Coat the entire surface using this method. Stone Creations of Long Island looks forward to hearing from…, Few more details on the house and this ones a wrap. Phone calls were made to [redacted] on 5/15, 5/16, 5/21, 6/10, 6/17, 6/18, 7/9, 7/28, 8/13, 8/27, 9/4, 9/9, 9/23, as well as other dates which did not get recorded. Sharing is caring!

Ledgestone- 3pc Design Kit. In fact, we are barely at the home due to our work schedules. The real issue here, in my opinion, is that Cambridge is manufacturing these stones, and they are not durable enough to be in a place that is actually utilized. We received your letter dated July 22, 2016 on Monday, July 25, 2016. Concrete Sealer Review is back in 2020 with the latest tips and trends for your concrete and brick paver sealers. Best Brick Paver Sealer Reviews 2020 4.9/5 (1,258). SuperSeal 30 Gloss The color Sahara/Chestnut is exactly what we sell on a daily basis. With regards to Mr. [redacted]'s comments, the cast stone steps on his project have not deteriorated.

There are small voids on the steps (we have photography of all) the largest which was the size of a dime. Take in consideration that results may differ due to prepping procedures, different surface types, different weather exposure, etc. - - (631) 678-6896, Stone Creations of Long Island Pavers and Masonry offers a variety of services to fit all your home exterior needs. Good luck.

Concrete Sealer Review is back in 2020 with the latest tips and trends for your concrete and brick paver sealers. In fact, Mr. [redacted]'s response that day was not that this was something that we caused - his concern was more in line with how he was going to get the contractor to support the product and install a new set for us. The Collection is comprised of Ledgestone 3 Pc. I was eventually able to speak to [redacted] and he came out to see the defect, where he agreed it should not be doing that, took pictures and told me he would look into the best way to rectify the problem. The paver sealer can be applied using various methods but typically a garden type pump sprayer works best. The old world meets low maintenance, modern durability in Mega-Cambridge™ pavers.

It is likely the labor and cost involved that is the real issue here. Finding the right patio paver design idea is a fun project.

On a follow up call, he let us know that he had calls out to get these replaced for us.

2. We recently had our Cambridge pavers powerwashed, sanded and sealed. Sealer was applied 4 years after pavers were laid. From driveways and masonry to outdoor living and poolscapes. Black Diamond Wet Look Stone Sealer Review 1/5..., Restoring them will bring back color to the pavers. Review: While rebuilding from Superstorm Sandy I redid my driveway with new pavers.

Sep 1, 2020 - With Cambridge Pavingstones with Armortec, the design possibilities are endless! The sealer kept the moisture from evaporating so I paid more money to have the sealer remove with much work and power washing. We do not even shovel the snow off the steps - we use a broom to brush it off. Over the next couple of years more and more rust! Clean up the pavers and rinse them well. I had them reset a year ago due to they were falling on the edges.

We received your letter dated October 24, on Tuesday, October 29, 2014. I have sent them pictures and they continue to disregard my claim.

There are small voids on the steps (we have photography of all) the largest which was the size of a dime. I would like to find a professional company to clean, recolor and seal my concrete paver driveway. Copyright © 2020 Cambridge Pavers, Inc. All Rights Reserved. How about an all-weather rug that can create a cozy space by a fire pit or fireplace? Could be many reasons for a white haze. [redacted] inspected the lights when at the property and they were glowing exactly as they should. Suitable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. I am disgusted with the lack of support from Cambridge for their products - I now understand why most contractors prefer to use Nicolock, and why we had to search high and low for someone to actually install Cambridge stones. We explained that the issue is not with the front steps, but with the back steps.

The product does not chip and voids do not appear after the fact.

Enjoy Deer Park, NY 11729 - #stonecreationsoflongisland #pavers #masonry #patios #pools #driveways #outdoorliving #pros #longislandpavers #cambridgepavers, Boring home exteriors are out! [redacted]

What sealer do you recommend and can a non-professional purchase it at a local store (Lowes, Ace, etc.)

After the first year we started seeing the rust coming through.

Business Your response is entirely unacceptable and disgraceful. Supreme Shield SB-600 Wet Look Review 2020 4.6/5 (25), You should have laid down a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood over the pavers to protect them from the plate vibrator doing a 32 sq. As it states in our brochure on page 97-the blended colors shown are combinations of two or three solid colors.

