These Mini Goldendoodle puppies are expected to weigh between 35 lbs and 50 lbs fully grown. Regards, ... Everything is going well. Next is the first vet visit next week. Standard F1b Goldendoodle - We have spots for F1b standard. Puppies will be chosen at 2-3 weeks of age. Classes of the BreedGoldendoodles are classified as various types depending on the breed of the Goldendoodle’s parents. The puppies should look similar to Karrie’s size and have wavy to curly hair. The balance will be due at 4 weeks old. our f1 & f1b goldendoodles and mini-goldendoodles are happy, healthy, and loved. However, F1b Goldendoodles come in many different size ranges depending on the size of the parents.

You may also find smaller sized F1s but mostly the F1bs will be when you can start downsizing breedings more efficiently. Current wait time on puppies is 2-4 months.

We are ... What is a Goldendoodle?A Goldendoodle is a mixed-breed dog, a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Expected November 2nd, 2020, this litter of F1B Mini Goldendoodles for sale will be ready to go home December 28th, 2020! ~~ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Later, in the 1990s, intentional crossing of Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles was done in both North America and Australia. The offspring of a F1B cross are genetically 75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever.

A fleece coat can be either curly, wavy or straight, with hair more similar to that of a golden retriever. Your balance will be due + 6% KY tax upon pickup at around 7 weeks old. Poodle hybrids have become increasingly popular and it is likely that the combination of Golden Retriever and Poodle has been duplicated by breeders in various countries at different times.HistoryThe first Goldendoodles were likely due to accidental breeding between Golden Retrievers and Poodles. We will be letting families choose their puppies in order of deposit received.

This is what Karrie looked like at 8 weeks. Some are bred and selected for careers in service to humans as Guide Dogs, Therapy Dogs and other types of assistance dogs. Rarer colors include brown, parti, and phantom. Moderately high energy dogs, much like their parent breeds.The Goldendoodle is not a purebred; rather, it is a specific type of mixed-breed dog or crossbreed. Feel free to send me an email with questions or text me to get started down the path to get a cuddly lovable puppy. Still other breeders are attempting to take this one step further and develop the Goldendoodle as a breed via selective breeding. Size and WeightLike any other cross-breed, the Goldendoodle varies from individual to individual, displaying differences in size, coat type, and color. She loves to play fetch or just sit and chill with her head on your lap. Take Your first step to meeting with your Future puppy here. The mother of one of our litters is Karrie, is a beautiful, copper-colored Goldendoodle. F1b – A back cross between an F1 Goldendoodle and a Poodle. There have been no studies to date verifying that any canine is completely hypoallergenic. We already registered him, thanks for the reminder. Our costumers can also get back $300 which we will send by check or other agreed method. As such, it is not accepted for registration by recognized registries of purebred dogs such as the American Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel Club, or The Kennel Club (United Kingdom).Some breeders prefer to restrict breeding to first generation (F1) dogs (i.e.

Hair Coat TypeGoldendoodles have different coat types: wool, fleece, hair or a combination. Others may desire a dog that may not affect their allergies, although not all Goldendoodles will exhibit the low shedding coat type of the Standard Poodle. Goldendoodle puppies are easy to train because they are highly intelligent and are often used as service dogs. -  Designed by Thrive Themes Elsa and Jack should have puppies going home in January. Goldendoodles often are good swimmers, a characteristic of both parent breeds. He went on his first boat ride this ... Hello, Schrock Family! Cross-breed dogs do not exhibit standard characteristics, and while Goldendoodles may shed less than a Golden Retriever, the degree of shedding will vary from dog to dog. For further questions regarding our Black, Red, Cream and Apricot Goldendoodle & AKC Golden Retriever puppies in Kentucky, contact us via our contact page or call us at (606) 787-2234. We charge $500 to make a reservation deposit. Please remember that we do not have control of when our females get pregnant... these are estimated times and may change a little! Indicate in the notes which mom you would prefer to get a puppy from. A Goldendoodle’s size is generally somewhere between that of the Poodle and the Golden Retriever parents, and the range includes standard, medium and miniature. If you want to go onto our contact list or place a deposit then fill out an application and I will try to keep an eye on my emails. Less common colors are black and silver. Are you considering adding a puppy to your family? He’s so loving and playful. She was very easy to train and loves to do tricks for treats. HypoallergenicMany people select a Goldendoodle because they love Golden Retrievers, but would prefer a dog that sheds less hair.

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