Capital of Portugal Phlegmatic Senet is an ancient __ board game from 3500 BC

The tree is scheduled to arrive at Boston Common in time for the official tree lighting ceremony on December 5th. Won 6 Emmys for portrayal of Hawkeye Pierce Latin phrase meaning “in place” The __ Life of Henry VIII, post Boleyn beheading

To tell customs you are traveling with something Malted milkball candy comes in paper carton Round shape Volkswagen model named after a Mediterranean wind

Jada __ Smith, Matrix and Madagascar actress

The lightest of all metals Bottom-dwelling fish in North Atlantic

Huge Spanish fleet to attack England To save something from danger, fire, water Anton __; DC Comics creator of the Un-Men. Longest running sci-fi show on BBC Cinderella’s Fairy __ helps her go to the ball British machine-gun used on the Western Front Swamp boat, driven by caged airplane propeller __ Mann, German novelist who won the Nobel Prize Genius is an infinite __ for taking pains __ of the Jedi has the first Ewoks in Star Wars

A person who comes from a Nordic island country

"The closer I get to Boston with the tree and in Massachusetts a lot of people wave and blowing their horns."

A __ youth has a wolf in his belly

Chinua __, Nigerian novelist “Blue” mutant ninja turtle who uses swords Eight-legged creepy crawly Nova Scotia's coat of arms, granted by King Charles I in 1625, is the oldest of any province or territory. Now, __, 1942 film inspired by Whitman poem

Finnish music festival, held in Turku since 1970. Even though Canadians officially speak English and French, Canadian slang can be considered a third language everyone understands.

Part of land that provides a beautiful view below

Placard holder in bikinis at fighting events Birds do this when seasons change, south or north Hungry Hungry __, marble-eating mammals

Pachucos invariably wore these The one who is the fastest Apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot

The __ Show on Earth, Heston as circus manager

Tiger Sharks are large and have dark __ Middle ear bone also called the stirrup Science of insect pests Stealthy Marvel Comics character, active at night. Fairy tale character with long hair Self-respect in speech and conduct

A Winter Olympic sport

Czech __, home to Prague and Bohemia Coiled tuba used in military bands

Purple coneflower drunk as tea to ward off colds

Bigeye Trevally are found in all __ waters Language of Indian subcontinent, aka Bangla.

Jurassic World is about a __ theme park

__ sea urchin has distinctive blunt spikes

A maker of or dealer in optical items __ of Rock, series of global heavy metal festivals. Name honors home of the rum and Coke, Rum cocktail of 1939 NYC World’s Fair

When two people are to be married Marvin Gaye sang about this source for gossip

Cone-shaped candy found in Ukraine California __ domestic cats look like a leopard Opening in a wall to see out of

Leader of Guardians of the Galaxy superhero team. Far flung weapon from Ancient Greece Muddy, almost level bed of a dried lake Pufferfish __ into balloons when threatened Dutch province developed from reclaimed polders US judges' offices; rooms at Inns of Court.

Drama series about a professor's marriage collapse.

A unique feature of the Nova Scotia coat of arms is that the motto is placed above the arms, a common practice in Scotland.

Doctor __; Marvel hero with nerve-damaged hands.

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