shuddha-sphaTika-sankASaM triNetraM panca-vaktrakaM / maM mAyAyai namaH, viM vidyAyai namaH /

That is the order now would be.

In ancient times our ancestors while taking the role of mothers, wives, sisters and simply as a women trained and fought along side the male Satrias to protect their families and land. jvalantaM pingala-jaTAS-ShikhAmadhyoda-dhAriNaM // You can also plan them to suit the different days of the week, or the different festival days that occur. केतुं करालवदनं चित्रवर्णं किरीटिनम् । Om jnAnAya namaH / ajnAnAya namaH //

Kroora Sarvangam Nara Pingala. Three or four small plates, five small cups (each of which to be able to  hold at least two tablespoons of water). digdevatA-samAyuktaM surAsura-namaskRtaM // ॥, अस्य श्रीकेतुकवचस्तोत्रमंत्रस्य त्र्यंबक ऋषिः । Shankha-mUle sthito brahmA shankha-madhye saraswatI / shankhAgre sarva-tIrthAni tasmAc-chankhaM prapUjayet // tvaM purA sagarotpanno vishNunA vidhRtaH kare / pUjitas-sarva-devAnAM pAncajanya-namo’stu te // pAnca-janyAya vidmahe pAvamAnAya dhImahi / tannaH shankhaH pracodayAt //, [Say the GAyatrI and the pancAkshara-mantram three times ]. Samasta-hari-hara-devatAn dhyayAmi AvAhayAmi. vAyave namaH, prANAdhipataye namaH /  — on the northwest yaM hrauM sadyojAtAya paScima–vaktrAya namaH – for the kalaSa on the west (to be called hereafter ‘sadyojAta-kalaSa‘), [Now fill them with water from the panca-pAtraM,  in the following order, with the following mantras. Without the proper svaras, the pUjAloses all its sanctity]. There are different definitions for  the Tamil word  “Varmam”: 1.

Finally Shiva is the BANa-linga which is found in the Omkarakunda of the river Narmada, near the island of Mandhata. Sarva Shathru Vinasam Cha,

The following is a Siddhar aphorism on Varmam, (note: Italics is Tamil, the text in brackets is the meaning in English. Even in the art of Silambam, (bamboo staff fencing) there are many instances in history, where opponents were defeated by blows or prodding attacks with the stick, to vital spots on the body in historical descriptions and in quite a number of manuals on this art. ISAnAya namaH, vidyAdhipataye namaH /  — on the northeast, [at the centre]: But always precede all of them by a minimum arcanA of the five pancayatana deities, as follows], Om mitrAya namaH / Om ravaye namaH / Om sUryAya namaH / Om bhAnave namaH / Om khagAya namaH / Om pUshNe namaH /Om hiranya-garbhAya namaH / Om marIcaye namaH / Om Adityaya namaH / Om savitre namaH / Om arkAya namaH / Om bhAskarAya namaH //, Om sumukhAya namaH / Om eka-dantAya namaH / Om kapilAya namaH / Om gaja-karNikAya namaH / Om lambodarAya namaH /Om vikaTAya namaH / Om vighna-rAjAya namaH / Om gaNAdhipaya namaH / Om dhUmaketave namaH /Om gaNAdhyakshAya namaH /Om phAla-candrAya namaH /Om gajAnanAya namaH / Om vakra-tunDAya namaH / Om SUrpa-karNAya namaH /Om herambAya namaH /Om skanda-pUrvajAya namaH / Om siddhi-vinAyaka-swAmine namaH //, Om bhavasya devasya patnyai namaH / Om sharvasya devasya patnyai namaH / Om ISAnasya devasya patnyai namaH / Om paSupater devasya patnyai namaH / Om rudrasya devasya patnyai namaH / Om ugrasya devasya patnyai namaH / Om bhImasya devasya patnyai namaH / Om mahato devasya patnyai namaH //, Om bhavAya devAya namaH / Om sharvAya devAya namaH / Om ISAnAya devAya namaH / Om paSUpater devAya namaH / Om rudrAya devAya namaH / Om ugrAya devAya namaH / Om bhImAya devAya namaH / Om mahate devAya namaH //, Om KeSavAya namaH / Om nArAyaNAya namaH / Om MAdhavAya namaH / Om GovindAya namaH / Om vishNave namaH / Om MadhusUdanAya namaH / Om trivikramAya namaH / Om VAmanAya namaH / Om ShrIdharAya namaH / Om RshIkeSAya namaH / Om PadmanAbhAya namaH / Om dAmodarAya namaH //, yat-purushaM vyadadhuH / katidhA vyakalpayan / mukhaM kimasya kau bAhU / kAvUrU pAdAvucyete // kardamena prajA bhUtA mayi sambhava kardama / shriyaM vAsaya me kule mAtaraM padma-mAlinIM //. Learn how your comment data is processed. sarva-vyApinam-ISAnaM rudraM vai viSva-rUpiNaM /, Rule: [evaM rUpiNaM eva dhyAtva dvijaH samyak tato yajanaM Arabhet : meaning, ‘thus should the twice-born meditate on the Form and begin his pUjA‘.

This is the resilience of ancient indian warrior traditions as shared by the sages and siddhas. [When you open the box, say the following]: Uva also shared another piece on a 74 year old Kalaripayatu Warrior Mother.

Schibukam Simhikasutha,

हस्तौ पातु सुरश्रेष्ठः कुक्षिं पातु महाग्रहः ।

The same 108 varmams are classified under different categories. sadyojAtAya namaH [This on the west] Chithra Varna Sira Pathu,

Pathum Cha Kandam May Kethu, the philosophy of advaita taking over.] The effects of thodu varmam, inclusive of but not limited to: - delayed antagonistic body reactions, disease, death. Susruta identified seven kinds of diseases, one of which was samghata-bala-pravrtta, "the traumatic type...caused by an external blow or...due to wrestling with an antagonist of superior strength" (Susruta, Suthrasthana XXIV, 6; Bhishagratna trans., 1963:230).

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