At least, after you have been their for a while, you can say that you have experience as a tutor, even though you might only have "6" hours of tutoring experience. I worked for a few years ago. In my opinion I think its not worth it. Also, keep in mind there is a science portion of the ACT, if you could tutor that. Get a tutor. Edit: Here is a link to my explanation of self tutoring: Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

They're legit, but my husband just started and can't ever get any time scheduled, where he'll get paid regardless of whether he actually helps someone for that whole time. So if you do decide to try listing on Wyzant, do so. I started out studying on my own. Some just don't pay enough, so skip those.) New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The plan I am looking at is about $4,000.00 which I am willing to pay if its worth it. Compare to other listings and decide if you think you can get students at that charge rate. (In person tutor) and pretended to need a tutor for my kid.

Agreed! Turns out a lot of people would have their kids tutored if it didn’t cost $40/ hr and I’m happy to work for $25/1 kid. I’m also really thankful for my escape from debt. Does anyone have any experience with LSAT personal tutors or specifically the ones with the Princeton Review? It’s possible to work from home (again, comes with tutoring). The offer for a client then contains a description of the client which is often largely useless. Who are the people here saying "Dont get a personal tutor!" Is there any online tutoring or other ways to earn extra money with my skill set that are actually worth my time? In my short and sweet opinion as a professional tutor, the answer is no. I have no idea how much they have to spend and so don't know what's a "fair cut". Different people have tuition for different reasons.

But if you have the money to spend, it is helpful based on what my students say. So for content, tutoring programs are golden especially Kaplan which is super content heavy based, but for learning the test I would just use the AAMC and r/MCAT stuff. Extremely helpful. Not attacking anyone here but I think these tiger parents should really cut their kids some slack and introduce them to life beyond education. Yes, when you are starting and have no where else to go, Wyzant is okay. Post any questions you have, there are lots of redditors with LSAT knowledge waiting to help. Required fields are marked *, You'll never have to spend time writing up notes on a client again with 21st Night. Ok judging by everyone's reactions, tutoring is not absolutely essential and is most beneficial for students who are struggling. They charge $75, but pay me, a veteran teacher with a MS degree, $15. I think tutoring is the good option for those who wants to improve their skills.They can get some advice from specialists and in case they do some mistakes, tutors are able to fix it. It's dramatically more fun teaching an individual who wants to be there, instead of at school with an unwilling captive audience.

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