Cambridge received a call/email on 5/2/2014 and Mr. [redacted]’s project was visited twice within two months (June 24, 2014 @ 3:00PM and July 30, 2014 @ 1:45PM). This includes all materials used to produce concrete pavers and specifications with regards to length, thickness, and color. There is not a way to lighten or stain them. I picked my paver color of an existing project, when mine where installed the color is yellow, orange, Venetian Travertine, I hate it against my brick. The first order of business is to wash the pavers using a brick paver or concrete cleaner. of pavingstones installed for their project and after all was completed then stated they were unhappy with the color. These colors are mixed in unequal amounts for an outcome that is truly unique to each pavingstone.

Installation: Stone Creations of Long Island #patio #outdoor #diningarea #dining #outdoorliving, Add a unique pattern to your brand new patio with Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec! Installation: Stone Creations of Long Island #poolpatio #pool #outdoorliving #outdoor #hardscape, Have dinner outdoors in your brand new space created with Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec! Most of all have fun creating your classic blue canvas!

Why blue you ask? Regardless, the product Mr. [redacted] has looks fine- there is no need for it to be replaced. See more ideas about Pavingstones, Cambridge pavingstones, Pavers. The only ones I have found are in Florda and New Jersey. ft. area at a time. Add contact information for Cambridge Pavers Inc. This is our busiest time of year and I feel two jobsite visits fell right in line with our customer service. Just because your sales rep made two personal visits does not absolve your company of the liability for your product. Your response is entirely unacceptable and disgraceful. The three-piece system is available in three thicknesses for increased design flexibility. or online? This is a natural rock faced product. Available colors: Limestone Quarry Blend, Toffee/Onyx, Toffee/Onyc Lite, Sahara/Chestnut, Sahara/Chestnut Lite Feel free to post a picture. On all Cambridge materials- label clearly states installation equals acceptance of material.

Mr. [redacted]'s claims have not been ignored or disregarded. These marks did not “just appear” in 2014. The paver sealer will help to restore color to the pavers and will solidify the joint sand to keep weeds and moss from growing between the pavers.

This was explained to Mr. [redacted]. Try Supreme Shield SB-600. To fix you will need to chemically strip this.

It almost looks like the material is shedding. The pavers were originally mustard color – now, they are brown. A matte finish may not alter the appearance of the pavers but a wet look or gloss finish will help to darken the pavers and bring back some of their original colors. Best Regards, [redacted] Cambridge Pavers, Inc. We received your letter. These marks did not “just appear” in 2014.

I have found the Cambridge 'glow in the dark pavers' to be disappointing, and I have found the Territiory Sales Manager (Mr. [redacted] to be an equally poor choice. We are meticulous about everything we do, and it is beyond insulting that you could accuse us of doing "damage" to our own property, in a means to hide your poor quality of product. MasonrySaver Paver Sealer.

The use of concrete setting beds may also increase the possible occurrence of efflorescence. No follow up, no note, nothing. Cambridge received a call/email on 5/2/2014 and Mr. [redacted]’s project was visited twice within two months (June 24, 2014 @ 3:00PM and July 30, 2014 @ 1:45PM). [redacted] showed up after work hours, at 8:30PM at night, and Mr. [redacted] was a no show for the meeting. These alleged 'glow in the dark pavers' were advertised as solar powered.

ArmorTec® Difference; Dealer Locator; Find a Pro Installer; Design Solutions; Cambridge in the News; PAVINGSTONE SYSTEMS. In fact, Mr. [redacted]'s response that day was not that this was something that we caused - his concern was more in line with how he was going to get the contractor to support the product and install a new set for us. The stones are merely made of cast material, which is likely susceptible to porosity issues. These pavers give your hardscape a natural look and feel that evokes another age.

Is there a way to make them darker. Mr. [redacted] was stubborn & adamant stating that these pavers are working fine but that my driveway and location was the problem. I had to add pavers to my driveway I have purchased multicolored pavers three years ago. Design Kit and 18 x 18, and QuartzTec™. Underneath that section is another point which pertains to this installation- Achieving the best color dispersion- when spreading Cambridge pavingstones, solid or blended colors over a wide area, remove units by the band, from top to bottom and use multiple cubes of pavers to achieve optimum results.

It can be used on pavers but stripping is not easy to do. One star is being generous!

There was no further action for us to be complete. As shown in our warranty on page 103 of our brochure (photo included) please read the following information: Polymeric haze from the use of polymeric joint sand may appear on your concrete products if the sand was not removed from the surface of the paver properly. I am Very hesitant to put sealer back on.

You would have to strip off the sealer to remove the wet look that is darkening the pavers. Thank you. In 2015 after we opened the pool we sent emails and pictures to Cambridge of the growing rust problems in several pavers. The blending of pavingstones when the product is installed is one of the most important steps. Visit an authorized dealer to see Blue Lagoon, Bluestone Blend, Limestone Quarry Blue, and Montauk Blue, in person to see which one catches your eye the most.

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