HG models were introduced in 1990. While the line is non-linear, the Gundams are about the same height as their Gunpla counterparts on a linear of Master Grade (MG).. See also the list of Master Grade Gundam>> Although most of these are one off promotional models used for display purposes, Bandai has produced a few of these for commercial purposes under their HY2M line. The plastic parts are delivered in the exact form they exit the injection molding machine,[10] on a "sprue tree" - a grid of interconnecting plastic rods, called runners, created by the channels in the mold that carried the molten plastic into the cavities that create each part. The kit box sizes vary depending on the number of assembly parts with the largest being from models like the MG Sazabi Ver. A given unit, like a foot or leg, may use parts made of multiple different materials. [3] While Clover's products targeted children, Bandai's approach was more appealing to the teenage and adult consumers that were more typical of Mobile Suit Gundam's audience, and was received extremely well.[4]. For example, the parts are attached to sprue gates thin enough to break without the need to use of plastic cutters, and excess gate plastic can be removed from the parts without using a hobby knife. Includes additional, First release of the Unleashed sub-line. Gundam models are based on the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, which debuted in 1979 as a television show. The upside to this discrepancy that kits within the same scale tend to be pretty similar in height and size except for a few which are substantially smaller or larger. 7-Eleven Japan exclusive metallic color variant of PG-12. Contains clear armor parts for the head, torso, waist block, left arm, and left leg, plus a light-up beam saber. Originally manufactured in China, the EG line contained fewer parts than the FG kits, thus having very limited articulation. We forge our tradition in the spirits of our ancestors. These early kits are distinguished by their lack of articulation and low detail and, unlike later generations, require glue to assemble. Perfect Grade (PG) (パーフェクトグレード Pāfekuto Gurēdo) is a series of 1/60 scale Gunpla kits created by Bandai. Bandai Asia & Australia exclusive re-release of the Gundam World 2002 in C3 variant. They’re the tallest Gundam models that you can build, and take up a lot of display space! They cost a lot of money, but as in all Gunpla model kits, they are worth it. This is one part of the model's "foot", less than an inch across, which not only has many details in a very small component, but is built around a very small doubly-articulated hinge.

Accessory kit for PG-02/03. There is a beautiful PG Z at a store a block from where I work. To pick out this kit grade, look for “Excitement embodied” on the box art and the abbreviation “RG”. These generally retail for approximately $2,000 and are intended to be sold primarily to store owners as display fronts. P-Bandai exclusive accessory kit to convert PG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex into PG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex (Narrative Ver.). Exclusive gold chrome plated variant of PG-15 with green psychoframe. Bandai developed these kits with ease of build in mind as they require no tools to build. It looks … Well, all PG's are 1/60, I'd say 13"-15" or so. It’s the first model grade that is 1/144 in scale but still has an inner frame just like MG kits. PG kits are the most expensive in the market because they have the most number of parts to assemble and their scale size of 1/60. P-Bandai exclusive gloss injection color variant of PG-13.

The quality has improved thanks to a new durable plastic that is distinctively reminiscent to the Gundam Model plastic (HG, HGUC, MG, PG) thus replacing the resin that shrank while curing. Yea. Kits come as a collection of plastic parts, decals, and sometimes other decorative accessories which the purchaser assembles by hand into the finished model. The 411 -- General Robot Information and Topics, Fan Art, Model builds, and Custom Creations, Takatoku, Bullmark, Clover, Takemi, Popy,Shogun Warriors,Tin,GoDaiKin, Jumbo Machinders and Other Plastic & Vinyl Robots, Microman/Micronauts/ Diaclone/ Henshin Cyborg. Includes Sparkle Clear Blue 2 Way Stand. The big difference between an HG and an MG kit is that MG kits have an inner frame or skeleton mechanic where you put on the armor pieces one by one just like a Samurai warrior would do when preparing for a battle.

These are referred to in the community simply as "plastic" models, and use the snap-fit assembly method described in this article. Franchise These kits take much longer to construct and are often much more expensive than their lower-grade counterparts. Includes, Fully transformable from Unicorn Mode to Destroy Mode and kit-exclusive Destroy Mode Unchained. Includes two Gunpla LED Units (requires two LR41 watch batteries per unit) for eyes and GN Buster Sword II, and clear BA-13 Action Base 1. P-Bandai re-release of PG-15 with a color variant of PG-16's Armed Armor DE. Gundam model kits come in many varieties, but the majority made from the late 80s on - standard "plastic" kits - are manufactured and assembled similarly. The 1987 Gundam Sentinel model line introduced snap-fit models, which needed little or no glue to assemble.

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