With the Therabody app, besides adjusting speeds, you can enjoy many built-in programs for specific body parts. However, the only complaint one could have about this Voxpree M30 is that: it’s an entry-level massage gun [But still better than Theragun Mini]. But this design is not that heavy and allows a good grip. But for the price, it doesn’t feel a drawback. While the Theragun has been around since 2016, the company behind it recently rebranded to Therabody, to represent the brand’s tech-meets-wellness approach to recovery. Additionally, other usability features make Opove M3 Pro the right choice under 200$. Secondly, its attachment heads, though five in number, are slightly bizarre in comparison to Theraguns. Hurry, offer expires November 19, 2020. In design and manufacturing quality, Theraguns are Unique and unbeatable. The Best part is! The reason to add it to the list of Theragun alternatives is its stellar construction for an affordable price. Read more about our team. Theragun G3Pro weighed slightly above 3lbs, and its successor Theragun Pro weighs 2.9lbs. So, if you don’t need very professional percussion and need the Best affordable Theragun Alternative, it is no other than Medcursor Mini. Use a. Its design resembles most of the standard handheld devices, but its various color options make it distinctive. In contrast, 80 lbs stall force length is so great to make you feel pain if your muscles are not healthy. 10 Reasons Why The WaterRower Is The Ultimate Home Workout Machine, Bear Mattress - The Best Sleep For Your Active Lifestyle. In May 2020, TheraBody made a Surprising comeback with their 4th Generation massage guns. Some of the massage guns give Theraguns a hard time but are not on our list. Workout recoveries are an important part of building strength and endurance, and the Theragun is simply a superior muscle recovery tool. This is perfect if you need a massage gun for multiple users. You might have noticed that in Theragun Mini, other features are not remarkable. Additionally, Therabody is among the most reputable brands, and your massage guns will last for years. Still, for soft tissue therapy, Theragun Mini can do the work. But 50+ lbs stall force is ideal for deep tissue therapy. Lastly, the price is not as affordable as Therabody claims. You will always have a backup battery charging/charged while using the main battery. In addition, once you pair these devices to your smart phone, you can also adjust the speed in any increment ranging from 1750-2400, via the app. Percussive therapy improves your range of motion and muscle coordination to reduce injury - all while reducing overall pain. If you have any questions, contact us today! A staggering thing about the Theragun Pro is its new supersoft attachment. LifePro Fitness came into the market in 2017. These built-in programs are similar to those Flagship Theraguns offer via the app. It has the same battery life, speed settings and bluetooth capability, just with a simple LED indicator screen in place of the fancy OLED display. This rivalry results in customers switching to other brands. Such a brilliant combination is not present in any of the Theraguns. Induction of New features made Theraguns distinctive. Lastly, all the other massage guns, it is reasonably inexpensive than Theraguns. If any of the theraguns doesn’t fascinate you, there is an option to explore “Affordable Theragun Alternative.“. Such a design makes it lightweight and easy to handle. The customer service of Jawku is as excellent as you expect it to be. Like the Pro, It also has a OLED mini display and a force meter. We have positive aspirations that Theragun Pro vs. Elite vs. Prime vs. Mini comparison will help you make a certain decison. It percusses with almost the same force as Theragun PRO and G3Pro, but in slightly less depth. When muscles press against this nerve, it results in a painful condition called sciatica. Its percussion is neither intense nor weak, rather perfect for most of the people. Surprisingly, many of its features, like the speed range, are more advanced than any of the Theraguns. Out of all the percussion guns in Theragun’s line, the PRO is the most advanced, albeit most expensive. There’s a gadget for everything nowadays: we use them to knead our bread; clean our teeth; dry our hair. The Theragun Mini don’t have force meter. Even better is, only Theragun Pro and G3PRO have this adjustment head option. With these values, LifePro sonic provides a similar percussion, if not better, as the Theragun. LifePro Sonic weighs 2.5 lbs, that 0.3 lbs greater than Theragun Elite and Prime. Additionally, LifePro fitness has the best customer support among all massage gun brands. The Best part? Among 4th Generation massage guns, Theragun Pro has removable battery options. Although it is entirely different in design, it shares the same Therabody top-notch Built-Quality. All the 4th Generation massage guns have more than double battery life than the previous generation counterparts. Unfortunately, Theragun Mini is very sub-standard in its attachments. Those who don’t know what factor to look for in a massage gun can benefit from our step by step guide on Choosing massage guns. Lastly, Theragun Mini weighs half than Theragun Pro. Like the two previous brands, TimTam creates various other recovery products, but massage guns are its identity. The first exclusive feature is the introduction of the Therabody app. Like the Addaday, they have several other products, but most revolve around providing a functional recovery.

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