This fine display sends the message of, “stop being a f*ck-up” as you walk by someone who is probably going to f*ck up. OMW ➡️ Torun 2 verify you’re #armystrong #Anakonda16 @NICKIMINAJ Patton just brought gloves. Are you crazy? He looks awake to me. May seem obvious to the average population that drinking a Redbull or pounding a Monster will get their minds firing on all cylinders. However, there are jobs Marines can be volunteered for, jobs involving laundry, trash, and foodservice. If it burns a little and wakes you back up, you’re doing it right. The smell can be pretty nasty. No, I checked on that. We couldn’t count how many times we’ve heard this. Being stationed on a small patrol base, you incinerate all the trash you accumulate in a burn pit not far away from where you eat, sleep and stand post.

Get in! Shut up, Brian! Major Payne: Major Payne's a major diss. Damages to the New Orleans totaled $2.3 million dollars, which may seem like a lot until compared with the $120 million dollar price tag attached to the Hartford repairs. Yo, turd-sniffer. Although combat stress can get pretty jarring, many prefer that headache over fighting heavy traffic. You do what you want. Flower patterned dresses is a good place to start. Right after the decorated major shows up at his new assignment, a preparatory school, a little kid runs in his direction — avoiding a pretty school counselor in the process. What happened to the other dress? With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Bedtime Story animated GIFs to your conversations. They fun as hell to hand out, but they suck to receive. See? (Image courtesy of Warner Bros). (USMC photo by Sgt. The JROTC kids learn the hard way that he may in fact not be so asleep. Ingrown toenails are the result of poor foot care and bad grooming practices. Watch this. © 2020 Metacafe, LLC. What happened to the other dress? @16thSustBde can’t #earnyourcake w/fancy ? The clip framing the major from Major Payne (1995) Look, it's been four hours. (Meme via Salty Soldier), On the bright side, an E-4 can sell those leave days for about $100. He's dead to the world. In some cases, I’d have to call a “bigger, badder” LEO to assist because the offender just wasn’t respecting my position. These knife-hands are meant to be up-close and personal with the “poolee,” as this is the first of many to come. Osama (left) and his son, Hamza bin Laden. Now that you’re deployed half way around the world, those issues still exist, but you put them on the back burner. He was made an honorary Marine back in 2007. Not pictured: Sailor and Marine rivalries. As part of a clever ploy, Payne offers his men a challenge: secure the Military Games trophy and he’ll leave them alone. For someone who dies with eyes opened see Dies Wide Open. When, exactly, did he become downright holy? If you’re wondering, this whole spiel only heightened the likelihood of leaving the encounter with a citation. Mermaid Man has trained himself to sleep with his eyes open. Can you think of any others?

