In terms of content, the following outline provides basic details regarding what each subtest covers, as well as the number of questions and allotted testing times for each subtest: The most effective way to ensure you pass the CTEL exam on your first attempt is to prepare using the most thorough, reliable test preparation materials you can find. The holder of CTEL degree is allowed to provide specialized education to English Learners(EL). Students with positive attitudes may learn a new language more successfully than students with negative attitudes. Examples of demonstrating literal comprehension include identifying the main idea and supporting details, sequencing events, locating specific information, and summarizing.

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is a feeling that causes one to act in an uncomfortable or unnatural way. This section tests your knowledge on the appropriate way to use the English language to communicate in various social and academic situations. It requires the reader to use his or her own experience to evaluate the writing. The ultimate aim of the CTEL is to ensure California students are working with English language educators who adhere to the State’s stringent educational standards designed to provide a high quality education for every student. The basic procedure for explicitly teaching a new vocabulary word includes introducing the word, giving a definition of the word that is meaningful to students, and using the word in a variety of examples. This section tests your knowledge on the sociocultural and political factors that influence second-language development and the implications they may have on the English learner. These sub tests include questions in both multiple-choice as well as constructed-response format. This subtest has 3 domains, each with specific competencies: Foundations of English Language/Literacy Development and Content Instruction, Approaches and Methods for ELD and Content Instruction. Teachers can use the strategy of facilitating an open discussion with guiding questions with norms established beforehand to ensure communication and language will be respectful and inoffensive.

Here are some concepts that will more than likely appear on the test. Pair-Work: Students work with a partner to complete a task. Language skills are advancing and being used in grade-level appropriate ways. Students who have teachers with high expectations may learn a new language more successfully than students who have teachers with low expectations. A morpheme is a grammatical unit of a language that cannot be broken down any further. This section tests your ability to teach English learners the language with attention to phonology and morphology. A variety of sociopolitical factors can affect ELs English language development. The CTEL exam consists of three subtests that can be taken separately or altogether. The Language and Language Development subtest has 50 multiple-choice questions and 1 essay. The CTEL was designed with specific knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) in mind, and implemented with the goal of assessing English language educators’ comprehension of those specific KSAs. This section tests your knowledge on the procedures and strategies to use to successfully implement SDAIE in the classroom. Principles of Standards-Based Assessment and Instruction, Foundations of Programs for English Learners, Instructional Planning and Organization for ELD and SDAIE, Components of Effective Instructional Delivery in ELD and SDAIE, Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE).

Other academic content is not the focus.

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