The Polar Star departed last week from Pearl Harbor for Antarctica to resupply scientists stationed there. The station was established in December 1955. Provides ice-coring and drilling support for NSF-sponsored research in both polar regions and at high altitudes, maintains and operates existing equipment, and develops new systems. Women and members of minority groups are encouraged to apply for participation in all aspects of the U.S. Antarctic Program. There are no large land predators in Antarctica. PUBLIC INFORMATION REPRESENTATIVE He was the youngest member of Adm. Richard Byrd’s 1939 expedition to Antarctica aboard the USS Bear. Antarctica Service Medal Ribbon. Because of the far flung and difficult environment of Antarctica, the program has many people in support roles. The Government does not provide support to private expeditions, but does not discourage citizens from participating in such expeditions if they are self-sufficient and meet environmental standards. McMurdo Station Antarctica A US research and support facility that was established in 1955 at the southernmost point of Antarctica where bare ground is accessible by ship. Interagency Collaborations. FIELD SUPPORT Executive Program Management Provides weather forecasting, air traffic control, base operations, systems maintenance, systems engineering, and information security services. These people operate stations, laboratories, machinery, helicopters, and research ships, build or renovate facilities, maintain vehicles, outfit field parties, and manage camps. In fact, no mosquitoes as Antarctica is delightfully free of them. This is a Flat Earther belief: that the continent of Antarctica is not a US-sized island capping off the southern part of the globe, it’s a 150-foot-high wall of ice that borders the disc-shaped earth. Successful applicants will have been prepared through specialized study, training, or experience in polar-related topics. In freezing conditions on the southernmost continent, four airmen had one mission: Create an expanded communications network. Conducts research that addresses three major challenges including greenhouse gas and carbon cycle feedbacks, changes in clouds, aerosols, and surface radiation, and recovery of stratospheric ozone. The aircraft would complement fighters and bombers with enhanced long-range standoff weapons to engage multiple targets. Breaks a channel in the sea ice in McMurdo Sound before the arrival of the annual fuel and resupply ships; escorts resupply ships in and out of McMurdo Station; delivers fuel to Marble Point, northern Victoria Land; and provides science support as needed. The Coast Guard operates icebreakers in Antarctica to escort supply ships and to support science. The annual application deadline is the first Wednesday in June for the field season beginning about 15 months later. Opportunities fall into these categories: SCIENTIST Most are selected by participating organizations and institutions as described below. SCIENTIST'S ASSISTANT Criteria: The Antarctica Service Medal (ASM) is granted to military members who serve between 15 and 30 days while stationed on the Antarctic continent which is defined as south of 60 degrees latitude. To enable interpretation and presentation of the Nation's Antarctic heritage, the Foundation's Antarctic Artists & Writers Program considers requests from particularly well qualified writers, historians, artists, and other scholars in the liberal arts to work in Antarctica. National Science Foundation, 2415 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22314, USA Tel: (703) 292-5111, FIRS: (800) 877-8339 | TDD: (800) 281-8749, National Science Foundation - Where Discoveries Begin, Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE), Environmental Research and Education (ERE), International Science and Engineering (OISE), Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE), Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research, Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG), Award Statistics (Budget Internet Info System), National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES),, Guide to Programs/Browse Funding Opportunities page, Proposal & Award Policies Procedures Guide (PAPPG). Supports mapping (including field surveys), geodesy, year-round acquisition of geospatial data, mapping. Funds and manages the United States Antarctic Program (USAP); supports scientific research and oversees the cooperative efforts of a civilian contractor, the military, and several federal agencies. Eligibility generally is limited to U.S. scientists with advanced degrees, who initiate proposals that are submitted by their employing organizations. Provides ski-equipped C-130 (LC-130) air support between Antarctica and New Zealand and within Antarctica. Gen. Charles Q. Employment with these organizations generally is limited to active duty and reserve service personnel. ACTIVE OR RESERVE DUTY MILITARY “Why are there so many military bases in Antarctica?” What appear to be “military bases” are the result of the affected country using their armed forces to construct and operate Antarctic stations which have no military purpose. The weather conditions are treacherous. The past participants page provides information about earlier projects. Inquiries should be directed to the awardee, not to the Foundation. This opportunity provides field support, but no direct award of funds. The prime support contractor is the Leidos Antarctic Support Contract (ASC). The Navy records backed up what Bobulinski has said about his service in interviews with Fox News and the New York Post. It is the largest base in Antarctica by a considerable margin with around 1000 personnel (up to 1250 possible) in summer and 250 in the winter. Science Programs Unlike Alaska, there are no large carnivorous critters gadding about waiting to introduce you to the food chain. The Polar Star will head north rather than south this year. The New