The film is show, not tell.

It's really unclear, and that is unsatisfying.

Finally, it doesn't matter if they survived or not, just like it doesn't matter if Wendy makes it to Alaska. Before I talk about Meek's ending, I want to talk about another ballsy ambiguous ending in a movie I saw recently: Why Don't You Play In Hell?

Why would I? Is it a good decision? Then a Native American shows up around them, so they capture him and try to make him show them to the water. If he's wrong and we all die then it's a bad thing." For one thing, the ending respects the very real historical ambiguity of Stephen Meek. My assumption was that the audience was intentionally held at arm's length, just as William's character Emily was. The leap from Reichard to Hitchcock is bizarre.

Though we may not know exactly how Wendy is going to "make it," after the course of the film's plot, she's had an emotional resolution and the film leads you to believe ultimately it is a positive one. That is so true on the claustrophobia! Archived.

Surprisingly filmed with a 1.33 : 1 ratio, a rare artistic decision taken also by extremely underrated filmmaker Andrea Arnold (think of her equally underrated masterpiece Wuthering Heights [2011]), the screen is filled to its top capacity to showcase spectacular imagery of desolate landscapes, inert in essence, but that mirror the character's psychological state, and in that sense they become significantly alive. In an interview, Reichardt mentions she was careful not to paint Meek as hero or fool, out of respect for what is not known about him and his fateful trip on the Oregon Trail. Coming Soon.

Don't have an account? Suitable for those seeking to venture into the nowadays challenging celluloid contributions of independent women, Meek's Cutoff is hundreds of miles ahead of the Coen's boring and overrated western remake (now that's the definition of boredom!).

This kind of thing could work, so long as the narrative/thematic interests of the artist are clear, and the function of the characters serves some grand design. I agree, beautiful and one of those films that cultivates its audience into its own rhythm.

Just confirm how you got your ticket.

The suggestion you bring up is that Reichardt's liberal political views (?) You need to tell me why the lack of eye-line matches isn't functioning properly.

Agreed! It's a movie that moves slow in the beginning, slower in the middle, and slow at the end. She portrays a vicious cycle that traps the protagonist and transforms him into something resembling the opposite of his aspirations.

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