 4-Runner 2001-11 83 ft-lbs 2012-15 81 ft-lbs Nut Bolt Thread Type: The thread size and thread pitch of a lug nut, lug bolt, or wheel lock will determine whether or not the lug will screw on to your Toyota Camry wheel stud.

Using the proper torque helps ensure that the wheel assembly is securely installed. If you are planning on installing a wheel on your vehicle, it is important to be aware of the manufacturer recommended torque settings. (function($) {var $root = $('html, body');$('a[href^="#"]').click(function () { $root.animate({ scrollTop: $( $.attr(this, 'href') ).offset().top }, 500); return false;});})(jQuery); Our online support is available Send us a message, Wheel And Tire Proz © All Right Received 2020. Just wondering if someone could hook me up with the torque specs for the wheels or point me in the right direction. The struts have upper mounting nuts tightened to 30 (rear struts) or 60 (front) foot-pounds; the bolts connecting it to the steering knuckle are around 155 foot-pounds and the damper shaft nut is around 35 foot-pounds. Torque specifications of each component's fasteners are vital to the stability of the engine and frame. Here is a list of lug nut torque specs and sizes for a Toyota 4Runner.

JavaScript is disabled. ToyotaNation Forum is a community dedicated to all Toyota models. The brake hoses connect to the caliper with a banjo bolt at a torque of about 22 foot-pounds.

The owners manual is useless. Torque specifications for parts on a Toyota Camry can depend on a number of factors, including engine type and the manufacturer of the parts.

Make Model Trim Year Range Torque ; ASTON MARTIN. The model year of the car can also make a difference. I have been searching the net and couldn't find anything. Came upon this site and joined. Here are the lug nut torque settings for all Toyota Camry models and trims since 1990 until present! Expand submenu Roadside Assistance Near You, Collapse submenu Roadside Assistance Near You. Reference the model year in the table to see what lug nut torque is applicable for your car. Toyota 4Runner Year Lug Nut Torque Lug Nut Size 2004 83 lbf

76 foot pounds has been the correct torque for Camrys as far back as I've owned one, which is 1986. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. To view all the information on this table, please scroll left-right if your screen resolution does not allow you to see all columns. The stabilizer bar connects to the strut with a link whose bolts have a torque of 30 (rear) to 55 (front) foot-pounds. Cool Automotive Products and Tool Recommendations, Read AUTO REPAIR ARTICLES sorted by topic, Custom Wordpress Website created by Wizzy Wig Web Design, Minneapolis MN. 2005 Camry "LE" Save Share. 4-Runner 2001-11 83 ft-lbs 2012-15 81 ft-lbs (w/Aluminum wheels) 2016-17 76 ft-lbs (w/o Aluminum wheels) 2016-17 83 ft-lbs 86 2017 89 ft-lbs Avalon 2001-17 76 ft-lbs Camry 2001-17 76 ft-lbs Celica 2001-05 76 ft-lbs Corolla 2001-17 76 ft-lbs Corolla IM 2017 76 ft-lbs Echo2001-05 76 ft-lbs FJ Cruiser 2007-10 85 ft-lbs 2011-14 82 ft-lbs Highlander 2001-17 76 ft-lbs Land Cruiser 2001-07 97 (w/Aluminum wheels) 2008-10 97 ft-lbs (w/Steel wheels) 2008-10 154 ft-lbs 2011 97 ft-lbs 2013-17 97 ft-lbs Matrix 2003-14 76 ft-lbs Mirai ..2016-17 76 ft-lbs MR2 2001-05 76 ft-lbs Prius 2001-17 76 ft-lbs Prius C .2012-17 76 ft-lbs Prius Plug-in 2012-15 76 ft-lbs Prius Prime 2017 76 ft-lbs Prius V 2012-17 76 ft-lbs RAV4 2001-17 76 ft-lbs ft-lbs Sequoia2001-07 83 ft-lbs (w/Aluminum wheels) 2008-17 97 ft-lbs (w/Steel wheels) ..2008-17 154 ft-lbs Sienna Van 2001-09 77 ft-lbs 2010-17 76 ft-lbs Solara 2001-08 76 ft-lbs Tacoma 2001-04 83 ft-lbs 2005-10 85 ft-lbs 2011-17 83 ft-lbs Tundra ..2001-06 83 ft-lbs (w/Aluminum wheels) 2007-17 97 ft-lbs (w/Steel wheels) ..2007-17 154 ft-lbs Venza 2009-15 76 ft-lbs Yaris 2006-17 76 ft-lbs Yaris IA 2017 94 ft-lbs.

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