A: You've written favorably about the idea of using the drug war as our lead issue. Crane won, by a pretty large margin. Most people are aware that it's not working very well and are therefore looking (at least on an unconscious level) for at least some kind of change. Pipp had two more friends down there: Eric Westling, and Luke Zell. Dave turned over a copy of the organization’s membership list to another young libertarian he’d met, Jarret Wollstein, who used it to launch the Society for Rational Individualism (SRI), one of the first modern libertarian organizations in America. In fact, he ran an article in his newsletter basically saying that this was a silly idea, that the time had not come, and that we'd be wasting our time. democracy? If the San Diego LP split off from California and became a separate state party, it would be one of the ten largest.). My understanding is that there were several meetings of libertarians and anarchists and Objectivists, a whole spectrum of people who could generally be called "libertarians" at least in the broad sense. Photo by Carol Moore.Licensed under Creative Commons, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.. He’s a co-founder of the Libertarian Party — in fact, that party was formed in his own living room in 1971. by Doris Gordon. A: In addition to Mr. Zell, who else was around back then? - David Nolan It probably is the right place for the headquarters to be at this point.

The five points enumerated here are not a A: I wanted to ask you about your idea to run more people for Congress. “We’re definitely picking up a lot of velocity, and that’s the cumulative effect of all the work that all of us have done.” He points to the Advocates list of “64 Libertarian Organizations” (published in the previous Liberator) and notes jokingly, “There are more organizations on that list than there were libertarians 25 years ago. November 21, 2010: We are deeply saddened to learn of Dave’s untimely death today. You can't really talk about the war on drugs and why we should not be in Macedonia. I sincerely believe that. We are living more and more in a surveillance state. In the early ’60′s Dave entered M.I.T., first as an architectural student, then switching to major in political science.

Over the last 30 years, the Republicans have gotten steadily worse. “I thought, ‘Maybe we can delineate this on some kind of map, using a two-axis graph.’ As far as I could determine, no one had ever taken that kind of engineering/analytical/graphical approach to the world of political beliefs.”. We got 1.7 million votes for Congress, even though we only covered 60% of the country. Running for water commissioner is all very good, but all you get to do is talk about water. So contrast that with the number of votes that Harry Browne got, a little under 400,000, and you're looking at about seven-to-one. He grew up in nearby Maryland suburbs. A: What about the big names, like Murray Rothbard? gold or silver). In 1970, he created a new map of the political world that has all but replaced the old-fashioned left-right linear model. Interesting stories about famous people, biographies, humorous stories, photos and videos. It would have made it more plausible to run national TV spots. Educated At: John contacted Pipp, who was a like minded person -- they were both very much into Ayn Rand and the whole Objectivist movement at the time. A: What were your expectations for the LP back in 1971, and how has the party's evolution diverged from what you thought would happen? crime- real crime- as anyone. At some date in the fairly near future, all your medical records become essentially the property of the government.

And Nixon basically said, "We're tired of being on the gold standard; we don't want that thing standing in our way, so as of now the U.S. dollar is no longer redeemable in gold, anywhere, anytime, anyhow." We are helping to redefine the political spectrum, and hold up the standard at one end.

Interestingly enough, the city council in Westminster passed a resolution in 1996 to officially commemorate the founding of the Libertarian Party in their city. She was a very gung-ho Libertarian in those days, the late '70s, so she recruited a lot of her businesswomen friends to at least come to some of our events, hear our speakers, and learn about the party. The NRA is pretty good, on its one narrow issue -- but they've gotten worse and worse over the years, which is why we now have Gun Owners of America, and the Citizens' Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and JPFO, and all these other groups that are doing what the NRA should be doing. But by 1974, he'd done a complete 180, something Rothbard was well-known for doing over his life on every conceivable issue. I don't like to have to say this, but I think the odds are more likely that America will slide into a kinder, gentler fascism -- by which I mean kinder and gentler than Mussolini's, but not much. Even if we didn't get credit for them, they would be changes for the good, and we'd like to see them in our lifetime. The reason I think the drug war is so important and needs to be our primary issue is because it impacts everything else. It's entirely possible that someone or more than one person spoke at those events and threw that idea out for consideration. But in a less-than-ideal We are the last, best hope for freedom in America.

Anyone who thinks All rights reserved by Ari Armstrong. (I'd been running ads in the back of libertarian publications, or what there were in those days, little newsletters and so forth.). Yet on issues of personal freedom, and opposition to the Vietnam War, he found himself frequently allied with liberals. In Denver, you fought things like light rail and the stadium, with varying degrees of success. But we got a surprising amount of press coverage out of that first press conference in January. Basically, there's a debate over whether it was founded in Westminster or in Colorado Springs.

The counter-argument is the synergy argument. Colorado Springs, CO. November 23, 2010. We haven't achieved that level of influence. There are a lot of forces arrayed against us that have a vested interest in maintaining and expanding the statist system we now live under, and making it worse, in the sense that we're all going to be carrying national I.D. He’s served the Libertarian Party in countless ways. He ran unsuccessfully as a Libertarian for the United States House of Representatives in Arizona’s 8th congressional district election, 2006 and received 1.9% of the vote. At that juncture, now a little over three years away in terms of the election, I think it's very likely that the people of the United States are going to have to choose between a lot more freedom and a lot less freedom.

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