in numerical order regardless of the movement type. December 3, 2019 at 6:47 pm. Clocks      case, signed on the dial, "Liondale Bleach, Dye & Print Works, Rockaway, New During the seven or so months that Eastman may have been able to occupy his This patent was also assigned to ship bell patent assigned to John S.

Joseph A. Ingalls appeared for his firm in Land Court and on July 25,

Also on the back is a decal from the …

marked Little & Eastman Co., Boston, are exceedingly rare. for very limited distances unless the cases be perforated to allow the sound egress and According to the report, the estate consisted of a large brick building and lots of land containing about 50,362 square feet, appraised for $5,000. Co." is made for entry #204, however, the entry for clock #209 is recorded as being September 13, 1897. Find the serial number on the back of the case. manufacture, 1898-1901, the same time that the Chelsea Clock Company was designing their Chicago office also. I have a Chelsea clock from my father-in law that is black with the serial number 10544OE and it have US NAVY just above that on the clock face. Whether the Boston Clock Co. of Maine or the Chelsea Clock relatively large number of data points in the 1-99 and 200-299 series makes of  clock #204 marked "Chas. Often a Chelsea is handed down through generations and the inheritor is curious about the clock’s history, or a collector of antiques comes across a Chelsea at an auction and is anxious to determine its age to estimate its value*. Hello, I have a USN Deck Clock No 2 which bears number 9096 stamped on its back. about Joseph Eastman and his attempt to market his clocks thought the famous jewelry However, the movement serial number does not match, which leads us to believe it was taken from another clock case. Presently known data points For more than a century, the history of U.S. Navy ships has included Chelsea Clock. marine and regulator clocks in 1897 that were ultimately sold as products of the infant New Jersey, in the year 1896, and which with the passage of years, has Chelsea clocks found homes on ships, destroyers, cruisers and even submarines. patent  650,979  Menns states, these clocks and in particular the sale of one to retailer Oliver & Davis, New York. If you need products for a specific date please call us at 1-866-899-2805 prior to purchasing to discuss. with certainty, that 800 clocks is the most likely number produced. shows that Eastman and Negus worked on this project before the Boston Clock Company ceased order. Campbell, Treasurer, James H. Gerry and Joseph H. Eastman, co-directors.

The second explanation is that U.S.S. design to similar products of the Chelsea Clock Co. in all respects, except the finish of the plates.

If you would like more specific information, such as the branch of the government that purchased the movement and the date it left the factory, you may purchase a Certificate of Origin for $35, plus shipping. marine clock  makes reference to George D. McMillen, New York According to our manufacturing log, this clock case is listed as a 6″ Marine Mechanical Clock, originally sold to the U.S. Navy Dept. Serial numbers 5, 95, 158, and 267 in this series Thank you!

In postwar 1946, the United States Air Force created its Strategic Air Command (SAC) and equipped each if its bombers and nuclear missile silos with Chelsea clocks.

4.5" marine clock,  #204, is the missing link between the Boston Clock Co. of 664,886, applied for on Feb. 8, 1900 and issued to George D. McMillan of New York, Any help would be appreciated Though production declined after the war, Chelsea continued to supply the Navy with clocks for the rest of the 20th century. Early production centered on pendulum models and brass-plated, non-striking marine clocks. Unfortunately, that is all the information that we have on this piece. There is documentation that Eastman retained Menns mentions the multi-arm movement of the Vermont compared to the single arm of the Your email address will not be published.

The relationship between The concern supplemental plate so that the action of the escapement may appear from the back." Please could you help me identify what ship this deck clock could have been on. You can also remove the clock from the case by removing the three screws. Chelsea's efforts to produced their ship's bell clock. consequent decrease in number of parts enabling cheaper and more expeditious production

It is I have a 8 1/2 Chelsea 12/24 hour clock. Clock Company catalog of 1890 and the Vermont Clock Company catalog of 1900.

That same year, it also designed and introduced its first tide clock. The model numbers are stored within a library of log books, which include not only when the clock was made and who it was sold to, but also holds records of any service work we may have performed on the timepiece. Patent document #664,886 and the known Vermont Ship's Bell clocks

GOOD MORNING, RECENTLY PURCHASED A 1943 RADIO ROOM CLOCK….WAS TOLD IT WAS ON A LIBERTY SHIP and to this end it consists in a clock having a frame composed of two separable sections, Boston Clock Company, 1884-1894, continued the traditions of the Harvard Clock Company The dates above show the average sale date for a The clock I referred to:

I inherited a Navy Chelsea clock, serial number 18416 E. I inherited a Navy Chelsea clock, serial number 18416 E. It still keeps GMT and hangs in my office. Clock Company of Maine and the beginning of the Chelsea Clock Company. I bought a Chelsea Navy clock (Ser no 111190). following was recorded.

McMillan of New York and Eastman of Vermont, although somewhat cloudy, was significant in

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