You can read our guide to the 0142 error for more information. When your hard drive is infected with virus or malware that has eaten some storage space, and then hard drive only showing half capacity issue occurs, so you can perform anti-virus software to keep your device clean and safe. Help! Thanks for your help. This error code means the SMART Predictive Failure has failed. It also includes a case study involving the Dell error code, so you can see other possible reasons for it. You run the Diagnostic tool on your computer ? If the one you see on your computer is not listed here, there is a full glossary, which should help you fix it. With this error code, it means your BIOS has detected a hard drive issue. Code 0xc0000185. No warranty and I have to replace another hard drive.. in the space of a year. If the system is out of warranty, post the complete model number (i.e., XPS L502x, Inspiron 5521, etc.) Error Code 2000-0151 - Hard Drive incorrect status 3E Smart Predicitve Failure, RE: Error Code 2000-0151 - Hard Drive incorrect status 3E Smart Predicitve Failure.

When the boot device list appears, highlight Diagnostics and press Enter, The computer begins to run the Pre-boot System Assessment, a series of embedded diagnostics that perform initial testing on your system board, keyboard, hard drive, and display, If the Pre-boot System Assessment completes successfully, you receive the message Booting Dell Diagnostic Utility Partition, Press any key to start the Dell Diagnostics from the Diagnostics utility partition on your hard drive, After the Dell Diagnostics loads and the Main Menu screen appears, click the button for the option you want to run -. Please make a note of the error message.Awaiting your response! Where possible, make sure it is connected properly. #IWork4DellOrder StatusDrivers and Manuals. Attach it to the system by USB once you have it up and running on a new drive -- you may be able to recover some or all of your data files from the drive. You can send it to Gillware’s data recovery lab. Go to Solution.

Get a more detailed explanation about Dell Error Code 0141: Dell Error Code 0141: What Is Is and How to Fix It. 3E no additional sense information. SMART is a technology designed to warn you when your disk drive has become unreliable. . It gives me the same Error Code: 2000-0142. Anyone know what the issue is or whether it can be fixed? Technical support will need this information to diagnose the problem. Plus, we have a special partnership with Dell and our Dell data recovery experts are able to provide affordable, world-class services to Dell customers. Anything can be lost when your hard drive stops working and if you haven’t backed them up, how do you get it back? for more information. Use the same methods above to try and solve the issue. Today morning when I turn on my laptop, I got an error from Intel Rapid Storage that the laptop may fail and I must take a bacjup. Your SATA/IDE cable may be damaged. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having your hard drive fail, you should consider sending it in to a professional data recovery lab for an evaluation. Error Message: Hard Drive – Drive error detected. Hi I am a Dell user. Then run the diagnostics again. Solved! If the one you see on your computer is not listed here, there is a full, lab. You can diagnose this with a. . I have the same error code 2000-0151 but my computer won't load I ran the diagnostic and the hard drive image has a red X beside it. Hi akonyk,Well it is quite annoying when the computer doesn’t work fine. and someone can recommend a replacement drive. Update to the latest BIOS and hard drive firmware and restart. We offer a completely secure service to keep our customers happy. Reseat the hard drive if you are comfortable in doing so.I would recommend you to run diagnostics on the computer. Here we can recover data that’s stored on a HDD, SSD and more. If yes, you're getting the same error code 2000-0151 as others in this thread? The test typically takes 10 to 20 minutes and requires no interaction on your part, Extended Test: Performs a thorough check of devices.

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