York Air National Guard operates LC-130 (ski-equipped) airplanes in the Antarctic Program. Provides a wide range of logistical and science support operations and is curator of the USAP web portal. Provides ski-equipped C-130 (LC-130) air support between Antarctica and New Zealand and within Antarctica. Maintains the Nation's collection of Antarctic maps, charts, satellite images, and photographs produced by the United States and other member nations of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) and is the U.S. contribution to the SCAR Library system. Many trades and levels of skill are involved. The Arctic convoys would play an important role, especially in the critical months between July and December 1941. Provides Twin Otter aircraft support within Antarctica. The Foundation encourages investigators to include qualified young people (high school graduates and beyond) in their field projects and offers several programs to fund such participation. Science Support Organizations Each year the United States deploys to Antarctica about 700 people to perform scientific research and about 2,500 people to operate and maintain year-round research stations and provide logistics in support of this research. The scientist who submits a successful proposal typically is authorized to assemble a research team to help implement his or her project in the field. Graduate students are not encouraged to submit research proposals, but are welcome as members of research teams. EXCLUDED CATEGORIES Employment inquiries should be directed to Leidos Antarctic Support Contract (ASC). The USAP does not approve the following activities for participation in the program because they are not considered a contribution to the United States' mission for Antarctica: Private expeditions by mountain climbers or adventurers; Visits to promote commercial products; Photography (except as in the Artists and Writers Program, or media visits) Several months ago, the Trump administration presented a new national security and defense strategy for the polar regions. South Pole Station Satellite Pass Schedules, Read the latest information from NSF on coronavirus (COVID-19), Information Technology and Communications Services,, Contractors to the Foundation hire individuals and award subcontracts for performance of these tasks. Provides helicopter support within Antarctica. But that's to be expected for the Operation Deep Freeze mission in Antarctica. George Girtler IV died of natural causes on Jan. 11 at McMurdo Station, the Air Force said in a statement. The procedure for preparing and submitting proposals is described in the Foundation's Grant Proposal Guide (publication GPG 16-001) and Antarctic Research Solicitation (NSF 16-541). Provides tracking and data-acquisition support and launch vehicle/payload tracking to polar-orbiting spacecraft from McMurdo Ground Station, a NASA-owned automated 10-meter tracking system. For information about applications for participation during a field season, please contact Mike England, or ARTIST OR WRITER Although you can get to Antarctica on a tourist expedition, working in Antarctica is a whole different story.There are only about 4.000 people working in Antarctica during the summer and around 1.000 during winter. Each year the United States deploys to Antarctica about 700 people to perform scientific research and about 2,500 people to operate and maintain year-round research stations and provide logistics in support of this research. The support organizations are also bound by this National policy. Instead of mosquitoes the Southern Continent boasts a liberal sprinkling of flightless fowl in formal wear. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY A number of NSF programs specifically encourage such participation and can be found on the the Foundation's web site by searching the funding database at or on the Guide to Programs/Browse Funding Opportunities page. Antarctica is the world’s coldest, driest and windiest continent. Provides support for permanent stations, surveying, mapping, and other applications of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to U.S. Antarctic Program investigators, and maintains a satellite facility with a full range of geodetic GPS equipment and support services at McMurdo Station during the austral summer research season. Direct inquiries to the contractors, not the Foundation. The successful candidate will be well-established and working full-time in the appropriate field and will have a means of presenting his or her work to the public. A program solicitation, revised annually in March, describes the opportunity, provides application instructions, and lists prior participants. Provides services for launching, tracking, and recovering large unmanned, high-altitude research balloons. Flight crews that complete transport missions to Antarctica then qualify for one day of service for each flight mission carried out within a 24-hour time frame. lists recent awardees and provides descriptions of their research. The National Science Foundation manages the United States Antarctic Program and supports scientific research by overseeing a massive cooperative effort among researchers, the military, and civilian agencies. Preference is given to graduate and undergraduate students in the pertinent scientific discipline. Scientific opportunities in Antarctica center on terrestrial and marine biology, medical research, meteorology, glaciology, the earth sciences, the ocean sciences, atmospheric physics, and astronomy. Commander 109th Air National Guard Airlift Wing Stratton Air National Guard Base Scotia, NY 12302-9752 The U.S. Air Force (USAF 62nd Airlift Wing, McChord AFB, Washington) Provides airlift support between Christchurch, New Zealand, and McMurdo Station, Antarctica. The Polar Star departed last week from Pearl Harbor for Antarctica to resupply scientists stationed there.

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