14 below. 12.1.1 If the user chooses the Home Delivery, the Tickets purchased on the Website will be sent and delivered to the postal address indicated by the user in the “Address” phase of the purchase procedure. III, Consumer Code, or Termination of the Contract in Excluded Cases shall be notified by the user to TicketOne to the addresses specified in Art. TicketOne does not carry out any checks and/or monitoring of the websites accessible through such links. III, Consumer Code, or the Termination of the Contract in Excluded Cases, TicketOne will refund the user the Total Amount without undue delay and in any case no later than 15 working days from the date of termination, pursuant to Art. 11. 3.1 The offer and sale on the Website of Tickets and TicketOne Services represent a distance sales contract governed by Chapter I, Title III (Articles 45 et seq.) The Customer declares and agrees not to use the Tickets in violation of this provision and undertakes to indemnify and hold TicketOne harmless against any damage which may arise for the same from the breach of this warranty. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction 17.1 Except in case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, TicketOne shall not be liable for any cost and damage, direct and indirect, suffered by the Customer in connection with the Ticket sale. 61, para.

TicketOne shall reply to such notice within five days from the receipt.

3. the contract is concluded when the order form reaches the server of TicketOne; 12.1.4 Home Delivery is offered upon payment and, except when otherwise provided, the delivery costs shall be borne by the Customer. The Price is also listed on the Ticket. Customer Service is able to communicate with users in the same languages. Please enter your email - we will send you a new password.

The specification of the Additional Time Limit ex Art. The Tickets issued may not be print more than once. 12.1 Home Delivery 7.1 In relation to the Tickets that may be purchased through the Website, TicketOne informs and the user acknowledges and agrees that, in relation to certain kind of Event, such as, for example, musical Events:

d) Tickets corresponding to the category where the statement "Not available” is shown in the page “Tickets” of the Website, which the user accesses after choosing the date of the Event, cannot be purchased; 20.2 Please note that in the case of user qualifying as Consumer for any dispute arising from the application, execution and interpretation of these T&C or the Contract the competent court is the court of the place where the user lives or is domiciled.

- Check the status of recent orders and view the archive of all orders placed;

- Manage his/her personal data and update them at any time; 19 below. 19 below, subject to the payment of the related costs.

Through the platform the Consumer may find a list of the ADR entities and relevant link to their websites, as well as start an online dispute resolution procedure for resolving the dispute in which he/she is involved. These numbers are public. Ticketone in Milano, reviews by real people. 15.2 The Ticket grants access exclusively to the Event for which it was issued, in the date and time specified therein. TicketOne reserves to apply, for security reasons, limitations and exclusions to payment instruments that can be used by the Customer for the payment of the Tickets.

c) the Promoter, at its discretion, may also ask TicketOne to offer for sale a certain number of Tickets (of the category and at the price indicated by the Promoter) to some predetermined cluster of users (e.g. The specific Ticket or Tickets that the user will add to the shopping cart and possibly purchase, by clicking on the relevant buttons, will then be those resulting from the above described mechanisms of allocation or selection. 6. 10. In the case of Termination of the Contract ex Art. 12. Limitations of Liability and TicketOne rights TicketOne places great importance on data protection. The Total Amount due by the user to TicketOne shall be charged when the order is placed. We list these random numbers here to show different phone number formats from different countries.

For a successful booking it is necessary to store our cookies in your browser. 6. the order form will be filed in the database of TicketOne for the time required for its performance and, in any case, pursuant to the terms set forth by law. In any case, TicketOne will not replace Tickets that have been misplaced, lost, deteriorated, damaged or destroyed, or stolen, or even partially unreadable, should the Customer submit a Ticket non perfectly intact. Therefore, TicketOne does not have access to, nor memorizes, the credit card data used by the user for payment of the Tickets, except for the case set forth by Articles 11.1.2 and 11.1.3 above, with reference only to the card holder’s data. 13.

Provided that the risk of loss or damage of the Tickets, for reasons not attributable to TicketOne, is transferred to the Customer when the Customer or a third party appointed by him and other than the carrier, materially comes into possession of the Tickets, it is recommended to the Customer to verify that the Tickets received refer to the Event for which the Customer has purchased them as well as the correct date, category, type of seats and the number of the Tickets received. Customer service and Complaints Information required for entering into the contract Before engaging in commercial transactions with these parties it is necessary to check their conditions of sale. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. 12.1.2 The Home Delivery is made via courier.

The payment of the Tickets purchased through the Website may be made with the payment methods indicated in the paragraphs below and/or with the other methods that may be indicated on the Website. j) the fact that, within the same allotment, a category of Tickets that was previously visualized by the user as "Not available" is then visualized by the user as purchasable, by clicking on the shopping cart button, depends on the actions of users who put the Same Ticket into the shopping cart and did not complete the purchase (e.g.

Where applicable, the seat selection, within the desired category, may be carried out either using the "Best seat booking" function or the "Booking based on seating" function. the day before) or at the same date of the opening of sales to all those who do not belong to this category; the circumstance can be advertised by the Promoter; If this additional time limit expires before the Tickets have been delivered, the user is entitled to terminate the contract (“Termination of the Contract ex Art.

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