Different models carry different amounts. Due to its adaptation to the Garand, IMR-4895 was designed to burn most efficiently at around 50,000 psi, rather than the 60,000+ psi of many modern rifle powders, including the 20mm cannon powder Hodgdon sold as H-4831. Not many bullet makers offer 172-grain .30-caliber bullets anymore, and while some published data includes heavier bullets, many Garand shooters advise against using anything heavier than 172 grains due to possible op-rod damage. Hi, Clint, I was wanting to know if there are any conversion kits (e.g., the BM-59 parts kits being offered) or gunsmiths that can modify this rifle to accept M-14 mags. Here's our attempt to modernize the M1 Garand. I had encountered this before with G.I. Op rods are not getting any cheaper these days.”. U.S. WWII M1 Carbine Leather Scabbard Holster, BOOSTEADY 6 Inch Cotton Gun Cleaning Swabs with Bamboo Handle in Storage Case(Choose Your Tip), WARCRAFT EXPORTS (Pack of 2) U.S. WWII Military Canvas M1 Carbine Double 1943 Butt Magazine Pouch (Khaki). However, the short recoil system often resulted in a vertical shot dispersion and the rifle was prone to jamming when used with a bayonet. (30 Pack), Gun Cleaning Mat - Rifle Maintenance Gunsmithing Tools - by UsefulThingy. M1 Garand Magazine Conversions By Clint McKee Hi, Clint, I was wanting to know if there are any conversion kits (e.g., the BM-59 parts kits being offered) or gunsmiths that can modify this rifle to … This step is even more difficult than the first! While Vihtavuori’s loading data for VV-N150 makes it appear the powder is similar in burn rate to IMR-4895, Kevin said it is not: “We just completed some comparative testing with VV-N150 against 4350, and found them to be very, very close in terms of both performance and pressure curves. The M1 Garand remained in service until 1959, and friend Tom Booker (a rifle loony of the first order) recently purchased one made at Springfield Armory in 1957. Bandolier for Mosin Nagant, M1 Garand, Carbine, Springfield, Lee Enfield, Mauser, CZ 527 and More. Some of these include .22 LR, 5.56-millimeter NATO, and 9-millimeter.

), Magazine, .30 Cal., 5 Round, Used (Aftermarket), Magazine, .30 Carbine, .30 Round, Blued, Used (Marked SEY; G.I.

The only previous time I had fired a Garand was decades ago, when a friend brought one along for an informal plinking session. They seemed like a good choice partly because of their weight. The Garand was a longer, traditional battle rifle. Generaal George Patton was zeer te spreken over het 'M1 Garand' geweer. These cartridges were light but effective rounds designed for the weapons short, 18-inch barrel. Peter Suciu is a Michigan-based writer who has contributed to more than four dozen magazines, newspapers and websites. In 1932 General Douglas MacArthur quashed the .276 because zillions of .30-06 service rounds already existed. Similarly, the maximum weight of the “150-grain” bullet was 152 grains but could be as light as 149 grains.

Experimentation resulted in handloads that were more than accurate enough for big-game hunting. The first range test, however, was made with 1969 military ammunition, both to check point of impact with the M1’s sights and obtain some idea of accuracy and velocity. As a result, the same loads in military brass create more pressure, a real no-no in the Garand. However, unlike several other DuPont IMR powders developed during the 1930s, IMR-4895 was not available to handloaders until the late 1940s, when Bruce Hodgdon bought railroad cars full of war surplus IMR-4895 and sold it as H-4895.

", As The National Interest previously reported, the M1 Garand was, "Simple, sturdy, and well designed for its time, the Garand gave U.S. Army soldiers and Marines far greater firepower than their enemies—and allies too, for that matter.". Firearms and military enthusiasts still use and collect these carbines and their magazines. Average muzzle velocity was just about 2,750 fps, a little less than 2,800 fps listed by Hatcher but certainly within the normal variation for both rifles and ammunition. Democrats counted on money and Hispanic voters to deliver a blue wave.

Closest Thing to an Original WWII-Spec Mag.

Many gun owners prefer to keep magazines loaded for self-defense. The brass used was new Federal, already primed with Federal 210s, purchased in a really good Internet deal a couple years ago. 226 Williams Ln. (However, Garand’s son John reportedly pronounced. IMR-4064 worked pretty well, but the definite overall best powder with 150s was Varget. They were one of the main firearms used by the United States Military from 1942 to 1973. $34.95. Kevin has been in the shooting business a long time – we met more than a decade ago, when he was chief ballistician at Sierra Bullets – and these days he is in charge of technical services at Capstone, the U.S. importer of Vihtavuori powders. I’ve used plenty of two-stage military triggers over the years, and the pull on Tom’s rifle was decent, the second stage averaging a pretty crisp 5.5 pounds. Luckily, I had only fired a few rounds, which had not damaged Tom’s rifle. Over the years I had heard IMR-4895 was specifically developed by DuPont for the M1 rifle, but I also heard the M1 was designed around IMR-4895. They both look similar as well, but they are different firearms. The handloads were worked up not only with just accuracy in mind, but also a certain velocity range to avoid overloading the operating rod. Here's a look back at America's contested elections. The original 1906 service load used a 150-grain flatbase spitzer at 2,700 fps – the same ammunition Theodore Roosevelt used. Today’s H-4895 is a different powder, one of the Australian-made Extreme line offered by Hodgdon.

After getting used to the trigger and sights, three-shot groups with the military surplus ammunition averaged 1.39 inches, the equivalent of a little under 3 inches at 100 yards – not bad for 50-year-old machine-gun ammunition and rugged sights not specifically designed for target work. With IMR-4895, muzzle velocity was eventually raised to 2,800 fps. During the M1’s initial development it was chambered in .276 Pedersen, a smaller, lower-pressure round with a .284-inch diameter bullet designed for use in semiautomatic rifles and light machine guns. Neither would have been ideal for combat. Friend Kevin Thomas got wind of the VV-N150 news and sent an e-mail saying we needed to discuss VV-N150 in the Garand. Melvin Johnson is also notable for designing two guns that weren't adopted by the U.S. military, and interestingly both are often praised by many firearms enthusiasts.

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