I can promise you that. Andrew: I mean, you knew when you knew, right? Mark: And if you sponsor more than one child, you will have the opportunity to be a guest on an actual episode of Dinner Conversations during the Friends & Family Weekend in Nashville. That’s not the God that I serve. The enemy, I believe, wants to do everything in his power to make you walk around like you’re less. I wanna talk about, today, some of your story and your immediate family story, your and Jimmy’s family’s story. I hold her. I mean, we’re just a young married couple, The Crabb Family, this is a big shoot for them. Mark: You’re running the lyrics through your brain. Your sponsorship gives these children their chance to achieve their very unique dreams. Have I aged out, and I wasn’t thinking and considerate of that? Andrew: I should have done something different.

And man, that song was healing for me. She asked for forgiveness. Andrew: That increases our faith, doesn’t it? But I knew that one day I would have a daughter, and so I bought this little dress.

He called me and he said, “I don’t know what–” He left me a voicemail ’cause I didn’t answer, not on purpose, but. I got a little temper. So, we talk, we cry together. The group was formed in Beaver Dam, a town in rural Kentucky.

I mean, our hands, the blood that flows through our veins, how we are made up, that’s a miracle of God. Like I said, my wife is the most incredible woman in the world. And what about this mug with our faces on it? But take me back, before we talk about your family today, as it looks today. They’re like I’ve been there.

I went through a divorce, and I was single for many, many years after that before I met my husband, Jimmy, and I kept the dress. Andrew: Probably five, six years now. Like someone is hearing a song, maybe it’s, who knows what it is? All Rights Reserved. Played Himself - Host in "Praise the Lord" in 1973. Mark: You may not be able to change the whole world, but you can change the world for one child. Every bit of it’s a miracle. Jason: And so many people are living under condemnation and under that guilt and under all of that, when you’ve already asked for forgiveness and you’ve made things right. Jason: She’s just solid. It reached No. Andrew: When did it turn to become a profession, yeah. Jason: I’m really blessed. Text us for exclusive photos and videos, royal news, and way more. My daughter is riding with one of her friends down the road. And I’m trying to be strong for her and to let her know, to be compassionate, you know? Andrew: Visit childfund.org/dinnerconversations. If something had gone wrong–. Or you could talk to whoever you wanted to at that very time? So I bought the dress and I just said, “I’ve gotta keep this.” And so I put it in a closet, and I just said, “One day, one day,” you know, “I’m gonna have children.” I ended up getting married. So does that feel like, I mean, I’m curious about this. Think about that! He is obviously a really cool, amazing dad who has a palpable love for his family, for his wife, and for his daughters. She’s 16, he was turning 17, had a bunch of her friends over. Married at First Sight alumnus Jason Carrion is once again a married man. All of a sudden, I wanted to, I just got this, you know, this feeling, I wanna find out where they’re at, how they’re doing, make sure they’re fine, see if the little button’s still moving down the road.

That anointing cloth. For two or three weeks, I’d be working it out on stage and then go into my bunk in complete depression. Jason: Exactly. Andrew: Okay, singing, when did that make a turn though? You have two girls. The children we met in Guatemala are image bearers of our Creator. It was little ruffly, kind of a polyester fluffy dress with strawberries all over it with a matching bonnet, little checkered pattern with strawberries and a little bonnet. With the reaction of I thought you were gonna think, I thought you were gonna do this, et al. We were married for seven years. And I also have been prophesied that I would have children. But I also want them to know that there’s love in that home and forgiveness and…, “God wants us to live life to the fullest. It just says less about your… It’s kinda one of those things that you’ve gotta do it to not worry about what anybody’s thinking. Faith and doubt goes together because faith is speaking things that are not. This little lady, I promise I don’t know her name, I’ve never heard her, never saw her name in a magazine or lights or anything.

Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? Jason: So I think it’s important, but here’s the thing that I want people to know in that, that I learned, is that my child that next morning got up in a home that she knew that there was no condemnation in. Why is Charlie having so much difficultly talking to Miss Kinnian and other people?

This is a beautiful story. And I said, “All right, you can hand my phone back over to my daughter.”. Sonya: Everywhere I went, I kept the dress. Andrew: And you meet somewhere around that time too. One time, and this is, I don’t know how much time we got. Jason: It really is, it’s really helping the boy in such a way, I think. And you walk around your own home thinking that you’re second rate or that you’re beat down or whatever. and Mrs. Yeary, I’m so sorry to tell you that your baby girl has passed away. She would pray over cloths and put ’em in my wallet and my pants pocket, underneath my pillows, pray, you know? I wouldn’t have had my–.

