Hathor and Sekhmet became drunk and forgot about killing mankind.

In 1952, in Atlantis, Paul Hoffman stated about the Giza pyramid complex in Egypt, "I am perfectly convinced that the solution of a good deal of our problems concerning the Egyptian-Atlantean connection lie buried there.”, Egerton Sykes studied ancient Egypt; 1945.

The Pyramids, dubbed Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus (also known as Rhodopis) in descending order of magnitude, together with the Sphinx and its Temple, stood on a rock plateau overlooking the waters of the Nile, in the days before the Aswan Dam was built. If it was true that aliens taught the Egyptians to build the pyramids then archaeological evidence should depict in some form, either in writing, pictures, or something similar, the alien beings and their teachings.

Young’s review of Sykes’ book, Pre-Dynastic Egypt And The Great Pyramids. Then there would also have to be evidence of Atlantis really existing.

Atlantis | Roman historian, Ammianus Marcellinus, affirmed that the ancient wisdom was inscribed on the walls in order to be preserved from the deluge. The story of the Siriadic Columns fits in with the various Arab legends about the pyramids, which were set up by the wisemen before the flood.

Most of our information about the Pyramids are from a group of Arab writers living between AD 870 and 1050: Abou Balkh, 970; Masoudi, 923; Muterdi, Johan L. Burkhardt refers to Sherif Edrys (Edrisi) as the author of a History of the Pyramids (a book which Sykes cannot trace); and Al Beruni, 950. In April 1961, Professor Fabrizo Mori, an Italian Paleontologist, reported that he discovered a number of prehistoric burial places in the Fezzan, where the dead were mummified with nitrates and exposure to the sun.

Herodotus referred to vaults underneath the Great Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid was built about 12,000 BC and altered by the IVth Dynasty Pharaoh Cheops in 3200 BC.

Atlantis | Egypt was a colony of Atlantis according to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth (thought). This implied the existence of an elaborate and extensive literature in the early dynasties.

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Sykes believed that there was a corpus of literature in earliest dynastic times, and it contained a wisdom that was already old and could only be utilized by an elite that was initiated in the mathematical and geometric lore (that, at least in Egypt, survived in part through the whole of the dynastic period). This Assyrian Lunar Calendar was used by all the other Mediterranean cultural peoples of ancient times including the Greeks. In November 1968 in Atlantis, Sykes published Egypt and Atlantis in which he stated, "The proto Egyptians, after the fall of Atlantis, sought refuge in North Africa, at that time a fertile land with the Meropic sea stretching inland into what is now the Sahara Desert. The inscriptions state that the Sea-People came from islands in the open sea when their land was destroyed. In his book, Sykes explained that documentation related to the earliest phase of Egyptian history and mythology was meager. Egyptology, the study of the culture and artifacts of the ancient Egyptian civilization, is a major branch of Atlantology.

Their works have only one thing in common with the Gods of Egyptian myth and legend — the Uraeus, the symbol of power consisting of a Cobra head mounted on a jeweled head band. The Temple of the Sphinx was connected by a wide causeway to the Second Pyramid. Even if Atlantis was proven to exist, it would be hard to prove that the two different civilizations came from the same place.

Muck suggested the Atlanteans).

Menes ascended the throne in 3188 BC in Upper Egypt. It would seem that more advanced machinery would be used and left behind. Access to the pyramids was through the Temple of the Sphinx. Perhaps the most important Egyptian legend is that of the Shipwrecked Traveler and the Serpent King, which tells how the Traveler left Egypt in a ship two-hundred-and-twenty-five feet long and sixty feet wide, and was wrecked on an island where he found a huge serpent, the king of all the serpents.

The Traveler stayed on the island until one day a star fell and killed everybody except himself.

The term Sothic is based on the name Thoth plus Sirius, and it may be taken that Thoth emerged at the time of the first appearance of Sirius in the skies of Egypt and initiated the Sothic period. Their forefathers, prior to the First Dynasty in about 3500 BC, had already made a star map which enabled us today to identify some of the star groups.

The Sphinx may be earlier than the Pyramid Complex.

Egerton Sykes | To test the hypothesis of whether or not pyramid building was introduced to the Egyptians by aliens or by the citizens of Atlantis I would need to do archaeological research myself, or study the research already done.

The only other Latin writer to mention the Pyramids was Pliny. According to Manetho (who lived in 300 BC and was the High Priest of Thoth at Sebennytos), the Siriadic Columns were set up by Thoth (6111 BC), the original Hermes Trismagistus, who brought knowledge of writing, science, and astronomy to the early Egyptians.

Proudly powered by WordPress. In November 1968 in Atlantis, Sykes published Egypt and Atlantis in which he stated, "The proto Egyptians, after the fall of Atlantis, sought refuge in North Africa, at that time a fertile land with the Meropic sea stretching inland into what is now the Sahara Desert. Tradition has ascribed the architectural knowledge and the geometric skills needed for the erection of pyramidal structures to Imhotep, reputed advisor to King Zoser of the IIIrd Dynasty.

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