Make sure to relay this information to anyone who might be considering the use of any rodenticide. I ran out to find a Great Horned Owl laying on the snow, alive but so weak he hardly moved. The problem is that it will NEVER EVER work for actually killing moles, because a mole will never eat poison. I wish you much love from my woodland in New York State. depending on type of. Connie Smith (author) from Southern Tier New York State on August 21, 2013: pstraubie, you are so right--this is an alarming thing for sure. Even after the rodent population came down, possums thrived making them one among the problematic pests in the area. Lady Guinevere, I couldn't have said it better myself! Owls and raptors in general are extremely efficient at reducing rodent populations without using toxic means. TOMCAT® Premium Refillable Bait Stations Effectively Kill Mice.

Find mouse traps, pesticides, fire ant killer, bug spray, rat traps, rat poison and grub control.

Get One Today, Your email address will not be published. Yes, possums can eat rats. Both are very efficient and inexpensive alternatives to poison baits. As a consequence, any of their natural predators that come across this weakened animal in search of a snack will also be poisoned after ingesting them. How to Kill Moles with Poison. You can even help support R.A.T.S. Dear Eddy, Happy Valentine's Day to you as well, my friend. I have a lot of peppermint growing out back, just in case you need some!

This includes owls, hawks, vultures, eagles, raccoons, foxes, and yes, even the family dog or cat! This article will provide extensive information about just what exactly is in these rodenticides, why you should think twice about using them, and what other options you have to solve your rodent problems. I remember that old commercial about 'how it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature'. I’m sure there are others; I just haven’t seen them yet!

The rodents are so slow to die that they move around the house for days, all the while trailing the bait along with them on their feet, tails, and fur. They are part of the Family Mustelidae and Genus Mustela. Our natural biological controls, specifically owls, hawks, vultures, badgers, coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, and skunks, among others, are being killed off by poison at an alarming rate. Have ultrasonic. By the time the rodent actually dies, it will have ingested many times the lethal dose. New York City is solidly behind this order and agrees that the use of second-generation rodenticides as a rodent control is unnecessarily risky to humans and wildlife. Wild birds that feed on rodents, as well as our pets, are especially vulnerable; but all animals die horribly excruciating deaths after ingesting second-generation rodent killers. Voted up. on February 12, 2013: Great informative hub, we used to use the pellets. The three that have refused to cease production of these poisons are: Here are an enclosed rodent snap trap and an old-fashioned snap trap. The list also includes cow and deer. Rats are incapable of vomiting, so they have evolved a unique evolutionary trait that makes them suspicious of new food. In fact, Possums are the only animals that cannot carry rabies virus in them because their body temperature is too low for the rabies virus to survive in them. Will Rat Poison Kill Possums rats, stoats and possums… The result is that predators and scavengers are just as poisoned from those rodents that have eaten from exterminators’ "sealed bait boxes," or bait set out by farmers. Imperial Chemical Industries of London obliged and developed the new "super rodent killer," also known as second-generation rodenticide. Most people can identify with the scenario of finding a mouse in their home and wanting to do whatever it takes to remove it. Possums are omnivorous species that mainly feed on rodents, snakes, small birds & animals & carcasses, fruits & plants. God Bless you for caring about the environment and making a definite difference in the quality of life for all of us, our wildlife and our Earth. Thank you so much for sharing your heartwarming story. Have dogs. Great hub voted up, awesome and shared. But are possums beneficial or are they another pest that needs to be controlled? Second-generation rodenticides pose a significant risk to pets and wildlife in the surrounding area. These little buggers aren't going anywhere despite my best efforts. Moles make a horrible mess of your yard. Setting up a barn owl nesting box around your home is a great way to use natural predators to control rodent populations. Of course, one problem that you are likely to face should you decide to poison your opossum … Consequently, any predator that then ingests these rodents will also become poisoned and likely die a very painful death. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, CC-BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr. According to the National Opossum Society, opossums are a beneficial animal for many different reasons. because a mole will never eat poison. And yes, it is lethal poison.

