Topic sentence. Expansion allows nations to find more resources, land to sell, and even space for new businesses. The impact of westward expansion was huge on native Americans. The idea of westward expansion and Manifest Destiny had positive and negative effects on the politics, society and the economics of the United States and the Native Americans living there at the time.

The Native Americans were kicked out of their homes, were depleted of resources, or killed.

William Weatherford, in “Adventures Among Indians”, stated “ people are all gone--I can do no more than weep over the misfortunes of my nation. The land of California was another economic incentive that justified Manifest Destiny and the movement westward. By continuing we’ll assume you board with our cookie policy. The Indian Removal Act was signed by President Andrew Jackson and was enforced immediately. For instance, during this time period Native Americans were constantly having to battle the United States government for land. California held economic advantages such as abundant resources including mineral, agricultural, commercial and manufacturing and a good vantage point to trade with countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. The documents that support my thesis are; A, B, E and G. In …show more content… Westward Expansion impacted them socially by taking the Native Americans culture from …

However, they should have expected the area to be populated. In most of the treaties created with the Native Americans, the U.S. unjustifiably took advantage of the Natives' lack of knowledge. Home — Essay Samples — History — History of the United States — Westward Expansion. With Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk being the, The history of the United States is one of colonialism, settler colonialism, and the abstract idea of difference and perceived inferiority of savage, less civilized peoples.

What were the positive effects of westward expansion?

Furthermore, if the United States would give up control over it, a European power would attempt to claim it by either force or purchase. No matter the circumstances, the treatment of the Natives was unjustified. There were many political, economic, and social reasons for Manifest Destiny, but these reasons did not always have positive outcomes. Show fate had genuine ramifications for Local Americans, since mainland development certainly implied the occupation and addition of Local American land, once in a while to grow subjection.

The philosophy of Manifest Destiny, which led to westward expansion, caused hardships, several wars and hostilities between the US government and between people who were the first to occupy the American land.

To begin,... Slavery did, in fact, encourage both economic backwardness and westward expansion. In the nineteenth century, Americans were recognized for coming together and building up one another for one cause: westward expansion. It was a generally accepted practice to remove Native Americans. Asses the impact of Westward expansion on Native Americans The impact on the Native American people during the 19th century when white settlers began to expand into the west was utterly devastating.

Native American Boarding Schools During the Westward Expansion

Westward expansion was put in action because of the belief of Manifest Destiny, the belief that it is America fate to expand from the Atlantic to Pacific ocean. on, The policy was not really benevolent; tribes were annihilated and land titles were taken. The idea of race, which has furthered the concept of difference, has been used as a tool to categorize and marginalize peoples of different color, both the vast amount of unclaimed land and the opportunities Americans wanted to explore.

It was the belief that fueled the westward expansion.

Forced to move to reservations • Settlers felt justified in taking Native Americans land because they felt they were making the land more .

The Indians did not want to change to their culture but they were forced to. Most of the Cherokee people did not have sufficient cover to protect against the harsh climate. This act was created to help the construction of a railroad and telegraph lines from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean.

To a majority of the Americans, manifest destiny was a proud accomplishment they would be faced with. According to the “Trail of Tears” painting context, “the Cherokee faced hunger, disease, and exhaustion.

The westward expansion led to many other events in and around the United States. Manifest Destiny was the idea that the United States was entitled to all of the North American land.

Essay On Manifest Destiny. Scholars

8th class essay 1 maths paper 2019 essay about experiencing an earthquake conclusion for a hero essay example of research essay introduction useful phrases for writing essays ielts! The West gives you a fresh start in your decisions throughout everyday life! The U.S. citizens and government…, Citizens of the United States wanted to expand westward, for they did not know what was beyond the Mississippi River. Manifest destiny also greatly influenced the national sentiment of the time, which can be found in Jackson’s speech.

• Treaties forced millions of Native Americans onto . … In April of 1830, the Indian Removal Act was passed by Senate with a vote of 28 to 19. The defenseless Indians had to deal with whatever the United States did to them. However, the U.S. Government did not see this side of the Indians, instead they forced the Indians onto reservations. Clearly, there was a need for their land as people moved westward but the Indians suffered.

They faced terrible conditions as depicted in John Burnett’s story of the Trail of Tears. The Homestead Act of 1862 was an incentive for people to move west. Before the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, Westward Expansion was a rarity.

The Indians were the opposite of what the settlers thought they were. The settlers coming west often saw the Indians as a threat to them and their families. However, this was not the main reason the Indians were pushed aside. You can get your “State Governments joined in this effort to drive Native Americans out of the South.”2 Andrew Jackson led inhuman and cruel campaigns which led to Native Americans having to give thousands of acres to white American farmers. Many, Manifest Destiny and the Westward Expansion was made so that the Americans could expand as far as the Pacific Ocean. The railways, affect on Modern United States Occasionally, pioneers had the opportunity, Line and the Louisiana Purchase Although the railroad was a great impact of Manifest Destiny because it allowed for quicker transportation of goods and people to and from the west, it legally allowed for Indian land titles to be extinguished.

Native Americans, forcefully, lived on the reservation and faced racism. Some tribes thought it would be best to leave peacefully, but others were not leaving without a, “The federal government promised that their land would remain unmolested forever, but as the line of white settlement pushed westward, ‘Indian Country’ shrank and shrank.”2 Oklahoma officially became a state in 1907, and Indian territory slowly disappeared.

Essentially taking them from the Native Americans in order to achieve Manifest Destiny. The treatment of the Native Americans during Westward Expansion was unjustified.

One of the factors that influenced the westward expansion was the purchase of Louisiana, which made it possible for American citizens to migrate to the west.

He was also upset about the missionaries that were sent to try and convert the Cherokee to their beliefs. The westward expansion is a great example of how a nation goes through its journey for success. Another factor which contributed significantly to the Westward Expansion was the compromise of 1850 that resolved the territorial and slavery issues arising from the Mexican-American War. The westward expansion that led to their annihilation is full of disastrous events. Before Manifest Destiny and the westward expansion the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War took place which allowed America to declare independence. Significance of topic. Mission Statement Of Kellogg's A Food Processing Industry, Relationship Between Hero's Relationship In Much Ado About Nothing. To what extent did Westward Expansion affect the lives of Native americans during the mid to late 19th Century?

III. President Jackson planned to take over most, if not all, Indian land whether the Indians liked it or not.

In President Polk’s State of the Union Address in 1847, he justified the right of the United States to acquire California by saying that the Mexican government would not be able to properly control the land over the far distance in between.

Their reaction to feeling threatened…, Westward expansion of Native American Tribes Our country itself was created and formed on the premise, “.. all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, among these the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…” 1 This was not the case with the feelings and problems between white “civilized” people and the Native Americans.

What were the positive and negative effects of westward expansion?

How did it impact the government, their culture, religion and education and their resources?Westward Expansion greatly affected Native American lives socially…, Native American land and culture were impacted negatively by the western expansion of the United States due to the fact that many lost their land, were stripped of their rights, and some even died. Jackson uses nationalist and colonialist rhetoric in this speech, particularly when he discusses his idea of progress.

He was not happy about this because the white population brought slaves with them and this caused a mixture of African and Cherokee blood which he considered a misfortune and disgrace. Americans looked towards the western lands as an opportunity for large amounts of free land, for growth of industry, and pursue the manifest destiny. Manifest Destiny is a term used to describe the reason behind the US expansion into the West. The Westward Expansion mostly revolved around the addition of trains that go through the Great Plains.

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