He notes that he had to ask himself “should I go on telling a story about this situation?” but that he decided “we need to try to give an answer about how we can get out of this [spiral].”. It’s altogether too obvious how the dynamic between man and scared, skittish boy will play out, and by the time Vollrath’s script falls back on clichés familiar from countless previous hostage thrillers — the discovery of homely common ground, an ironically timed phone call from a loved one — the film slips out of taut, nightmarish realism and into less credible melodramatic territory. Ever since 9/11 changed the way we approach air travel, it’s been harder to make airplane-based thrillers in the soapy-silly trash tradition of “Airport” or “Executive Decision”: The panic of being under siege at 30,000 feet no longer feels like such ripe entertainment fodder with the image of two Boeing 767s hitting the Twin Towers still vivid in our collective consciousness. It revolves around a supernatural force on a plane. Flight 7500 is a 2014 American supernatural horror film directed by Takashi Shimizu and starring Leslie Bibb, Jerry Ferrara, Ryan Kwanten, and Amy Smart.

#7500Movie pic.twitter.com/GGMvcNcT7y. 7500 is a new hijacking movie featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a pilot who struggles to deal with each decision that could mean the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, of people. 7500, a film about an aeroplane hijacking featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt has just premiered on Amazon and fans are wondering if the movie is based on real events. Vedat is hit in the shoulder and falls to the ground as Tobias gets up to help the man while demanding medical care as the police enter the cockpit.

A group of hijackers has made their way onto the plane, with a desire to crash the plane and kill everyone onboard. A hand emerges and drags Laura away. “7500” reminds one that there’s a fine line between lean and thin.

VOLLRATH: What happens after all of this is up to the audience and I think they can imagine pretty good how hard it is to go back to his normal life. And he’s an American on a German plane, which feels a little cheap narratively, a device to make him unable to understand some subtitled exchanges. The first feature-length film from Academy Award-nominated writer-director Patrick Vollrath begins silently with footage of the hijackers navigating the Berlin airport before boarding the flight. Vedat begins to see his negotiated 30-minute refuel as a setup.

Notable hijackings involving German flights include Air Malta Flight 830 in 1997, LOT Polish Airlines Flight 165 in 1978 and the simultaneous hijacking of three Douglas DC-3s in 1950. Vista Pacific Airlines flight 7500, a Boeing 747-300, departs from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

I watched a report about this kid who was 18 and he came back after joining ISIS…totally disillusioned and de-radicalized…I felt I want to make a film about a kid who becomes de-radicalized the moment when he’s got blood on his hands.” – Patrick Vollrath.

7500 is a new hijacking movie featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a pilot who struggles to deal with each decision that could mean the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Paul Greengrass’ deliberately grueling docudrama “United 93,” of course, pointed a solemn new way for the genre, though that had historical veracity and import on its side.

COLLIDER participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COLLIDER gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. And what about the fact that his girlfriend and the mother of his child happens to be a stewardess?

When Lance suddenly dies, Captain Pete continues to Japan, moving the first-class passengers into Economy class and keeping Lance's body in the closed-off first class.

First movie I've come out in since 2016! 7500 in US theaters June 19, 2020 starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Omid Memar, Murathan Muslu, Aylin Tezel. The smoke quickly clears and Brad, Pia, Rick, Liz, and Jacinta rush to find out what is wrong.

While the others rush towards the cockpit, Jacinta accepts that her only option is death, and she willingly walks towards an unknown figure which appears before her. Are Politics Holding Up The Release Of This Movie? It turns out that Carlo Kitzlinger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s co-pilot in 7500, worked as a professional pilot and was able to make subtle changes to filming based on his experiences.

The moment is an illustration of how a location once so filled with tension and fear could — in moments — feel "so calm now. For those of you who have yet to see 7500, go check it out on Prime Video and then return to this article, because the rest of this piece is all about the ending of the movie! VOLLRATH: No.

Subsequently, Suzy informs Laura that Lance's death has made her realize she does not want to marry her fiancé, which in turn leads to Laura breaking up with Pete.

Raquel returns to the washroom to do a pregnancy test and is relieved to find it negative.

Yet as the film reaches its muted, blunt-edged conclusion, it’s hard to say what we’ve really gained from 90 minutes in its uncomfortable company: Any political or cultural insights into 21st-century terrorism are thin on the ground, while none of the characters is terribly interesting beyond the dire immediacy of their circumstances. Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger!

While waiting for the local authorities to meet his demands, Vedat and Tobias get to know each other a little better, but Vedat’s behavior become increasingly volatile. Worst of all, it’s always reminding the viewer of its construction, relying on shaky camerawork to produce tension but failing to do so, and almost defiant in its lack of actual characters. German director Patrick Vollrath’s short, stomach-tightening debut feature “7500” follows in its flight path, albeit with a wholly fictional scenario — told from the perspective of the junior co-pilot (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) whose simple Berlin-to-Paris assignment is violently disrupted by Islamist hijackers. For its first half, “7500” is briskly effective in a cold-sweat sort of way, carrying its audience from a smooth takeoff to the first signs of disturbance to swiftly cranked all-out terror with the kind of nervy efficiency you can admire without exactly taking pleasure in it. ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Flight_7500&oldid=983746458, Short description is different from Wikidata, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 00:49. The film may have only just premiered on Amazon, but fans are wondering whether the events of the movie are based on a true story.

