You're going to fry your brain if you don't take a break. Myra falls downstairs after Deimata leaves Myra's body as Skylar and Sadie find her. Share via Email Report Story Send. Hobby

Girl vs. Monster returns of the witch Table of contents.


View production, box office, & company info, Annie DeYoung (story), Type of Villain She is most likely the only ancient based on context in the movie. by btsxpjmxedits Follow. Deimata Deimata is one of the Ancient Ones, meaning she is immortal. Skylar faces her fears and sings in front of everybody, while Ryan and his band performs as well. TeleportationPossessionFlightTelekinesisManipulation Deimata is the main antagonist of the 2012 Disney Channel original film Girl vs. Monster. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. YOU ARE READING. Every person has their own personal monster, which feeds on their fear. Girl vs. Monster is a 2012 American fantasy teen comedy Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered on October 12, 2012. She is the fifth generation. She then reminds Skylar that she still has Skylar's parents in captivity, and Skylar rushes off to find them, with Sadie and Henry following behind with everybody especially Ryan and Myra watches them from a distance. FearmongeringPossessionKidnappingAttempted murder Fearmongering Monster. In a fanfiction, after Skylar's protoplasm is pulled out of her body, Deimata finally possesses her soul for all eternity and Deimata possesses Skylar's body and renames herself Deimata Skylar.

During a confrontation with his personal monster, a fixed and armed Henry learns that letting go of your fears will cause the monsters to disintegrate into nothing. Her two closest henchmen are Bob the Scarecrow (Henry's monster) and Theodosia the Witch (Sadie's monster). While Skylar sings, all the monsters vanish and Sadie also gathers the courage to stand up to Theodosia by spelling things she couldn't when she was a little girl.   |  Skylar thanks her, and she and Sadie rush to save the people upstairs. The Eternal One   |  Cobb, her parents assistant, comes and takes him back home to fix him. Skylar and her friends try to fight off Deimata, but she doesn't seem able to be stopped. The emidula is the part of the brain that orchestrates the response when danger is detected. A type of majin possessing high magic power and the ability to cast a variety of spells, although they have a very young, childish appearance. People who like Girl Vs. Monster 2: The Return Of The Witch (Movie) Kirkayla Griffiths @kirkayla01. Plus, see what some of your favorite stars of the '90s look like now. Deimata is the main antagonist of the 2012 Disney Channel original film Girl vs. Monster.

When all the monsters are all vanquished, Deimata comes and reveals she cannot be destroyed that way. |

She possesses the powers of flight and she can pass through things. Occupation

89 min She wears a black dress and black leather gloves and she wears a feathery hood. Crimes Myra is the mean girl of the movie and is not very fond of Skylar. Kill Skylar's parentsPossess her soul for all eternity.

Directed by Stuart Gillard. TVfanatic Her quest for world domination is fed by the fear of her enemies – Skylar in particular. Girl vs. Monster returns of the witch Romance #kickinit. Annie DeYoung (teleplay), Send to Friend. She can multiply herself, and since she is a witch monster she has the power of spell casting and black magic, but of course she is never as powerful as Deimata.

But Henry becomes frozen in fear, after getting scared of his monster. You're going to do great.

The adventure begins on Halloween with Skylar, a fearless teenager with a powerful singing voice, prepares for the ultimate Halloween bash with her best friends, Henry and Sadie. The film stars Olivia Holt as Skylar, a teenage girl who discovers on the eve of Halloween that she is a fifth-generation monster hunter. Theodosia also has the power of telekinesis and can turn into black smokey form. They often butt heads and Skylar tends to feel jealous of Myra.

Once Skylar gets her parents to trust her, Deimata is weakened and the three friends defeat her and capture her.

TV-PG She has a sense of humor, since she attempted to play charades with Skylar's parents so they would know how she would destroy them. He goes to the mansion to inform Skylar of this. Theodosia appears as an elderly lady who wears glasses. Theodosia is Sadie's monster. Disney+ Just Added A Bunch Of Spooky Movies For Halloween, 11 October 2019

Meanwhile, Deimata lures Skylar's parents into a trap by pretending that Skylar was in trouble. Now that Deimata is loose, Skylar experiences all the fear she never had before and tries to deny what is happening.

| A possessed Myra sings in Skylar's place and turns to Theodosia and Bob (Sadie and Henry's monsters). She can also teleport. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As Skylar’s world is turned upside down, she learns that her parents have been keeping a big secret – that she comes from a long line of monster hunters. She then controlled Myra and goes to the party where she publicly insults Skylar of being nervous to sing at Ryan's party and Sadie comforts Skylar after she runs out, embarrassed. Powers/Skills


Action, Adventure, Comedy.

She has been kept in the Lewis family basement for 15 years in a containment tank. She is portrayed by Tracy Dawson.

She attempts to sneak out of the house by cutting the power so the alarm syste… While in an old labratory, Deimata attempted to scare Steve and Julie (Skylar's parents), but her attempts failed. She also has very pale skin and blue eyes, but her hair color is unknown due to her hood. Although Skylar has overcome her fear, she soon realizes Deimata is still feeding off of her parents' fears—about Skylar's safety. 2 Tastepoints.

24 August 2020 She even scared Sadie so bad during her fifth grade spelling bee, that she spelled "goat" wrong. She, Sadie and Henry go, armed with Skylar's parents' monster hunting tools, to the party at the McQuarry Mansion. A teen girl goes on a mission to recapture a dangerous monster that she accidentally released before it can do harm to her parents. She wears a black dress and black leather gloves and she wears a feathery hood., She has taken over both Myra and Ryan Dean and Skylar Lewis. She also can make herself invisible and, shoot purple rays. The plan for Skylar to sing at the party — with rock band cutie Ryan Dean — is crushed when her parents make her stay home and even put on an alarm system to keep her in.

Skylar was crushed when the next afternoon, her parents make her stay home and even put on an alarm system to keep her in. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 New Reading List.

Theodosia appears as an elderly lady who wears glasses. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters.   |  When she is dialing someone on the phone, it is obviously just a video on iPhone. However, in a post-credits scene, Deimata blows on the glass in the hunting unit, cracking it and we hear it break as Deimata's laugh is heard one last time, hinting at a sequel. Stop stressing over your presentation. Henry: But soon, Myra gets even meaner, when she gets possessed by Deimata and is used to take down Skylar, her parents, and her friends once and for all. She wanted to possess Skylar's soul for all eternity. TV Movie Myra informs them about Deimata and how she can possess people- like she did with her. Girl vs. Monster Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

She attempts to sneak out of the house by cutting the power so the alarm system won't work. She used to scare Sadie during a test, quiz or report.

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