The input clutch pressure switch closes when the input clutch has pressure. Preparation tool Remove the air intake boot from the throttle body, and move it to the left side wheel apron. The line pressure solenoid connector has two yellow wires. 4. Such is the case with the later version of the Subaru 5AT valve body.

The line pressure solenoid adds oil pressure to the spring side to control line pressure. Two purple wires control the input clutch solenoid. The most important part of the valve body is the manual valve. According to the manufacturers, if you have a problem with one of these valve bodies, you need to buy a new one… at considerable cost. But out in the real world, with real transmission technicians, we repair valve bodies. Legal/Privacy. NOTE Subaru Parts Online, 124 people have looked at this part recently. The input clutch is on in 4th and 5th gears. These are very active valves; always inspect the bores carefully for wear. Change Your Address, ATRA Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Subaru 5eat Valve Body Solenoids A7124039 at the best online prices at eBay! Remove the transmission harness stay and ground terminal. What’s more, all of the solenoids appear to be very similar, so, if you’re planning to remove them, you’ll want to label them first, to make sure you get them back in the right places. The front brake pressure switch closes when the front brake clutch has pressure. Genuine Subaru Part # 31706AA034 (31706AA030, 31706AA031, 31706AA032, 31706AA033) - Body Control Valve. Transmission, Automatic. It’s surprising to see so many valves with linear type solenoids (figures 4 and 5). OUT ... Models with "keyless access with push-button start system" Loosen the clamp (B) connecting the air intake boot and air cleaner case (rear). The valve body we’ll be using came from a 2009 Subaru Tribeca. Thule Kayak Carrier. 1.866.828.7267 (Toll Free) or 973.406.7000 (international) Email- Lets the fresh air in. Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual / Continuously variable transmission(tr580) / Control valve body / Removal. Lock button Genuine Subaru Part # 31706AA034 (31706AA030, 31706AA031, 31706AA032, 31706AA033) - Body Control Valve. The In-Store Pickup option will now be defaulted at checkout. Now let’s look at each solenoid, one at a time, to see where they are and what they do (figure 2): Line Pressure Solenoid — Oil from the solenoid assists the pressure regulator spring and closes the pressure regulator valve, increasing line pressure. By adding this item to your cart, the shipping option will not be available for your order. There are three checkballs to direct oil through the feed holes. There are numbers in very small print on the plastic parts of the solenoids (figure 1); none of them are the same, so you could use those numbers to identify the solenoids; just remember to record which one went where. An access key can be used as the remote This carrier can hold up. 5. Connected to the gear stick handle, it instructs the right passage for hydraulic fluid to pass through. Account. The control valve body is replaced as an assembly only, because it is a non-disassembly part. Click here to shop for a new Genuine Subaru Cabin Air Filter. This valve body has five, single-wire pressure switches (figure 3). This valve body has five, single-wire pressure switches (figure 3). Valve Control TM. A valve body is the complete assembly to include components that may be in a valve body kit. The high and low reverse clutch pressure switch closes when the high and low reverse clutch has pressure. Cart Subaru Shift Kits Valve Body Kit Please contact us regarding any application or part not listed- we probably have it! 3. All pressure switches on the Subaru 5AT valve body are normally open and close with pressure. Fits Forester, Legacy, Outback Shop Finder

Disconnect the ground cable from battery. A valve body kit contains components to repair or modify a valve body but is not the complete valve body. EXTERIOR/INTERIOR TRIM > General DescriptionPREPARATION TOOLTOOL NAMEREMARKSClip removerUsed for removing trim.• KTC AP201-10A• KTC AP201-N• KTC AP203-10A• KTC AP20L-10BOr equivalent.Clip clamp pliersUsed for removal of various clips and clamps.• KTC CCP-190Or equiva ... Dtc p062f internal control module eeprom error NOTE">. Please narrow the Trans Valve Body results by selecting the vehicle. 14. No doubt that works for them. The cabin air filter helps protect your health by trapping things like dust, allergens, and bacteria from the air inside your Subaru. The checkballs are for the reverse, forward brake, and input clutches. 11. Remove the clip (A) from the air intake boot. • Directly after the vehicle has been running or the engine has been idling for a long time, the CVTF is hot.

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