Anyone experience yeast infections in the mouth and/or severe burning of the tongue lips and palate?

Either the denture teeth are set too far out, which causes the upper lip to protrude, or, too far in, which decreases lip support and causes a “sunken” appearance or a “disappearing” upper lip. Looks really ugly huh? Take care.

PLEASE HELP I WILL GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!! I lisp so badly you can not understand me. I too have monkey mouth and even with seabond my upper moves around and cuts into my gum just under my nose. OH MY GOD you are way too funny. Many here have their regular dentist there, but ok... My dentist says I have a short top lip but tells me how lucky I am to have such beautiful lips. Getting new dentures can cause facial features to distort to some extent. I'm sorry to hear you're going through this,Tracey.I'm Karen, the Fixodent Community Manager, andI urge you to discuss your concerns with your dentist.While some pain is normal, your denture should not be cutting into your gums. I really don't need to be in a hurry I guess, at least I don't have to go to work. .css-1dh0ia{color:#FFFFFF !important;background-color:#151a71 !important;}.css-1dh0ia:hover{color:#FFFFFF !important;background-color:#007fc9 !important;}.css-1dh0ia:focus{color:#FFFFFF !important;background-color:#007fc9 !important;}.css-sskn3q{line-height:60px !important;}HOME, .css-1f50y14{color:undefined !important;-webkit-text-decoration:undefined !important;text-decoration:undefined !important;}View other replies.

They may put me in the loony bin. This, too, can be fixed.

Not a dam person will help me I wish I was dead. Am I not giving it enough tme? And, dont let him make you feel rushed. Re: Dentures and monkey mouth You will need to be patient and keep practicing as well as go back to the dentist and explain what your concerns are. Hi, your dentist should be able to shave some off your denture to stop it from cutting inot your gum. I realize this was posted 5 months ago and was curious if you ever got your issue’s fixed.? I still eat soft stuff like I did when I was heeling my gums I can`t eat anything solid properly without having issue`s every time I talk to the dentist office they justify everything that I tell them I am tired of being like this I should of went to a denturist but I didn`t know the difference at the time they should of saved a couple teeth on the bottom so my denture could have been secured but that was never mentioned to me that I could do as an option the dentist that pulled my teeth never did an impression they just pulled them all and said come back once they are heeled he ended up leaving to advance his schooling and the new dentist that arrived while I was heeling was fresh out of school without pics of my teeth or nothing so it`s been a huge issue since my question is if I were to tell them I want new dentures done that I am not happy with these will they be covered or do I have to pay for another pair of dentures I am so pissed off I should of done some research before I jumped into this but I didn`t realize what I was getting myself into I want to go to a actual denturist to see what they think of my dentures but I don`t want to loose my warranty please can anybody let me know what I can do, ask for a new pair or fix these ones or what ever other option I could have to deal with these hunks of junk!! I will see the dentist tomorrow just in case there is some changes she can make. Wow... Um, I've known dozens of people who go.

There's a product called SECURE, adhesive, I have full uppers and lowers, I assure you that SECURE will NOT fail you on the uppers, and especially the's amazing, nothing worked for me, nothing, but this adhesive is water proof and works totally different, and once you use it you'll never use anything else.

They told me to brush it and it will go away. Sunken Lipssome of the excess tissue will fold in around the mouth, causing your lips and cheeks to roll inward. Check Out the NEW Tough Grip Denture Adhesive Below! I'm what to do anymore. My dentures make me look like a monkey. Hope you got your issues resolved. DDS In grove oklahoma. Give your mouth and lips a good 3 months to fully go back to normal. I agree with Karen but I am inclined to be a little more forceful on the topic.

No I haven`t Linda she tried to fix them but they are still not sitting proper like when I bite down they aren`t lined up they sit to the left and right of each other and the top sits way forward, I bite my top lip all the time and the bottoms like everybody else`s don`t sit still and have eat Fixodent powder and paste all the time, I am going to have to go to another place and redo this whole process but I don1t have the $ for this stuff so I will have to save and get them done once I have the $ and this time I will be getting them done by a proper Denturist not a rookie dentist I wish they would of recommended that I go to a denturist but I guess when there is $ involved they will pounce on that opportunity not thinking how much this effects a person`s life I don`t go out like I use to and will stay away from pics as much as possible, the life of a person that can`t afford implants or expensive denture`s, 40 yrs old and have plastic teeth doesn`t help the confidence and until I have these properly fixed I will be single and eating like a 80 yr old. I'm getting depressed reading this. Where did you buy this?I just got uppers and they told me to use powder fixodent which seems to wear off fast. I ordered mine from Amazon, but when I eat, my teeth come loose. Also, the top front part of the denture curves in toward my gums, which leaves it cutting into my gum and a gap between my real gum and the denture, is that normal as well?

Getting teeth pulled and new dentures!!!!! I might lose my job if this doesn't get better.... If you have a tape recorder or better yet a video camera you can record yourself and then listen and watch. I also am experiencing pain from the dentures cutting into my gums on top of the whole “ monkey mouth” look. I had assumed a cheap tinker toy set would be used first, until the gums healed and shrunk, but figured he knew best, and I was unwilling to go without teeth for any time at all. The molars were pulled, then about 5-6 weeks later, the front teeth were pulled, and the dentures put in immediately. Over time, usually a few months after new dentures the facial muscles will maneuver around the false teeth causing your lip to set smoothly again.One of the most common complaints new denture wears can have about their new appearance is sagging face, hanging Joel's, turkey neck or wrinkles with deep facial folds.This is because dentures will never fully replace the amount of volume lost in the lower face due to tooth loss. Some call it horse face or monkey mouth, because the face can bulge around the lips and mouth.Why does this happen? You will find your gums change every night.

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