So check out what we learned about America from our time deployed overseas. But left untreated, the condition could lead to losing an eye. If you believe everything you read on the Internet, then Chuck Norris is all-powerful and unstoppable — where’s the fun in that? This one's prettier. An infantry Corporal came running in asking if I could spare one of my guys, who happened to be one of his junior Marines. Corpsmen and medics who serve in the infantry have their work cut out for them. During phases of intense day dreaming, a person is technically asleep, but their eyes remain open. One sec, I’ll go grab it. There’s nothing worse than drifting off while on post. The collision trashed the entire ship and administered one of the most jarring wake-up calls in U.S. naval history. 3:45. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Being artificially made creatures who only possess features their creator deemed necessary, the "Little People" in. I calmly approved and the Corporal decided to start screaming at his young troop to get his weapon and gear because we were under attack. Creepy, no? Fine. Man, you sure about this? Here are the five top excuses we constantly hear during traffic stops: This is a simple enough reason, one that everyone who has ever had any type of life has experienced. We compared stories of the incident in which he shared with me that the submarine spun like a football — nearly 90 degrees in the water (a lot for a sub). Inevitably, you’ll pull over some vehicle operated by some higher-up’s wife and they, in turn, attempt to flex the rank they think that they inherited when they tied the knot. Get in. Fanning was confirmed on May 17, 2016. That is all. But while he can’t be physically present every time a soldier is in danger or needs comfort, he can help keep morale up by ensuring troops know that someone smart and capable has their back in Washington D.C. The knife-hand is a staple gesture in the military. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy,, © MIGHTY NETWORKS, 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, 6 times Gunny Hartman was guilty of hazing, 5 crazy Hollywood hazing scenes that probably happened, 4 gross non-battle injuries medics have to look at, 5 key differences between Army medics and Navy corpsmen, 6 things corpsmen should know before going to the ‘Greenside’, 4 insane things service members can do to stay awake, Splashing water on your face works well too, ‘What happens if you refuse to shower’ & other dumb questions, The ridiculous anatomy of most Army Reserve drill days, 16 times drug use played a part in military conflicts, This soldier stayed awake for 40 years after being shot in the head, 5 of the top excuses MPs hear during traffic stops, 6 crazy things MPs have found during vehicle inspections, These awesome memes show that Santa is operator AF, Turns out, Osama bin Laden was a big fan of ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’, The 5 weirdest books on Osama Bin Laden’s bookshelf, killed by US Navy Seal Team 6 in May 2011, 21 photos of US military legends with their hands in their pockets, Audie Murphy: American war hero, actor, advocate, 4 of the top reasons Chuck Norris is dead to me, 5 of the best moves from Air Force Combatives, 5 best reasons why the Air Force doesn’t need warrant officers, 5 things you learned about America while being deployed overseas, 7 ways to surprise your spouses when they return from deployment, 9 photos that show how to execute perfect knife-hands, This video answers the question of the casualty radius of Mattis’ knife, This is where drill instructors come from, This video answers the question of the casualty radius of Mattis’ knife hand, The 13 funniest memes for the week of Feb. 9th, The new SECARMY is killing it with sea turtles, pushups, and Nicki Minaj, Army Reserve lost a captain in the attack at the Pulse nightclub, What it’s like having a submarine crash into your ship, This is what life is like for sailors on a US Navy submarine, What happens when a submarine runs into an undersea mountain. Did you pinch parts of yourself in the nest of cables and pulleys all while getting exactly no workout from the supposed ‘gym,’ too? Then something like this happens (in fact, this actually happened): the vehicle is encountered, normally doing something out of the ordinary like sitting at a stop sign waiting for it to turn green. Hartford. They serve as infantrymen until they have to kick into doctor mode and patch up their buddies’ wounds; this involves putting their hands into some weird cavities, but it’s all part of the job. So if you’re worried about falling asleep when you need to be at your best, check out these simple tricks of the trade to stay awake whole on deployment. As Americans, we buy a lot of crap we don’t need but convince ourselves we do. So check out these gross things medics have to look at and be able to treat on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s face it, blowing sh*t up is a great stress reliever. CREATE GIFS. For the most part, they were fair and didn’t cause much trouble. This can be really uncomfortable because, in some cases, that traffic stop can be much more trouble than it’s worth. In fact, if you get caught sleeping, that’s a crucial offense. All Rights Reserved. Come home after a year-long deployment and smell that good old fashion America breeze. Here are my top 4 reasons why Chuck Norris is dead to me: Disclaimer: I am an Air Force veteran who spent the entirety of his 13 years in uniform as a Security Forces member. It means sprinkling a small amount of Tabasco sauce onto your finger and rubbing the contents under your eyes. He was scheduled to visit soldiers training in Anakonda 16 during the 241st Army Birthday and tweeted a clip of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video to let them know he was coming to Torun, Poland to make sure they were working out: .

It’s hilarious. (Images via Giphy). Some say there are no stupid questions. Regardless, “Sir, I’m just running late,” is one of the most used excuses for speeding, bad/reckless driving, and general traffic violations. No matter the nature of the mission, staying in the fight and being alert is the key for any personnel deployed. After his new cadets are introduced to Payne’s unique training techniques, he buries the group of misfits up to their necks in muddy water and sprays a hose at their faces.

In The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Gandalf is shown sleeping with his eyes completely open. (Images via Giphy)What gross non-battle things have you seen on deployment? New socks and fresh baby wipes!

Often, being this blatantly honest with an MP would result in a warning and not a citation.

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