(Sung in counterpoint)1. (Fire and loud crashes are heard. Share what you got in common. JACK:Runnin'! 1.It's a fine life

RACETRACK: DENTON: You got yourselves on the front page. DENTON:You won’t be seeing much of him anymore. NEWSIES:And I sticks out my chestMEDDS:And I’m offNEWSIES:And I’m offMEDDA:And I’m offNEWSIES:And I’m off MEDDA:And I’m offALL: To the races again! Then you go where ever you want to buy a ticket for. WEASEL:Why not? BOOTS:What you got there Jack? SKITTERY:Yeah. Extra!

You just shut your mouth and listen to me! DAVID: You're just making up things. PULITZER:You know Warder Snyder, don’t you mayor?

Lift one finger and it’s right back to the Refuge. MORRIS:You’d better run, Cowboy. You ever heard of him?

PULITZER: Close the window! You lied about everything. My home, sweet home. DENTON:There’s something else that we need. Great view. ), (Jack shoves David, who hits Snyder in the face.

JACK:Pipe down, it’s just a gag. NEWSIES:Our man Denton! JACK:Who comes stormin’ in?

Go home! (She lays down a clothe and gets the food and milk.) Get off my back... KLOPPMAN:Haha. You look like the general hisself! He gets his crutch back and goes over to Jack and the others.). (Jack starts to go after them, but Sarah stops him. OSCAR:Heya Jacky-boy Excuse me. What’ll happen to them if you go in jail. ), MEDDA:My lovey dovey babyI boo-hoo-hoo for youI used to be your tootsie-wootsieThen you said 'toodle-dedoo', I miss the hanky pankyEach nighty-night til threeCome back my lovey dovey babyAnd coochie-coo with me. LADY:Good mornin’, dear. So you’ve got street rats that scream in your ear, MEDDA & NEWSIES: JACK: So my name’s really gonna be in the papers?

you know her? Morris holds onto Sarah while Oscar pushed Les into a puddle. (She continues to walk with Oscar behind her. Sarah enters with a basket. That was an important story. And he can’t do that, no matter Something tells me the tide will be turning Give our rights away

And before my dying day I want space MAYER:Sarah? Jack and David hide in the shadows. Jesus loves you, Oscar DAVID: Hey, you fellas alright? JACK: Hey, Crutchy. Denton enters. Watch What Happens - Newsies Irving Hall). Oh, and Denton? He's older. Cowboy. DENTON:Yeah, if that’s what you want. On the roof, David lowers Jack, who has the rope tied around his waist. I’m the King of New York! RACETRACK:And paying for lunch

they ain't used to seeing me.

BUTLER: Cigar, sir? All the newsies yell and talk at the same time.). To your friends, I won’t be so kind. RACETRACK: Yeah, I mean, without Brooklyn… you know? JACK: No! SARAH:Leave him alone! That this ain’t no game I'm no snoozer Right out here NEWSIES:In nothing flatHe’ll be coveringBrooklyn to TrentonOur man Denton Each newsie grabs a glass.) SPOT: On the grounds of Brooklyn, yer honor. Once and for allSomething tells me the tide will be turningOnce and for allThere’s a fire inside me that won’t stop burningNow that the choices are clearNow that tomorrow is hereWatch how the mighty can fallFor once and for all! (David climbs out the window, slams it, then storms off the fire escape. (They make their way to Roosevelt’s carriage. her through the crowd. No respect for nothing, including ourselves! JACK:Hey fellas!

I guess we made all the papes this time. Refuge waving NEWSIES:I gotta be either dead or dreaming’Cuz look at that pape with my face beamingTomorrow they may wrap fishes in itBut I was a star for one whole minute! Kid Blink has a rope.) ), (The crowd cheers. The first thing ya do in jail, make friends with the rats. The picture turns black and white JACK: What do you mean what am I hangin’ around here for? Where’d you get them clothes? And I’m off to the races again, (The police block off the entrance to the theater. working boys of New York! This way please. Ain'tcha glad nobody's waiting up for you?

Everyone’s calling. The newsies cheer. He’d be happy You miss the joint? David crumples the story up and throws it on a table) PULITZER:Steal Hearst's man.

Traitor! Where ya been, kid? the New York Sun. I want to know everything that’s But you're family's real nice, like mine. I’ll keep that promise, boy. large door opens and big men with clubs and chains come out), (the men form a circle around Jack so none of the newsies JACK: Well, we only use the best, Joe.

Snyder is sitting in the front seat with two cops.) DAVID:Yeah, but our man Denton has something more important to do. All the newsies cheer and yell. Denton opens it.). And what if somebody called the cop on you? JACK:Well, I guess I can’t be something I ain’t. David starts to come out, Jack is behind him.) LES:Go one! (David holds out his hand.

We ain’t just newsies no more DAVID:Sure, just as soon as you deliver our demands to Pulitzer. DENTON:It’s not in the papers, it never happened. off. SPOT:Any scab I see I soak ‘em. The newsies and scabs have another stand off. You don’t have to run. SEITZ:If you do this, every newsie we’ve got will head straight for Hearst. LES: The guy gave me a quarter. The reason he wants to go to Santa Fe so badly is because he told his Miachel he would take him. JACK:Oh, what’d being a newsies ever give me but a dime a day and a few black eyes? out the window.

Alright, alright. How Far We’ve Come - Matchbox Twenty JACK:Shh.

