Jess is seen straightening her hair at the beginning of the film; she is eventually killed by Laura forcing a hot flat iron down her throat. She cheated on her boyfriend, Mitch, with his best friend, Adam twice. ), In a director's cut she was seen being chainsawed. List of Deaths Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Adam, drunken and angry, pulls a gun out halfway through the film to threaten Laura's poltergeist. The fact that Blaire (however reluctantly) was prepared to let anyone die to protect herself, even if it meant lying, betraying Laura for no apparent reason, not taking the video down after seeing what it was doing to Laura, cheat on Mitch twice and let others take the blame for what she had done before and after Laura's death, demonstrated a level of cowardice and selfishness to an highly realistic degree. Jess Felton - Hot curling iron shoved down her throat by Laura. However, as the movie progresses it shows how deceitful, disloyal, cowardly, despicable, selfish & unfaithful she truly is. When Blaire visits her Facebook page, however, the Block and Unfriend buttons are completely disabled. She was most likely killed by Laura Barns at the end of Unfriended, however, as her corpse is never shown or seen (her suicide video was seen at the beginning of the movie, but still it's unclear did she die or not), it is unknown if she survived or not. In the trailer for the original Unfriended, it showed an unknown character walking into the road and getting hit by a car, but it was scrapped in the final version of the movie. She dies gruesomely as Judy from Sleepaway Camp both get killed with a hot curling iron. Serena's Mother - Taken off life support by Charon Hackers. Laura Barns Laura Barns Information Status Immortal (As Malevolent Spirit/possible Demon) Age 17 Species Human (1996-2013) Malevolent Spirit/Demon (2013-present) Hometown Fresno, California Date of Death April 12, 2013 (aged 17) Cause of Death Suicide (Shot herself in the head) Blaire, although she did lie, wasn't terrible. Eventually, she is able to unfriend Laura, but still receives a message from her, saying "You shouldn't have done that, Blaire.". DJ Lexx - Pushed off a building by a Charon Hacker.

Angry comments start pouring in, blaming her for Laura's death. Ken Smith - Hand and neck ground in blender blades by Laura. Suddenly, Val's camera feed returns, showing Val sitting motionless beside an open bottle of bleach (from which she presumably drank), a broken mirror and her ringing phone. Shortly, Laura closes Blaire's computer in front of her, and proceeds to plunge directly at her and gets killed afterwards. She is seen several times looking at the Unexplained Forums, which tell her that this is the only way to escape possession and at several points she seems almost of admitting to Laura what she did, but loses her nerve at the last moment. Unfriended Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. As she fell down the page, several photos would slice her legs and arms open, and Laura would finally use an image of a hacksaw to cut off her dangling arm. Eventually Jess's feed gets cut off, and when it resumes she is shown choking to death on her blistering-hot curling iron. After another friend, Val, joins the conversation, billie227 makes her presence known by hacking Jess' and Adam's Facebook and posting drunken pictures of Val drinking and smoking marijuana. It is possible that Blaire, along with her other friends, may have been spared if she had confessed to her heinous crimes. Angry, Val threatens to call the police and her video feed is cut off. All of the sudden her computer is closed by a pair of spectral hands. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Despite her sweet and humble personality, Blaire is actually revealed to be deceitful and unfaithful.

At the end of the film, right before Blaire's death, one can see a person named 'Nelson Greaves' sent Blaire a message saying "It was me!" Laura tells Blaire that her crime will live on the internet forever. Her selfish and lying nature would show that even at the last moments of her life she lied that Mitch posted it. Erica Dunne - Trephinated (hole drilled into her skull) by a Charon Hacker. She seemed as typical a teenager as her friends with her large variety of online accounts and the way she spoke. Whether this is an actual plot point is unknown, but it is most likely an easter egg seeing how Nelson Greaves is the name of the writer of the film. Blaire, who was the true culprit of taking the video, adamantly refuses to confess that she was responsible for the video and watches as her friends die one after another. Ken was also the most knowledgeable of technology the six friends, as he had gr… She is indirectly responsible for the deaths of Laura Barns, Val Rommel, Adam Sewell, Ken Smith, Jess Felton, and Mitch Roussel. Blaire whispers Laura's name to the darkened room before the ghost jumps out, presumably killing her. was the main protagonist of the film Unfriended. She is indirectly responsible for the deaths of Laura Barns, Val Rommel, Adam Sewell, Ken Smith, Jess Felton, and Mitch Roussel. Ken was not afraid to tell others how he feels about other people, as he told them how he felt about both Valand Laura no matter how mean it was and even laughed about it later.

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