The ribs provide a pretty rocky area for the artist and it makes it a little more difficult to do a flawless job. It happens to the best of us but keep humor in there and remember that when the artist is done, you’re going to love the work! In other words, not all bodies have the same sensitivity nor pain tolerance. Tatts hurt right?? Now imagine, someone running a sharp needle all over it.

There are lots of factors to consider so most people would probably encourage you not to make a rash decision when going about it. The inside of the arm is particularly sensitive because it’s fleshy and hasn’t been calloused by everyday use. The truth is, getting a tattoo is more of any annoyance than a painful experience.

So this is where you crossover to being totally committed because the pain is likened to crying or passing out.

Tattoos are beautiful to view but extremely painful to get depending on the placement. Interestingly enough, inking the spaces in-between each rib bone feels like a mixture of being tickled, burned and poked with a sharp needle. When you go to get the same place inked, it might seem like a cake walk. Truthfully, getting a tattoo will feel different across all parts of your body. This girl in the picture looks to be getting work done on her side. Places where the skin is a little more taut, like the "outside," or top of the leg rather than the calf, will make for a more pleasant tattoo, according to the artists at Richmond Tattoo Shop.

Everyone is different so some spots may be more tender to some people than they are to others. For a guy, the chest isn’t as painful as everything else. Throat: One of the worst places to get a tattoo when it comes to pain. You can compare them to calf tattoos. If you can’t stand to get your finger pricked then getting inked may not be the best idea for you. For instance, your friend might have told you their arm tattoo was agonizing.

What this means is that not only is it acceptable to express the way you feel and stand out among the crowd by getting a tattoo, but it is safer too.

None of this is going to feel good.

As the needle hits near the bone it feel like you’re getting jabbed with a dull metal object. Don’t forget to take a deep breath and have fun! If you shade in one spot the same color then it’s going to hurt because they artist is putting a ton of ink in one spot. Those spots include the pectoral muscles, elbow, kneecap and shin. Inner Bicep: Average until you move up towards the armpit.

Pain Charts Showing Most Sensitive Place to Tattoo.

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