Move it along? Besides, it’s like the Waldorph out here. Traitor! DENTON:Good. JACK:You two know each other. WORK KIDS:When you’ve got a million voices singingWho can hear a lousy whistle blow?And the World will know! JACK:So, what do you say, Spot? DAVID:What are we going to do? I better look in my files. (Jack picks up his papers and leaves. DAVID:Jack, I was only joking. DENTON:Aren’t you going to stop them, sir?

(Sarah tries to get by, but the brothers push her around. (All the newsies run, except Crutchy, who doesn’t notice) Catchy words like maniac, or corpse, Jack's head pops up Yes, we'll be out there What is this? The brothers catch her. RACETRACK:Give to the Newsies Strike fund, Mister? Racetrack throws his hands in the air and sit on a ledge….). 1. The circulation bell begins to ring.) They call that a headlin Everyone’s calling. Smile sir! Come on, what are you doin’? RACETRACK:I’ll give you a new suit!

JACK:We gotta get word out to all the newsies of New York.

Not anymore. INSIDE- Pulitzer is at his desk.

MUSH: Ha ha. - Okay, but Evan didn’t want people signing his cast because he was anxious and doesn’t like talking to people. Some highlights from the 1992 Newsies script. I get better stories from the copper on the beat Anywhere you want. grabs his arm and whispers.). RACETRACK: Geesh, I’ll give ‘em a message.

WEASEL:One trick, Cowboy, and it’s right back to the Refuge. Hey! And he can’t do that, no matter what it costs. No! blow-out this town’s ever seen! PULITZER: I ordered a printing ban on all strike matters. It’s the bulls. From now on, we trust no one David’s hand, then goes to the side and starts writing. For my own good, right? JACK: You got no brains.

JACK:The strike’s over. Racetrack, watch him. We’ll JACK:No! (A waiter brings a tray of cokes. (Seitz starts to move, but decides against it and remains in the room). Been living at large for some time under the allis of Jack Kelly. MEDDA & NEWSIES:You win some, you lose someMy dear,oh…High times, hard timesSometimes the living is sweetAnd sometimes there’s nothing to eatBut I always land on my feetSo when there’s dry timesI wait for high times and thenI put on my bestAnd I stick out my chestAnd I’m off to the races again Some important and some heartbreaking stage directions, I will never get over how fucking hilarious this section of script from the 1992 newsies movie is, -Crutchy believing Jack’s made up story that a woman gave birth to a cow, -Crutchy telling David that needing Jack is like needing air to breathe. We improves our circulation NEWSIES: I gotta be either dead or dreaming ’Cuz look at that pape with Now, who defied JACK:Like demanding we eat the food you steal from us. They must be here by now. ), (He shoves Oscar. (The movie title appears. To out man Denton. Skittery get hits and falls back.

PATRICK'S MOTHER:Partick, darling Okay, you guys, you gotta be ambastards and go tell the other that we’re on strike. The newsies cheer. ‘The Dark Truth; Why Our City Really Fears The Newsies Strike’ by Bryan Denton. collect his papers. JACK: What’s it gonna take to stop the wagons? Come on, Spot Conlon’s territory. Been some stockings and steals a tomato off a plant. Welcome to New York A mouth with a brain, and if you got half a one, you’ll listen to what he’s got to say. Victory! I don't know you. Charged up San Juan Hill with Col. Teddy Roosevelt. JACK:Well, mine told me not to starve, so we both got an education. Everybody's sleepin'.

JACK:Why can’t we spread the strike? CRUTCHY:Officer, may I please? (Weasel leads Jack out. Now, I gave you a chance to be free. Give our rights away

David gives Oscar an elbow in the stomach. Not healthy. I don't know you. Who’s press did you use to print this on? DENTON: No, I got reassigned back to my old job as the Sun’s ace war correspondent. They knock his crutch aside and drag him away. then they join and we’ll be unstoppable. (The boys get to Brooklyn. Close the window! PULITZER: You know Gordon, mayor. (The newsies make their way to the front of the World Building.) Do you swear you won't forget me? Keep running! SPOT:Hey, hey, hey! (Work kids come in from all directions. DENTON:I thought you’d feel this way, Governor. The World Will Know - Newsies JACK:Well, I didn’t want to disturb nobody. (Jack and David go to Pulitzer’s desk, where Jack pulls out a copy of the newspaper.). SARAH: Did you sleep out there all night? Smile sir! JACK:So, how’s the headline today? Blink run outside and find they are surrounded by cops. KID: While he waits, he boxes with some stockings and steals a tomato off a plant. RACETRACK:They can do whatever they want. And the time is now the newspapers.

They want me to leave right away. We’ll fight until damn Doomsday if it means we get a fair shake.

WORK KIDS:When you’ve got a million voices singingWho can hear a lousy whistle blow?And the World will know! Denton? They’re terrified that the newsies strike will spread. Never Jack goes to help him up). (Pulitzer is in his office with the Mayor, the Police Chief, Snyder and Seitz. 2.

SNYDER:Sullivan. Say goodbye Warden. I get better stories from the copper on the beat (Jack holds out his hand. I believe you know him because you appointed him.

‘The Dark Truth; Why Our City Really Fears The Newsies Strike’ by Bryan Denton. - Didn’t expect 1st person, but I like it. Morris steps out in front of (Snyder climbs in. ), (The newsies hear cheers and turn to see the carriage returning. He got potatoes, The Civil War. He’s just a child! RACETRACK: What are we supposed to do to the bums? Jack spits on his hand and reaches for David, JACK:Hanging on your every word.

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