and cultural backgrounds were represented, and religious pluralism was

Paul’s own practice probably varied with the special circumstances of the case and with the particular companion whom he employed at the time. our modern American culture. be known in any overt way might be tortured and/or killed at the hands of The letter does not seek to correct errors as does his letters to Corinth or Galatia nor is it a teaching epistle. section; (2) thanksgiving for the blessings of redemption (1:15-2:10); and (3) 10When one compares 1 Tim 1:15 to these other two texts, the case for authenticity of both Ephesians and 1 Timothy is heightened, for in 1 Timothy the author now widens the circle of which he is at the bottom: “foremost of all sinners.” This is a threefold cord: not only is development seen in Paul’s self-awareness as a sinner (from 1 Corinthians to Ephesians to 1 Timothy), but the way in which he states his self-deprecatory remark is different each time; finally, forgers always went in the opposite direction, elevating the men whose names they took. One author says this about the theme of Paul's letter, "The theme of Eph- esians is 'the Church, the Body of Christ.' god-ess.

Ephesus was the most important city in western Asia Minor (now Turkey).

“In the introduction the author identifies himself and then proceeds in typically Pauline fashion to ascribe his apostolic authority to the will of God (Eph 1:1; cf.

The significance of this may be that as time progressed, and as Paul dictated more and more letters (most of them now lost), his long-time companions could be trusted more and more to work from an annotated outline, rather than copy down a verbally dictated letter. Prior to writing his Epistle to the Ephesians in 60–61 AD, Paul had an established ministry in Ephesus. Our argumentation, at several points, however, will be quite different than Wood’s.

The leading characteristics of forgeries is that they are unimaginative, make no new theological advances (except in the area of ecclesiastical hierarchy), and they borrow excessively from more than one authentic epistle.,,,,,, There’s More to Workplace Diversity Than Eliminating Hiring Bias, Unconscious Bias isn’t Enough: 7 Tips for Transformative Racial Equity Trainings, The Beautiful Mathematics Behind a Rainbow, It’s more than a seat at the table: Where diversity and inclusion efforts fall short. Your comment has not yet been posted.

Furthermore, The Test of Spirit-Filling: The Believer’s Relation to the Extended Family (5:22–6:9), F. The Believer’s Present Relation to Satan: Spiritual Warfare (6:10-20), A. Main Philemon 22 seems merely to be an expression of the hope of release from prison, without giving any indication as to when. all one in Christ and revealing redemption through people who have been

3Cf. large, multi-ethnic center of trade, commerce and culture. Although there is some plausibility to this view (and a modified form of it is indeed what we will adopt), the basic problem is that there is no MS evidence for “in Laodicea.” As weak as “in Ephesus” is, “in Laodicea” is weaker still. Such is hardly the case here.

Paul made Ephesus a center for evangelism for about three years (see note on Ac 19:10), and the church there apparently flourished for some time, but later needed the warning of Rev 2:1–7. Kingdom Living ( is part of the Wineskins network of sites.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 12“Amanuenses,” 294. picture of Ephesus as a bustling, multi-cultural city of trade and reality of religious pluralism.


one form of religion.”. Although some regard this self-deprecation as theatrical, a careful reading of the later pseudepigraphical literature never reveals any forger following the same track. Maintain the unity practically which Christ has effected positionally by his death.”. h��S�k�0�W��=ɲd�PI���F�Aȃ�����V�����,9NI��>t����ݝ�L�SF�(�#f��C1�(����,�잩4����ː���O�����H�}����X�H�`{�.jQ懎Ŋ/���f��͝NqL Ephesians chapters 1-3 wonderfully expound the Gospel while Ephesians chapters 4-6 provide a clear picture of how those doctrines change our lives.

14An interesting sidelight to this is seen in textual criticism.

The wide-ranging social acceptance was maintained At about the same time, Onesimus appeared before Paul with his confession of abandoning and robbing his owner, Philemon.29.

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