In less that fifteen years, (1964), Bobby is a member of The Grand Ole Opry. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease?

It is the story of a young man, not quite the legal age of 18 and under massive pressure from his father, singing the song "Ruby" over radio station WPFB in Middletown, Ohio. Osborne was picking guitar in that period and the other members were Larry Richardson on banjo, Ezra Cline on bass, and Ray Morgan on fiddle. He started out wanting to forge a career in music and build his own sound and identity, and alomg the way has been inducted into The BlueGrass Hall Of Fame not once, but twice; as a member with Sonny,as The Osborne Brothers, and also as a member of The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers. Bill Monroe announced on the radio, that he and the band would be in Dayton, Ohio the next day. No matter what direction the brothers may take, they have made a profound impact on the bluegrass scene -- not only through innovations, but with their beautiful harmony singing, which some critics feel sets the standard for this genre. Also, with Ernest Tubb as his original singing nspiration, when Bobby and brother Sonny, as The Osborne Brothers, come to Nashville as members of The Opry, they are booked by Tubbs’ long-time booking agents, Haze Jones and Smiley Wilson. That’s when Bobby became a mandolin player. But, when he hits those high notes, that's the Bobby Osborne that we all know and love. It was the young Osborne's first radio broadcast. Does Mary Pope Osborne have any children? Very proud of what he’s done, but always moving forward with the same enthusiasm, dedication, energy and focus that have guided him since ‘49. For more details, please reference the biography of this group. Bobby’s mandolin style reflected his love of the fiddle, and electric guitar playing of Hank Garland and Grady Martin. Awards and Honors: No doubt because of the group's forward thinking, it became the first bluegrass group to perform on a college campus in the early '60s. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Bobby’s enjoying this time in his career. Apparently 50 telegrams arrived immediately requesting that he sing the song again, something that, needless to say, does not happen every time someone is making his or her debut radio broadcast. (Would that be a lawn mower blade?) McReynolds just celebrated his 87th birthday and Wiseman is 91. When did organ music become associated with baseball?

His real name was Robert A. So what we see with Bobby Osborne, is a singer and instrumentalist who always saw himself as part of the County Music business. Bobby married his wife Anita Brantley in 2011. -Inducted into the International Bluegrass Hall of Honor (Lonesome Pine Fiddlers): Oct. 1, 2009. (Bill and Tom Ewing sang the duet “True Life Blues”, on the 8pm show, the last song Bill Monroe ever sang). The same year as the historic "Ruby" broadcast, Osborne joined the juggernaut Lonesome Pine Fiddlers band.

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