Here are photos or of the jar I did and though I smudge  fairly often there was still some gunk on my home…. ( Log Out / 

In addition, copper sulfate is an ingredient encountered in old-time recipes for gambler's lucky hands. Use blueing products, like Reckitt’s Crown Blue, for purification workings.

Ad circa 1890. We use cookies and similar techniques so we can help you better and in a more personal way. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The Blueing water can also be used alone or in other combinations. Imagine your home is being rid of negativity, that no negativity, evil or any type of bad energy is allowed into your home, you want to send all negative energy attempting to enter a big stop sign. Reckitt’s Crown Blue $ 2.90 Use blueing products, like Reckitt’s Crown Blue, for purification workings. take this in account when placing your order.

Reckitt's Crown Blue BOX/ Caja de AÑIL ... With over 3000 online Santeria Religion products and spiritual items , we are the one stop shop for all of you spiritual & Santeria Botanica goods you can be sure you will be safe with us serving the Lucumi community over 14 Years on the web . If item get damage on transit we will replace it!!

My mom bliss her heart, is a die-hard,go hard or go home Jesus believer, Bible thumping fan.She raised us up in Christianity and we were always taught that  Jesus was the way to heaven and anything outside of that is a ticket to Hell. When you have said what you needed to say and you feel that there is nothing left to say take the bowl or jar and place it in a corner somewhere where you feel the most negative energy resides. Allow a few days for comments to be approved and show up live on the site. I am only giving away 10 so if you’re interested better hop to it, go ahead and read on to understand the great benefits of this awesome little tablet. Dunk the garment into the water and keep it moving around, for a couple of minutes. What do you think about Conjure Work products or services? Stir while squeezing the blue in the last rinsing water. The Blueing water can also be used alone or in other combinations.

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It's uses are endless but its main attribute is the energy of purification, cleansing and healing. Welcome back and thank you all for your support. It is one of the ingredients in Indigo water or blue wash. ( Log Out /  I would not recommend pouring down the sink as it could come back up on you so rid yourself of it carefully.

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It does not contain dye or bleach.Directions: Wrap blue in cloth (cotton or muslin is best).

Disclaimer: All magical items are alleged and for entertainment purposes only. Customers rate us 8.5/10. Required fields are marked *, 25% off all products, until 11:59pm on Nov 3rd (EST). (Yes Jesus is a deity).

Reckitt's Crown Blue Squares from 1.00 Blueing Squares (compressed sodium carbonate with anil dye) are used for gambling luck, drawing good spirits, protection and success.

A single square of Reckitt’s is more than enough for several cleansing baths. All rights reserved | Registered in England Company No. My mom likes to tag me in these gospel skits, sometimes they are funny and sometimes they are not and even though my mom knows that I have not attended church consistently in over 14 years,or that I do not wish to attend church nor do I wish to  have a pastor but she keeps trying on the slick….lol….

Anil or Reckitts Crown Blue tablets are much safer & non- toxic alternatives that provides the same purpose and effect, which is to turn water blue for ritual.

It's uses are endless but its main attribute is the energy of purification, cleansing and healing. Blue Anil is a staple in many spiritual traditions. Bluing is a popular product in Surinamese culture in particular. Wholesaler. Crown blue can be used in hot or cold water. All the while they are thinking that I’m over here praying to some Satan, and worshipping devils.

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Limit one use per person. Welcome to Nelstar Services , We have san Lazaro, palo monte ,Ifa items at the bigger Lucumi Yoruba Santeria Shop on the web ,read la Letra del año 2018 .

I am very loving and protective of the people that are in my immediate family, so my first thought is “If I know something why not let them know”. Spiritualists are known to place out pans of protective "blue water", or bluing, to keep a residence clear of unwanted spirits. Root doctors and spiritualists who want to work with the blue colour of copperas while avoiding its toxic side-effects use crystalline LAUNDRY bluEing SQUARES (RECKITT’S CROWN BLUE) instead. In my Golden Dawn work, we wear an Egyptian style headdress, called a nemyss. To my mom(Love you Mom) No it’s not Hoodoo, it’s protection from Hoodoo and Your welcome! Stir while squeezing the blue in the last rinsing water.

Many traditional Conjure folk use the blue water for scrying. Be the first to review “Reckitt’s Crown Blue”. In addition, to we will also be talking about camphor which can be used for the same purposes. I know it’s not toxic, and as I have two cats, I would like to make sure they will be ok if they ingest it.

I guess that’s the down fall of Facebook..Everyone has one. Blue Anil is a staple in many spiritual traditions. Problem is that we are people with many gifts, and our gifts should not be made for us to feel ashamed.

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