These are the regulator/rectifiers I use on my Lifan conversions. However the mounting holes are 1 inch farther … Blinker/flashers and horn wont work with AC though. ATC110 to CT90 is also a bolt up. I Chabged out the fullwave rectifier at the battery replaced a blown fuse. Then maybe they could be installed on the lifan engine.

(5) 5 product ratings - Honda Exhaust Gasket ATC90,110 CB350,400 CT90 ST90 XL75,80,100 XR75,80,100 Lifan Engine Swap . COIL WIRE WITH 6MM MOUNTING HOLE (303W), LEVER/PURCH COVER SET (1RH_1LH) UNIVERSAL FITMENT, Honda CT90 Kill Switch Adaptor for CDI Ignition Clone Conversion 12VDCIR-MKS 1/20P (356A), * KICK PEDAL LEVER CT110 OFF-SET 15MM ID FOR SHAFT 336T. Atc engine has a frame mount off the front of the head, I will measure to be sure it doesn't reach the front fender. How much should it be putting out? Did you have trouble hooking up a clutch lever/cable to the new engine?

CT90_CT110_C70 1/20M 268T (S1098), AIR FILTER STRAIGHT TAPERED 35mm (300019) S1038, CHROME COVERS_&_GOODIES SOME_MODELS PLEASE_READ FOR_FITMENT, ADDING_YOUR ATC70_PULLSTART TO_A_NEW_LIFAN ENGINE. It can be adapted though, the same way people swap in the Chinese engines, which are all mostly copies of Honda 50/70 series engines. Motorcycle juice, mmm. I would like to know how the Lifan 125 (no sub trans) compares with the CT90 (with subtrans) when it comes to off-road riding when you are creeping along slowly over rough and/or steep terrain. It sounds really small, and it is, but it hauls ass, and is just as capable off-road as it is on the road. I'm going to start a new thread on 'Cycle electrical theory' and see if we can get some things sorted out for the good of all. 28degrees at the moment changing motors … heartwarming work , cheers , Brian. everyone get your particulate masks on! (111HLU) (OFF_ROAD_USE_ONLY), C70 PASSPORT HEADLIGHT ASSY WITH REPLACEABLE BULB (400020) (OFF_ROAD_USE_ONLY), ATC70 AND_OTHER_ATC'S HEADLIGHT ASSY 1/16P (ATC70HL/10A) exed sorry discontinued, HEADLIGHT_ASSY WITH REPLACEABLE_BULB CT90K2_AND_UP CT110_ST90_ALL (CT70_91/94_READ) 1/14I (400019) (OFF_ROAD_USE_ONLY), HEADLIGHT_SOCKET Z50K1/78 CT70K0_HK0 CT90KO_K1 ALL_ATC90'S (23L), 6V_15W_15W Headlight_Bulb (sold_each) (atc90) (10A) (BULB110), 6V_25w_25w HEADLIGHT BULB CT200 CT90KO/K1 (ATC110_to_1980) (BULB113), HALOGEN BULB 6 VOLT 15W/15W 3 TAB BASE (FITS_400019_HL_ASSY) (FITS_1002W_SOCKET) 7/17R (277P), HALOGEN BULB 6 VOLT 20W/20W 3 TAB BASE (FITS_400019_HL_ASSY) (FITS_1002W_SOCKET) 7/17R (277L), HALOGEN BULB 6 VOLT 25W/25W 3 TAB BASE (FITS_400019_HL_ASSY) (FITS_1002W_SOCKET) 7/17R (330Y), 6 VOLT 35W/35W HALOGEN CT200 CT90K0 (ATC90_ALL) (ATC110_W/POINTS) (DON'T_TOUCH_THE_GLASS) 1/20A (330X), 6_VOLT TAIL_LIGHT_BULB S25 6V 15.7/3W (15F) (BULB111), 6V_21_WATT TURNSIGNAL BULB SOLD_EA (6V_TB) (BULB109), BULB_BLINKER 6V 10W A4115 BA15S G18 7/18P (AFT297C) (BULB108), 6_VOLT_3W DASH_BULBS SPEDO_LIGHTS REPLACES_OEM_# 34902_202_000 (SOLD_EACH) (A62) (B40A) (BULB104), 6_VOLT_1.7W DASH_BULB REPLACES_OEM_# 34908_230_000 (BULB_51) (BULB101), 6V_1.7_WATT BULB CT110 TURN/SPEEDO BULB 82 TO 86 CT110'S (B555) (BULB105), 6V_3_WATT NEUTRAL BULB CT110 82_THRU_86 (B42M) (BULB102), 6V_1.2_WATT DASH_&_OR HIGH_BEAM SEE_APPLICATIONS CT90KO CT90K6_TO_CT110 S90_CT200 (SOLD_EACH) (B43E) (BULB103), 6_VOLT_2.0CP 14MM_ROUND_GLASS (#55_BULB) (BULB119), 12V DASH BULB FOR CONVERTING 6V TO 12V (82_TO_85_ATC110_TAIL_LIGHT) (215M) (BULB106), 12V3.4W_2CP DASH_BULB C70 PASSPORT 1982_+_1983 (218J) (BULB107), *12V_2W PASSPORT DASH_BULB (high_beam) 1/19M (79J), 12V_25W/25W HEAD LIGHT BULB (HL113) (BULB115), 12_VOLT TAIL_LIGHT_BULB 82_&_83_PASSPORTS 1991_to_94_CT70's (MOST_ALL_BIKES) (1157) (BULB114), 12_VOLT TURN SIGNAL BULBS SINGLE ELEMENT (BULB116), 12v_RED_BULBS FOR_CLEAR TAIL_LIGHT_LENS (SOLD_EACH) (274J), 12V_35W_35W REPLACEMENT BULB LOTS_OF_ATV'S AND FOR_400019 (BULB117), *OEM STANLEY HEADLIGHT BULB 12V_45W/45W ATC110 ATC125M ATC185 ATC200 (SEE_FITMENT_!!) I’m wondering this too. I had to put brackets on the lower rear mount ,I also had to cut off a 1/4″ from the rear mount to get the drive sprocket to align with the final rear wheel sprocket; I had to slot, carefully the intake manifold holes so that the carbyturned and missed that frame. (SEE_PICTURE), 12V_or_6V CT70 REGULATOR RECTIFIER_PIGTAIL CLICK FOR_INSTRUCTIONS (SUB_W_12/12/6/6), *38" LONG SUB_WIRE REAR BLINKERS/TAIL BRAKE LIGHT 7/20M (99C), *EXHAUST_DONUT ALLZ50_XR50_CRF ALL_PASSPORT'S CT110_ALL CT70_KO/82 ALL_CT200'S TRX90_ALL LIFANs/CLONES 1/16M (B16C), CT70_ENGINE_SWAP CONVERTING_TO 12_VOLT CT70K0/HK0 WIRING_KIT, 6_VOLT REGULATOR RECTIFIER CONVERTS_12V CLONE_ENGINES TO_6_VOLT!!

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