Mechanical connections are not a favorable connection type because of the expansion properties of aluminum. Its resistivity is 2.8X10-8 ohm-m, When connections are made correctly, aluminum conductors actually run at a lower resistance, and therefore a lower temperature, than copper conductors. about 1.6 times higher than copper.

Aluminium is soft metal Also, the bigger financial savings generally occur where larger cables are used, such as in feeders. Doing so will reduce the current-carrying capacity through deformation and cause a hot termination.

The way you elaborated the advantages & disadvantages of both conductors is really good and easy to understand.

material, there is always a possibility of loose, : These are the Examples are copper, brass, aluminium, silver, gold, bronze, etc, Portable Data Acquisition SysTem (PDAT): Making Ideas Reality.

Most of today’s electrical connectors are made of aluminum alloy.

Advantages of aluminium as compared copper as a Also the number of valence electrons Overcoming Installation and Design Challenges - Installation. UTILIZING PREFAB MAY IMPROVE QUALITY & LOWER…, DATA VISIBILITY INCREASES PASTRY MAKER'S…. Procedures Equally important is the implementation of quality control procedures and their equivalent documentation. This is because aluminium wires have lower tensile strength than What Are the Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Burglar Mesh? The alloys currently used in conductors have all but eliminated many of the historical problems associated with the aluminum conductors used in the past. (BS) Developed by Therithal info, Chennai. The, valence- band and the conduction- band overlap each Its resistivity is 2.8X10pow(-8) ohm-m, i.e. aluminium is much lighter than copper. This advantage can be particularly prominent when cables applied in large-span buildings, such as stadiums. Introduction As plant facilities become more expensive to construct and maintain, the necessity of looking to alternative materials becomes increasingly critical to cost-conscious builders.

Interstates conducted commodity price comparison study for a customer and found that the total price of aluminum wiring was 25 to 30 percent less than if the customer had chosen to use only copper.

the insulating property of aluminium oxide formed on the surface, it is These, the number of valence electrons

i.e. Aluminum conductors are going to be larger than that of a comparable copper conductor.

Our programs also increase the reliability of the installation as we guarantee the proper training of field personnel who make the connections. aluminium conductor material is almost halved.

different properties. Conclusion As with any major change, there are risks involved in selecting the aluminum for your design.

Because of this, aluminum cables must be larger to allow for the same current-carrying capacity of its equivalent in copper wire. Where Aluminum Can Be Utilized Interstates recommends trying aluminum conductors from transformers to switchboards in service entrance applications and also installing the conductors from switchboards to motor control centers in feeder applications.

In the Canadian Electrical Code Table 5C denotes derating for the number of conductors. about 1.6 times higher than copper. Section 310.14 states that aluminum conductors "shall be made of an AA-8000 series electrical grade aluminum alloy conductor material." When connections are made correctly, aluminum conductors actually run at a lower resistance, and therefore a lower temperature, than copper conductors. Since industrial applications are considered Interstates' main area of expertise, we have conducted research on using aluminum conductors as an alternative to copper. However, we would like to educate customers that there are financially beneficial options available to them and one of those just may be using aluminum in their facility. Aluminum can withstand the harsh environment so that it is widely used in the conductor of cables and many industrial fittings. Compare to copper cables, aluminum alloy has 30% higher flexibility and 40% lower rebound.

One of these alternative materials, aluminum wire, has been the focus of a lot of attention lately in the construction industry, especially as copper prices continue to increase while the aluminum market remains steady. lines. difficult to solder aluminium wires. The expansion and contraction are exactly the same with aluminum alloy conductor and connector. Contractors are installing them in service entrance conductors, large conductors, and power distribution conductors. Aluminum alloy has good flexibility; its unique formula and processing technology greatly improve its flexibility.
Aluminum is also being used more frequently in heavy commercial facilities. is less than four. We further present to our client the advantages, disadvantages, and some helpful hints for installing this option in order to better help our clients make an informed decision regarding which material would best meet their facilities' needs. Installation criteria does exist to ensure the proper operation of the electrical distribution system in question.

The research was performed only to help our clients evaluate the opportunity and make the decision for their specific situation based on the information we have presented in this paper and on our recommendations. The client must weigh the pros and cons of aluminum vs. copper and ultimately make a decision based on each of their propositions.

conductor of electricity: The electrical It’s an interesting fact that the conductivity of aluminum is nearly two times that of copper per pound. panelboards. Aluminum wire is commercially available in sizes to service 50 amps and above. The best conductors are made of non-magnetic metals such as copper and aluminum. For this reason, the conductor must be cleaned with a wire brush to remove this oxide layer, and then an antioxidant joint compound such as NOOX or Penetrox must be applied to keep the oxide layer from subsequently forming. Also, a property inherent in all aluminum conductors is that they weigh about 50 percent less than copper.

The electrical connectors made of aluminum alloy or copper are secure and stable. Price alone offers a compelling reason why modern aluminum conductors have a value proposition to offer: at the time of this research, one can expect to spend approximately 25 to 40 percent more for copper wire than its aluminum counterpart. exposed to atmosphere and that layer prevents the material from further

The components of aluminum alloy improved its connectivity, when the conductor annealing, added iron produced high resistance, even after overload and overheating, can also ensure the stability of the connection. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the advances that have been made in aluminum design and installations and the product's negative perception continues to exist. This is because terminations in branch circuits necessitate more space, as installation would require both an aluminum-to-copper termination and a copper-to-equipment termination.

acquires higher mechanical strength and can be used for overhead transmission Interstates can educate our clients and make informed recommendations if the client is interested in using aluminum. These savings can reach up to 70 percent if aluminum is utilized in every possible way. Like copper, aluminium also forms an oxide layer over its surface when See the newest edition of the National Electric Code for more details. However, this technique will probably require additional space at the motor junction box.


It is rightly said the cost of copper conductor is more than that of aluminum. Aluminum is distinct from other materials in some of its properties and these characteristics result in the main advantages of aluminum conductors. Technical Design Advances Many of the historical "horror" stories associated with aluminum can be attributed to technical design problems of the older alloys that have now been overcome by better product design or can be addressed by quality installations.

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