Not only does the 64 player servers work bad, Im having troubles on the smaller modes as well, not as bad but definitely too much. I kind of hate the control set up on the PS4 but it’ll grow on me. Mac. Launch [PS4 Remote Play]. For [Frame Rate], choose [Standard].

So the connection issue is now fixed and the game isnt as laggy anymore.

All rights reserved. Would a PS4 pro get me stable 30 or should I just wait for PC release in like, a year? Honestly the PS4 handles the game better than my pc.

my ps4 works fine.

Im playin at ping 30-40 and I have a good monitor as well.

When i test connection speed on my ps4 it says download 76mbits, upload 10mbits.

Some of it is definitely game optimization, but I also think some of it is because of the 2013 Radeon GPU showing its age.

The prohibiting factors come down to the developer, and how streamlined their engine is for the PlayStation 4.

Yes I can garantee that isnt the case here because I use my PS4 only and i mean ONLY for Battlefield games. First, go through the Network connection troubleshooting steps listed above to make sure you are getting the best possible connection to the PlayStation 4 system.

The game features a massive, gorgeous map, an elaborate elemental combat system, engaging storyline & characters, co-op game mode, soothing soundtrack, and much more for you to explore! I get both yellow and red latency variation symbols. And to clarify, conquest/operations isnt just fps drops, those gamemodes are very low fps all the time. Well , not all people can afford the PS5 ya know. On my PS4 (non-pro) I notice that if I have any apps still open like PS Vue, Prime video, Twitch, YouTube, etc when I launch a multiplayer game performance suffers until I manually close those video apps. Even the original PlayStation 4 can manage 1080p @60fps. Then choose [PS4 Remote Play] > [Preferences] > [Video Quality for Remote Play] from the menu bar. And thats a shame because i really like the game and I really hope EA will fix this. For [Resolution], choose either [Standard (540p)] or [Low (360p)]. When i test connection speed on my ps4 it says download 76mbits, upload 10mbits. The devs themselves have literally talked about not having experience with console dev kits, they just didn't program it that well.

Thank god developers don't listen to nonsense like this shit. Website ©2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I expected it because it's a console, but I'm getting dips into low 20's high teens and it ruining my experience. I will never not laugh when I see you idiots posting "cLEaN yOUr pS4". Sorry to hear you're experiencing these frame drop issues. I wrote it off as the game being badly optimized at launch.

____________________________________________________________________________________, _________________________________________________________________________________, The Fort Tarsis Lounge - Creators' Corner. Launch [PS4 Remote Play]. For [Resolution], choose either [Standard (540p)] or [Low (360p)]. A base PS4 can run a gorgeous and detailed game like Ghost of Tsushima at a STEADY 30 fps and this anime style game is struggling to keep up at 25 fps, on top of major pop in and poor draw distance. Upgrade to a SSD Hard Drive. Operations and Conquest is pretty much unplayable, I dont think I get even stable 25fps at the moment. Just now I started to see ingame warnings in BF1 so perhaps that may help troubleshooting.. And yes, 5 FPS is horrendous, but so is dropping to 20, that's not really reasonable for a non graphically intensive game.

Have you tried any troubleshooting steps on your end as well, to try to resolve this?

Also, if we have these problems on Battlefield 1, I really doubt that the next battlefield will run any better.

On my PS4 (non-pro) I notice that if I have any apps still open like PS Vue, Prime video, Twitch, YouTube, etc when I launch a multiplayer game performance suffers until I manually close those video apps.

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