Granny Smith apples are generally our go-to baking apple, but in the BA Test Kitchen, we have a few favorites that hold up under heat and balance that perfect sweet-tart flavor just as well if not better. Respectfully, Sylvia Demers, Granny Smith would be the best option for you then , Your email address will not be published. Mine were crisp, more sweet than tart, and just plain tasty. Other favourites Egremont russet, crisp cox (there are always some disappointingly soft ones), new season Discovery, James Grieve, Kidd's Orange. Cortlandright/msnbc/Sections/TVNews/Today show/Today Food_Wine/2008/09-Sept/apples_07.jpg518018000right#000000http://msnbcmedia.msn.com1PfalsefalseIt's understandable if you confuse this apple with the McIntosh. The flesh is a creamy pale yellow color. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Western states which have hot dry days and cool nights, do develop a little more flavor, but for Western NC, it is an awfully good apple. If you bake with McIntoshes, use a thickener to keep the apples from becoming too mushy. I would be They prefer the soft, mush texture that Macintosh Apples produce in baked goods. There only weakness is they soften a little faster if not refigerated. I bought a bag of Jonagold. The orchard was at a fairly high elevation near Cedaredge/Paonia area. I recently found Jonagolds at a regional grocery store and bought them because they were big, and they had a special. It is quite widely grown, and unusually for a Golden Delicious cross, is not limited to the warm apple regions, although it is not often found in the UK. Jonagolds are a perfect combo of tart/sweet and firm but juicy. Home Recipes Dishes & Beverages Pies Apple Pies.

The best apples for baking are apples that hold their shape and don’t get mushy when baked or cooked. Cameo is very similar. Click here for recipes using Fuji apples. Use raw for out-of-hand eating or in a salad or cooked for a chutney or preserve or in pies and other baked goods. I have to admit, these apples are very good! One is larger with a more golden and a little rougher peel, not quite russeted, which goes mealy a little quicker than the other strain which has a smoother peel and is slightly smaller, crisper,redder, and has a better balanced flavor. Today I went to our local Farmer's Market to see if the apples were in yet.

The Jonagold apple is a cross between Golden Delicious and the Jonathan. slightly sweet and tangy at the same time, try Thank you and Merry Christmas. I've noticed that the supermarkets where I shop only put out one small box at a time. about $1-2

Click here for recipes using Red Delicious apples. Both do well as cooking applies but I prefer Jonathan for pies. And unlike the McIntosh, the Cortland functions as an all-purpose apple, which means you can bake it, cook it, or eat it raw.

Got couple from an Asian grocery store who gets them from NY orchard. While juicy, the Red Delicious is a soft apple and won't cook well, so it's best to eat them raw. I would be interested in your comments. segments with a touch of sugar, rather than eaten I've only tried the ones at the grocery store which were grown in Michagan. At my supermarket they are 5 times cheaper than Jazz or Fuji (my favourites). I am not sure if its due to their large size, but I felt that the apple was juicier and overall just better when served in slices rather than eaten whole. We generally like to dip them in peanut butter, and we generally like them to be super crispy. I took a chance and am hooked! I have never liked apples or even apple pie because I didn't like the taste or the peeling of an apple, then I tried a Gala Apple because of thin skin it was a winner with me. After years of working in professional kitchens, Lindsay traded her knives in for the pen. When this apple is good, it's one of my favorites, as good as any apple I've tasted anywhere, but sometimes it's mediocre, mostly thanks to when they're picked and how they're stored and displayed by the wholesalers and grocers, I'm guessing. Read More…. But it excels when it comes to structure, keeping more of a solid firmness. My other favourite apples are Mutsu and Empires and this is comparable. I first discovered this apple while on a tour/field trip in my Fruit crops course at Co. State Univ. It’s actually THE ONLY kind of apple my youngest will eat. Personally I prefer Jonathan, but I usually buy both when given a chance. I've had similar concerns to those of Cliff, does

I highly recommend this apple if you like Honeycrisps, but wish they were sweeter. That said, they’re certainly not the only option. You’re welcome Georgina, Merry Christmas to you as well! Ever. Firm-sweet apples are Ginger Gold, Golden Delicious, Jazz, Jonagold, and Pink Lady.

Undoubtedly the best tasting apple I have ever If you like the texture but want a sweeter filling, try blending them with some of the sweeter apples on this list. They have become wildly popular in the last few years, driving up the price tag, but they’re worth it. I must be honest, I didn't like this apple. stock-piled somewhere in the EU? Apples are one of our favorite fruits to bake with — they’re inexpensive, easy to find, available year round, and last a long time. That’s why we use them in this wow-worthy apple pie recipe. 1. The flavour is sweet but with a lot of balancing acidity - a very pleasant apple. Fear not, folks: this variety has been sold I note the comment " Not grown in UK -- often 2 I have been growing these apples for quite a few years now -- quite succesfully A realy good apple but did not know it was a USA developed.

Braeburnright/msnbc/Sections/TVNews/Today show/Today Food_Wine/2008/09-Sept/apples_11.jpg518018000right#000000http://media1.s-nbcnews.com1PfalsefalseAlso from New Zealand, this apple has a skin that's muted red with golden-yellow undertones and tinges of faint green.

One bite and I'm done. You may not reproduce any of the content of this website without our express permission. has origins in one of the oldest apple growing They are sweet, have a hint of tart, are crispy and firm.

A reader recently told me that they prefer baking with Macintosh Apples even though they know that goes against most advice. It depends on where you get them.

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