Jason: That’s very tough. So, the stage is an outlet for us. Jason: There’s no need for faith without doubt. We’re celebrating 10 years this year, and so we only dated for three months and then we got engaged, and then three months later we got married. I’m stupid. Andrew: So then you get married and you get pregnant with your first child. Who, through your child’s sponsorship, are literally changing the culture of each child’s community from the inside out. And, you know, I just started healing and–. Anyway, doctor finally came in. There’s times when you go, you say, “No.” There’s times when you let them learn by themselves, but there’s stuff that you gotta guard them against. Andrew: So she helps you know what those little things are? I’m just saying, I’m stupid, I know this. Andrew: ‘Cause it’s in your face and in your eyes. The way you did it so perfectly with your daughter, multiply that by infinity, and you’ve got our Father in heaven. Andrew: One more question about that though. Mark: Perhaps you already sponsor a child. Without doubt, wouldn’t our faith not–. Even living it within the grief and the pain. And we had a miscarriage, and it happened again. I said, “That’s the worst thing in the world for a father to think that his daughter is worried about that.” They don’t want that at all. The reality star captioned the shot with a line from the film — “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind marrying me very much” — before gushing over his own fiancé. Jason: Yeah, if you do that, to a lot of people that don’t know about faith–. I love you.” And she let on with that, but that was, killed me. Sonya: Or 18, I was young, I was young.

Sometimes they’ll go, “Man, think about saying it this way.” Then sometimes they’ll go, “I wish I had that. Sonya: So it was just, it was fast, but we knew and that was also a fulfillment of prophecy in my life. It makes me God, you know, to say, “No, I’ll say how this goes down.” When He’s saying, “No, this is how it goes down.”. Jason: Look at this, look at this. Andrew: Well, were there things that did encourage you guys that people spoke? Mark: Perhaps you already sponsor a child. And then it goes back to I trust my daughter in the way that I’ve raised her. But as time went on, I settled back into my peace of, all right, God, you know my heart’s desire. Sometimes I let them know. It could just be the way that baby’s growing particularly where it could mean that there’s, you know, some issues that need to be resolved or whatever.” Enough to scare me to death. Sonya: I wanna see ’em, I wanna see ‘em. You wanna be very tender and you wanna be, you know, that person that she needs. And it’s amazing. They couldn’t be in the house. In 2006, the Crabb Family decided to put the group on hiatus as each family member pursued their own separate careers. And I’m sitting there listening to her sing this, and I walked out on the stage that night and I told Justin, Justin Ellis, which plays keys, and this was before Blaine played for me. Or was it hopeful from the beginning because of the support and your faith. Be safe, drive slow.” In other words, slow it down. I found out at 18 weeks that it was gonna be a girl. There’s grace for you too. And were there things that weren’t very helpful?

Jason: Y’all look really nice, and I just wore my–.

I don’t do—” We were having a very serious conversation. What ways did you care? As a small way to say thanks for your child’s sponsorship, we will send you an autographed Season Two DVD and Songs From The Set CD.

And remember, every one who sponsors a child is invited to a Dinner Conversations Friends & Family Weekend in Nashville, plus receives an autographed Season Two DVD, CD and a special item handmade for you by our communities in Guatemala. Andrew: Worldwide, over 570 million children are living in extreme poverty. I mean, do you ever think about that? Jason: It was all of it, them singing together. Jason: You know what I mean? That’s what I want for my children. Mark: You’re saying when you, well, I’m confused. Jason: And so, anyway, I think that that’s a little bit of maybe an issue with me sometimes. Jason: Wherever these children go, whatever time they use the bathroom. Andrew: Did it take you back to that moment of you, even before meeting Jimmy and before knowing what a family would look like for you and still hoping and trusting in that promise? You want me to tell it? It was a little country station. How did you also stay aware of that in the midst of trying to care for her? He has been happily married to Shellye, her laughed and Mark: You know what this house cost me? I think I would have probably started confiding with someone who I don’t have to touch, rather than someone who’s right here next to me, which then I’m isolated. But I will say that the piece that really grabbed ahold of me was one day I was walking in the halls and somebody had a Gaither video on, and this is a true story, a Gaither Homecoming video on, and Mark and Michael English and I forget. “We fell deeply in love, and had very much a fairytale story being married as complete strangers in the docu-series, Married at First Sight.”, RELATED: Married at First Sight‘s Jason Carrion Confirms Divorce After ‘Fairytale’ Love Story. But she just gathered herself, we went and did the photo shoot, and we dealt with it later and I don’t know how. Probably what’s running through her mind is, I mean, is he upset with me, that if he thinks that I can’t have children, it’s this, all these things, and so you’re weighing these things out. Mark: I can imagine that, but I can’t– Around the world, you’re right. Sonya: He’s 8 now, so eight years ago. We’ve got show mugs and Season One and Two DVDs, and we got these little note cards so Mark can write me a note that says “You’re the best co-host.”.

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