So if you’re targeting specimen redfins, tie this rig and grab some white maggots! The line is then tightened with a turn or so of the reel, drawing the float towards the bank and at the same time taking up the slack between the float and the shotting. Ledger fishing is a general term that covers a lot of different rigs and set-up's. In summer they tend to move closer to the surface to feed on insects which are found there. The rudd’s dorsal fin is also located much closer to the tail compared to the roach’s. Ledgering Ledger fishing – what is ledgering. The combination of float and shotting should be varied to suit the widely varying water conditions met by the angler. Posted under Coarse Fishing Guides on 05.10.2018. A lovely late spring tench caught just down the marginal shelf using the float leger method. The anti-tangle properties mean it doesn’t snarl up on even the biggest casts. The snaplink allows you to clip your feeder on and off the rig. You can take roach from various different depths, but the biggest specimens are caught at the bottom. On hot summer days when most species are lazing around, Rudd will bite even in the middle of the day. The simplest and best known method of float ledgering is widely known as ‘laying-on’.

Ensure the bead is sitting straight and then use crimping pliers to fix the bead  into place. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. The hooklength also does not have to be too thin. Don’t be afraid to use the largest worm that you can for roach, as this will often single out the larger specimens. The rig casts well when used with the correct feeder, you can quickly and easily change feeders and hooklengths when you need to, and bite detection isn’t compromised either – so what’s not to like about it? In recent seasons I’ve had a complete re-think of my feeder rigs and I now swear by a running paternoster rig for all my natural water feeder fishing for roach, skimmers, and bream. Nowadays, I am lucky to have a perfectly balanced setup. You will then have the bead sitting on top of the crimp. Allowing the shots to work downstream, they can fish into holes and over weedbeds. It is no surprise that 10mm mini-boilies have accounted for some of the biggest roach in recent times. Both methods are very sensitive, but if sliding weights are used the float must be counterweighted or a self-cocking float used. If the rod tip is submerged slightly, all the line between float and rod tip will also sink. Healthy females can produce up to 100,000 sticky yellow eggs per kg of body weight. Again, a bite often follows shortly after a movement. The rudd also has a protruding lower jaw, unlike the roach which has a protruding upper jaw.

In fast waters such a rig may be ineffective. Although a simple change to laying-on from normal float tackle can be very effective, you can improve your tackle with several modifications. Some anglers take advantage of this situation, however. You set the float to the correct depth, and you can then lower your tip to whatever height you want showing by simply winding your reel slightly, or releasing the line slightly, depending on visibility.

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