Ketter. "Kitty" is a word most of us cease to use after the age of 5, so as a name it seems irrevocably childish. 49 pictures.

Kitty could work as a nickname on a very young girl, but on an adolescent or adult... there's something almost condescending about it.

But I actually like Kitty enough as a full name, just as I do Polly.

Perfet Young Ass. I would hate to introduce myself as Kitty, but man if you can wear it then go you!

Wish my name was Kitty!

the cumulative amount involved in a game (such as poker), informal terms referring to a domestic cat. Love Kitty as a nickname, but I don't think I would ever use it as a full name. Kit, Kitty was one of the Bennet sisters in Pride and Prejudice and was a character in Dickens's Bleak House; Ginger Rogers won an Oscar for her performance in Kitty Foyle, and vintage TV fans might remember the alluring Miss Kitty in Gunsmoke. I would name her Catherine and call her Kitty, Cricket, Cathleen, Catie, Cate, etc.

22 pictures. A bit too juvenile sounding to work for an adult woman, imo. I don't like this name, but maybe it's because I hate cats. What does the name Kitty mean? Speak for yourself- I wish my mom had named me Katherine so I could go by Kit/Kitty!

So sweet and traditional, but with the option of shortening to the fiercer Kit if it feels too cutesy.

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Kitti, No matter how much I want to like it, I just can't, not even as a nickname. "young cat, child's pet name for a cat," 1719, variant of kitten, perhaps influenced by kitty "girl, young woman" (c. 1500), which originally is a pet form of fem.

First Time Suck. Of course, the adult connotation is even less desirable, as it can be used as slang for a woman's privates. The way some people always go by a nickname. It allows you to go beyond the similarities of a name, which can provide a lot of inspiration!

This endearing nickname name is one Katherine pet form that predates all the Kathys and Katies, having been fairly common in the eighteenth century.

The name Kitty is a girl's name of English origin meaning "pure". Kitteen, مَجْموع رهائِن اللاعبين على مائِدَة القِمار, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Kittery Area Comprehensive Transportation System. We're excited that you have an opinion about the name Kitty. A historical reference is Kitty Hawk, where the Wright brothers performed their aeronautical experiments. It's cute for a kid, but can be carried well by adults - there's an Olympic horse rider called Kitty King. Would you like to follow Kitty?

Bro what if the kid was some like huge trouble maker.

Noun (1) 1719, in the meaning defined above.

Since then there have been pop culture Kittys galore, including Calista Flockhart's character on Brothers and Sisters, a mom on That 70's Show and Kitty Pryde, one of the X-Men.

Kitty definition is - cat; especially : kitten. And yes, I have heard all the Kitty jokes, but once you hear them a hundred times or so, they lose their cooling undertones. Oh, but everyone already knows that I can't be trusted!

Singer Kitty Carlisle was born Catherine, country singer Kitty Wells grew up as Muriel, and Presidential candidate's wife Kitty Dukakis was born Katharine. Learn about the name Kitty: meaning, origin, popularity, and more! To rate names on Nameberry, please register for an account or log in to an existing account. Emoji Meaning A yellow face with a big grin, uplifted eyebrows, and smiling eyes, each shedding a tear from laughing so hard. The three friends shared a flat and kept a kitty for buying food.

WE MAY be a nation of dog lovers but we are also crazy about, / Momma kitty cried, 'Meow, Meow, Meow,' / And all the. Find out more about the name Kitty at © 2020 proper name Catherine.

One of my favourites! It's like naming your kid Puppy.

With the current mini-craze for animal-related names, Kitty is sounding cute and cuddly again—she's already jumped back onto the U.K. list, at number 199. Sounds very...well, porn starish, honestly. ties Informal A cat. View more. Unlike other diminuitives such as Lucy and Susie - Kitty doesn't come across as classy, elegant or charming. Explore thousands of baby names at Disney Family. My daughter goes by Kit, but as a nn for Kiersten. Kitty is also a way of referring to a fund of money for communal use. I have felt that it defined me as a rare individual, as I have never come across anyone else whose legal name was Kitty, but C/Katherine; C/Kathy, etc. I much prefer this (and Cass, Cassie, Cath and Cathy) as nicknames for Catherine over Kate and Katie.

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You say Katherine so she knows that when you use her full name she's really in trouble.

Emoji Meaning A yellow face with closed eyes, furrowed brows, and a broad, open frown, as if distraught to the point of giving up.… Face with Tears of Joy. How are you supposed to yell “Kitty” and sound serious and angry?

Kitty is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls.

Kitty Hawk, the place in the Outer Banks of North Carolina where the Wright Brothers first flew, apparently is a mangling of a native Algonquian name; it also has been written as Chicahauk. [Shortening and alteration of kitten.] I like this name a lot.

(a container holding) a sum of money kept for a particular purpose, to which members of a group jointly contribute. Even if I could look past that, the sound and overall appeal is just so nauseous.

Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. OED connects it with kit (n.1) in the 19c. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. The name Kitty means Pure and is of English origin. I love this name as both a nickname for Katherine and a name by itself.

Love this nickname (along with Kat & Kit) for Catherine.

When was I born and given this beautiful name - 1961. The name Kitty is a girl's name of English origin meaning "pure". I love this as a short form of Catherine, Katherine and variants.

You will receive an email (no more than once per day) summarizing any new mentions of Kitty on Nameberry. Ketty, Noun (2) circa 1887, in the meaning defined at sense 1 This endearing nickname name is one Katherine pet form that predates all the Kathys and Katies, having been fairly common in the eighteenth century. Kitty Hawk, the place in the Outer Banks of North Carolina where the Wright Brothers first flew, apparently is a mangling of a native Algonquian name; it also has been written as Chicahauk. 37 pictures. Kitty has no redeemable features, in my opinion, at least. Cute girl with her boyfriend.

I'm not sure if I would make someone's legal name Kitty, but I'd name them Katherine and only call them Kitty. Kittee, Widely used… Tiger.

"pool of money in a card game," 1884, American English, of uncertain origin. If you didn't find an alternative name that you like better than Kitty, try our name generator. My legal name is Kitty and I do not regret my parents having named me so.

I like Kat, I like Kit, but not Kitty.

Feminine but seems like it could be very strong, and could be shortened to Kit.

To find out more about the origin and meaning of the name Kitty, as well as similar names, visit for inspiration!

View more. Short form Kit has been used in recent years for several strong-willed movie heroines and may prove a lively alternative to Kate. Ketti,


proper name Catherine. First Known Use of kitty. I have never heard it used to refer to female genitalia, where did you get that from?

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