On the basic RU, HT and HU series, rear-mounted 6-cylinder engines with a displacement of 7961, 9880 and 13 267 cm³, develop a power of 215, 230 and 270 hp, the usual 5-speed gearbox and air suspension.

Hino 2013 - Chassis 155, 195 Series - workshop manuals Hino. Price: $55.00. Read and understand all the different operating instructions and precaution highlighted in the manuals before you operate or service your HINO equipment’s.

Our large inventories of HINO manuals are the same as the ones provided by the HINO Company. After the end of World War II, Hino Heavy Industry ceased the production of large diesels for marine vessels, and removed the word “Heavy” from its name. HINO FH2PVGA HINO FC3YYDA HINO-CONNECT HINO Smart Driving HINO Technicians. Hino Engines J08E-VB and J08E-VC workshop manuals.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. HINO 300 Hino Trucks dealers and body builders now have direct access to download 3D CAD models (.stp files) of all 2016MY and up conventional and COE chassis to be used for body design via a dedicated website www.hinocaddesign.com. Spare parts for marine engines. In 1948, the company added the word “Diesel” in its name, and became known as Hino Diesel Industry Co., Ltd.

Service offering and content may vary by country and vehicle model.

Hino 500 Series - Chassis FC6J, FC9J, FD8J, GD8J, FG8J, GH8J, FL8J, FM8J, FM1A, FM2P, FT8J, GT8J, SG8J workshop manuals. Hino Engines J08E-VB and J08E-VC -workshop manuals. Now known as the L6 and L7, you’ll immediately see the new exterior design including a bolder front fascia and optional LED headlights to make sure you’re able to safely navigate the roads in style. HINO FD1YLDA Hino engine J08E workshop (repair) manual.

In 1913, the Tokyo Gas Industry began manufacturing Model TGE A-Type cars.

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The gamma consists of medium-sized buses with a length of up to 9 m and a total weight of 9.8–11.6 tons. Hino 155, 155h, 195, 195h & 145, 165, 185, 238, 258LP, 268, 338 Series Trucks 2007 Workshop Manual, Hino 145, 165, 185, 238, 268, 338 Series Trucks 2005 Workshop Manual, Hino FA.FB.FD.FE.FF.SG 2004 Workshop Manual, Hino FA.FB.FD.FE.FF.SG 2003 Workshop Manual, Hino FA.FB.FD.FE.FF.SG 2002 Workshop Manual, Hino FA.FB.FD.FE.FF.SG 2001 Workshop Manual. Hino Engines J05D-TF, J08E-TV, J08E-TW workshop manuals. contain details instruction how to fix your Hino Trucks and Engine as well. By early 2011, the company sold 10,000 hybrid trucks.

HINO RZU300M … Hino Engines J05D-TF, J08E-TV, TW workshop manuals. The most simple range of Selega FS / FD with a capacity of up to 57 passengers, which also performs long-distance transportation, is equipped with two types of V8 diesel engines with a displacement of 19,688 and 20,781 cm³ without a boost with a capacity of 365 and 430 hp.

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