They take their shot.

That last question is just about the only character development we get for Tobias. Took some time off when I had kids, and for my first acting job back, I really wanted to find a unique creative challenge. “7500” is, at heart, a chamber piece. At this moment, Tobias realizes that he's lost control of the young man as well as the situation inside and outside the cockpit. Each of the group finds their own deceased body and remember their last moments while it is revealed that everyone that has disappeared was taken after they let go of the one thing that had been tying them to the world. Does he support Donald Trump? At that point, the movie does something it hasn’t since the opening shots – have the camera leave the cockpit. There is where we meet Tobias Ellis (Gordon-Levitt), the co-pilot on a routine flight out of Berlin that is suddenly and violently interrupted by a group of hijackers, shortly after take-off. They open Lance's small wooden box and find a "death doll," which Jacinta explains is a shinigami — a being who collects peoples, souls, after they die, but only if they let go of whatever is holding them to this world. “There was a time in 2015 when a lot of really young kids mostly from Europe left their homes and tried to join ISIS. The others discover that Captain Pete, Lyn, and Jack are dead. Politics of Avengers star explained! Did you ever consider a different fate for Vedat? ", "CBS Films Shifts Dates For 'Gambit', '7500", "Flight 7500 FINALLY Touches Down on DVD", "Where Is Flight '7500?'

pic.twitter.com/RNOYP9Hs5y. Without spoiling anything, “7500,” which is the pilot’s code for a hijacking, becomes a two-hander between Tobias and a young Islamic extremist named Vedat (Omid Memar), who is clearly uncertain about his team’s intentions that day. Jake goes to first-class to steal from Lance's body when the body suddenly moves.

Sometime after, Liz awakens to find the plane empty. However, smoke begins to fill the toilet and a hand grabs her and pulls her into the floor. He is also a writer for Vulture, The Playlist, The New York Times, and Rolling Stone, and the President of the Chicago Film Critics Association. Suzy notices that Jake, and Lance's body, have both disappeared. As the oxygen masks are dispensed above the seats, a thick smoke fills the cabin. And then the hijackers start bringing passengers to the cockpit door, executing them one at a time as they insist that Tobias opens the cockpit. The television in the cabin suddenly switches on, showing a breaking news story that Flight 7500 suffered a catastrophic decompression, communication had been lost, and a fighter jet has confirmed the death of everyone on board.

In-flight ones, not so much. "Vedat's fate shows that this circle of violence will go on and on even if we try to stop it," the writer-director told Collider. These Alcohol Delivery Services Will Make Sure You Don’t Go Without Booze. He takes a personal call and finally snaps. Tobias slams the door on the other two men and a war of wills begins. {{#media.media_details}} ", "I think it was important to leave the cockpit at the end, not just for Tobias, but also for the audience," Vollrath said.

The film was released in the United States on April 12, 2016, by CBS Films and Lionsgate.[3]. As it narrows the onboard crisis to a quivering two-man face-off between pilot and terrorist in the cockpit — from the cramped confines of which, in the director’s most formally striking decision, the on-screen action never strays — sentimental contrivance trickles into the steel-blue vérité of proceedings, leaving the film with a visceral mission to complete but not an awful lot to say.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt brings reassuring resolve to Patrick Vollrath's skillful, solemn, slightly hollow spin on an old-school airborne disaster movie. Sebastian Thaler and editor Hansjörg Weissbrich, deftly exploits the spatial limitations and blind spots of the sealed-off cockpit for maximum claustrophobic impact — as Tobias essentially has to work on his own to restrain Kenan, retain control of the plane and engineer an emergency landing in Hanover, all while constant, ominous thudding against the door signals the mounting, violent chaos behind him. As Suzy waits for Laura by the hatch, another hand grabs at her. When terrorists try to seize control of a Berlin-Paris flight, a soft-spoken American co-pilot struggles to save the lives of the passengers and crew while forging a … Cast in the high-altitude drama back in 2017, Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Tobias Ellis, an American co-pilot on a flight heading from Berlin to Paris. The images of Lance appearing on their screens lead the group to search his belongings. Now this place where minutes ago happened so much feels so calm now.

For Gordon-Levitt, meanwhile, it’s a surprising swerve into mid-level European cinema that he carries off, well, if not exactly without breaking a sweat, at least with charismatic assurance. "Tobias is free again, he is physically not locked in anymore, he can go back to the outside world, but everything that happened inside the cockpit will change his life forever.

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