The max rim diameter specification for 38 special and 357 are both 0.440\" (ie: 440 mils).I have contacted Ruger and Blazer about the problem but have not yet received a reply.

[12/1/18] The bottom line is that the cylinder chambers cannot be spaced out far enough on the 7-shot GP100 to accommodate ammo where the rim diameter is close to the maximum permissible industry standard diameter. Send it too ruger they will fix it for free, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It's a model 1702, and it looks like the cylinder is binding really bad. It was not.Then I bought four different brands of ammo and compared them with the Blazer Brass. Then, once you've got the cylinder actually locked in, the hammer will move about 25% of its travel before stopping up. The chambers are spaced so close together in the cylinder that the rims of adjacent rounds touch each other and the rim of last round slightly overlaps with adjacent rounds. Spray clp into the mechanism,blow it out with compressed air. The 7-shot .357 GP100 will not accept industry standard name brand .38 Special and .357 Magnum ammo. FMJAguila 38 Special 130 gr. Sometimes gunk can build up on the shaft the cylinder spins on.

I hear the Ruger is good about handling these types of problems. I hope that holds true for my situation. Email Ruger they will fix whatever is wrong and you have a free excellent revolver. This way you should at least be able to narrow the issue either to the cylinder or the firing mechanism. You can occasionally get the hammer to fully actuate once, if you're lucky, but even if it does go through, it immediately seizes up afterwards.

This is a gun problem. And to be sure the cylinder spins freely with the crane open. So a buddy of mine gave me a GP100 that he said was busted and he didn't wanna deal with it. It’s been nearly a year since I posted these videos, but there’s been dead silence from firearm publications and Ruger, which does a disservice to the gun buying public. It should move with little effort, and you should see the front latch recede in the crane on the other side of the cylinder. Using my cheapo 30 year old Craftsman caliper, the rounds seem to be within spec (0.440\" max rim diameter) and the cylinder chambers seem to be too closely spaced, but the Blazer Brass 357 rounds seem to work just fine.

It occurs both in DA and SA mode. Ruger’s willingness to replace the gun is a poor substitute for up-front honesty. [UPDATE 2/1/18]I thoroughly cleaned the cylinder chambers and retested to see if the binding issue was affected. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Honestly it doesn’t sound like that’s your problem, but a deep clean might be a good first troubleshooting step. GP100 cylinder binding issue? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Here is the list so far:Blazer Brass .38 Special 125 gr. By \"larger\", I am talking about thousandths of an inch. It feels like a bind that requires much more effort to finish pulling the trigger in DA. The 7-shot .357 GP100 will not accept industry standard name brand .38 Special and .357 Magnum ammo. Hopefully upon taking it all the way apart you’ll notice something that’s obviously broken and it’s an easy fix!

Click SHOW MORE to see updated info posted after the video was made. Keep in mind that, while instances of binding occurred with these, there is no way to know from testing a few rounds how often others will experience problems.------------------------------------------------[Original text posted when the video was uploaded]This video is my first attempt to illustrate a binding problem I am having when using Blazer Brass .38 Special FMJ ammo in my new Ruger 357 GP100 7-shot revolver. It’s unfortunate that so many people are still buying the 7-shot GP100 only to find out after the fact that it won’t accept industry standard ammo. A buddy of mine had a GP100 with similar problems, but not quite that bad, purely from being extremely dirty. It is very disappointing to have this problem right out of the box. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

I'm posting to describe the problem and see if anyone has ever seen this with the new 7-shot GP100 or other revolvers that have close chamber spacing.Apologies for the rather poor quality video. As of this posting, it only has (25) 38 Special and (10) 357 Magnum rounds through it.In my research I have read to look closely under the ejection star, and be sure it is clean. Cookies help us deliver our Services. FMJRemington 38 Special UMC 130 gr. Out of the box is has exhibited a hard trigger pull, like a hitching/binding feeling on one of the six pulls.

I have not tried other brands of ammo at this point, so the info I present here is limited, but I have had this problem on two boxes of Blazer Brass 38 SPL ammo. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They offered no explanation for the issue. It is also my understanding that they are doing this for others who don't want to put up with industry standard ammo not fitting in the gun.--------------------------------------------------------------I first contacted Ruger about this issue on Jan 31, 2018 and included a link to this video.There are two other related (and somewhat redundant) videos in this series: and posting this video, several additional ammo brands have been reported by other users to have this rim-to-rim binding problem. Outdoorsman Buffalo Bore 125 gr.

I don't know if it's a gun problem or an ammo problem. So a buddy of mine gave me a GP100 that he said was busted and he didn't wanna deal with it. FMJAmerican Eagle 38 Special 130 gr. I had an issue with my ruger gp100 revolver and I sent it back to ruger and they fixed it fast and for free. As a quick test, I measured 14 rounds from each of the four 50-round boxes and then loaded them into the cylinder. I haven't disassembled it (I'm familiar with most semi-autos, but I don't fuck with revolver internals), but generally what's going on is that the cylinder is extremely tight to close even when unloaded, requiring way more pressure than it should take in order to get it into battery. As far as I can tell, neither of these areas is a problem. FMJReported good by Aspan 237 in comments: Hornady Critical Defense (sticks a bit on ejection) American Eagle 38 SPL and 357 Buffalo Bore 180 gr. It's a model 1702, and it looks like the cylinder is binding really bad. They’re not very difficult to take apart with some help from YouTube, I would just be careful to leave the trigger group assembled, that gave me some fits. None exhibited any binding problems and the rims of all 14 from each brand measured noticeably smaller than the Blazer Brass rounds by 1 to 3 mils. I just received my new GP100 with 6” barrel this past Friday 02/02/18. This is really seen best with my daughter pulling the trigger. This is not an ammo problem. GP100 - Hard Trigger Pull - Hitching/Binding Issue - YouTube It is the same dry firing, with snap caps and I noticed it when firing live rounds.

Ruger's claim that the gun is good because they have ammo that fits, does not change the fact that other SAAMI compliant ammo won't fit.--------------------------------------------------------------[UPDATE 3/13/18 -- Ruger replaced my 7-shot GP100 with a 6-shot GP100. Try to push in the pin in the center of the ejector, insertion side of the cylinder. I can measure and choose rounds that have smaller rims and they will load fine, but about half the rounds in the box measure slightly larger than the rest. FMJMagtech .38 Special and 357Armscor .38 Special 158 gr.WInchester USA white box .38 SpecialHornady Critical Duty 357 (3/6/18)Blazer Brass .357 (3/20/18) Woody Hayes in commentsTula (3/20/18) Woody HayesGECO 357mag (6/14/18) giantpuneVollmantel FMJ .38 special (10/24/18) Linda GoodmanIn most cases, if you experience binding, simply loading up six rounds instead of all seven should eliminate the problem. This is my first attempt at a Youtube video and my equipment and skills are rather limited. TacticalReported good by Woody Hayes in comments: Monarch .357 brass (3/20/18)

Also, with the cylinder out, try pushing in the spot that the ejector center pin contacts on the inside of the frame with a punch or similar tool, this will allow you to fully cock the hammer and check whether it cocks and releases normally without the cylinder in place. There also does not appear to be any grinding or binding between the cylinder and the barrel.It appears that this will be the first gun that I will have to send back to the manufacturer for warranty work. None were as large as the Blazer Brass rounds.Below are the four brands that worked, but testing one box is far from a guaranty that these will always work.Winchester 38 Special 130 gr.

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