Yes, it is true that possums were used to check the rodent population in Brooklyn by the city council. If you’ve ever had surgery and had to take a blood thinner to prevent clots afterwards, then you have most likely ingested that chemical. So interesting and useful pearl ;your obvious hard work has certainly paid off and here's to many more to share on here. Most people consider possums to be a threat to them because of their appearance and the food they eat. The best way to keep a possum away would be to use mothballs or ammonia around your property as possums hate these smells. So if you want to keep possums away from your property, poisoning them is never an option! Rats and mice can spread diseases, like hantavirus (see table below). Thank you for caring enough to research and help that animal. Especially when they make a shelter inside your property. Moreover, there is no backup plan. Home. Little do these people know that the warnings on rodent-killing products should also read: “Keep out of reach of all things great and small, bright and beautiful,” because they really are "death in a box." A very Happy valentine's day for you my dear friend. Possums only kill a rat if it is starving or the rat becomes an aggressor. Is it safe to have possums living in your backyard.

The dietary pattern of a possum makes it a highly beneficial species for humans. Mole and Rat Killer – Pack of 2 4packs (8 total) by. Second-generation rodenticides kill the animals very slowly, poisoning them over a long duration of time. Are grubs the only thing possums eat? Voted up, shared, and bookmarking just in case. Ain't it the truth.

Possums mainly catch and eat rats, roof rats, and mice apart from preying on other rodents.

Thank you prettynutjob!

An earlier toxicology report ruled out the most common type of poisoning–anticoagulants used to kill rodents. In fact, not just rats they are found to feed on most of the rodents that cause problems to humans. Warfarin is the key ingredient. So the next time if you see a possum sneaking up in your backyard don’t let your dog bother it. One winter day Iwas looking out my kitchen window at the snow covered ground as the snow was piling up and noticed in a big oak tree a large bird flapping it's wings, then hanging upside down from the branch and consequently falling to the ground. They are not destructive creatures and are really quite harmless. :) As long as they stay out of my bed I'm happy. Possums have a bad reputation of being very destructive in nature. It's always good to see you! Possums do not attack humans. As you can see, getting rid of rodents in our homes and on our farms is beneficial in many ways. All these horrible poisons are doing a number on us all. In 2008, Červený’s group, led by Hynek Burda, found that herds of cow and deer also. Further tests, however, found the strychnine poison. Well done. Connie Smith (author) from Southern Tier New York State on February 14, 2013: tsadjatko, What a terrific story. Hi torrilynn! Urge their immediate removal! Birds of prey that eat the poisoned rodents—or feed them to their young—develop tumors, bleed through their skin, become too lethargic to hunt, and either die from the effects of the poison or starve to death. You can also contact the EPA and caution them to cancel general-use registration of second-generation rodenticides.

Am sharing this one too. I like your suggestion. According to the Guardian, pest-control methods currently employed include trapping, ground baiting and hunting. But even NYC has acknowledged that these rat and mouse baits are too risky to use. Little do these people know that the warnings on rodent-killing … It is very informative and helpful. When confronted with something strange such as a poison pellet, they will often refuse to indulge themselves or else watch some other rat … They are very much appreciated! “There seem to be more moles in gardens, fields and on the sides of the roads this winter than I’ve ever seen and I’ve been called to kill about 4,000 of them, just in my locality,” he said. This means they are more closely related to weasels and otters. They’re all so easily debunked, but it’s like whack-a-mole – no sooner is one countered with the facts, than they trot out another one. I have just reached a point where I live and let live. In my neck of the woods, the rodents include deer mice, brown mice, voles, moles, possums, black and brown rats, grey, red, and flying squirrels, chipmunks, wild mink, ferrets, and gophers.

The world over, toxic pesticides show up in every species on this planet, including humans! Kill Gophers While You Sleep. The rate of rodent kill is high for the first two years or so when using second-generation poisons.

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