She said not to chase after her anymore, unless he was ready to catch her. He was glad she was talking to him, and she told him she was letting go. When everybody left, Callie watched how Izzie was sitting on one of the benches.

[25], While Bailey was working on Meredith, she put Callie in charge of her interns.

He asked how much she payed for the food, and she said 800 bucks. Bei ihrer Hochzeit mit Arizona ist ihre Mutter nicht dabei, weil sie nicht damit zurechtkommt, dass Callie bisexuell ist. It lets us feel love. is a fictional character from the medical drama television series Grey's Anatomy, which airs on the ABC in the United States. She said he was right, that she didn't forgive him, and walked away. They gave each other a look and started laughing, which Addison noticed. At some point that day, Callie's patient was being operated on by Alex and Bailey without Callie even knowing about it. While Callie was cooking, Meredith told her that she had no idea what to say to Izzie, who was lying on the bathroom floor. While watching a surgery, Bailey, Addison and Callie had a conversation about motherhood.

Callie, die nicht angeschnallt war, erleidet schwere Kopf- und Thoraxverletzungen. [3], However, George didn't call her, so Callie started to ignore him. Cause nothing almost cost you your career," Bailey says. Arizona betrügt Callie am Ende der 9. [14] Fans refer to the relationship between the two by the portmanteau "Calzona" (for Callie + Arizona). After Mark and George's patient came out of surgery, Callie talked to George. Callie Torres Callie came to Erica's defense, naming some of Erica's qualities. Callie leaves, telling Richard he'll regret it and she deserves to be an attending because she is a superstar. Addison overheard what she said, and when Callie sat down, Addison asked her if she and Erica were a couple, because it seemed like they were. Calliope "Callie" Iphigenia Torres (geschiedene O'Malley) ist eine starke, unabhängige orthopädische Chirurgin am Seattle Grace, die zum ersten Mal in der zweiten Staffel auftaucht, und später George O'Malley (in Vegas) heiratet, sich jedoch kurze Zeit später wieder von ihm scheiden lässt. ... 10 Facts About Callie Torres Many Fans Don't Know. She begins working at the neighboring Mercy West hospital, and when the two hospitals merge, she is promoted to an attending surgeon. While Izzie was looking for George in the wedding chapel, Callie told her he'd be late as it was a big day for them too. And I think people have families, people have lives. Nobody's making comments about how there are African-Americans on the show and an Asian on the show.

As a Latin person, I was really proud to see the ethnic people on the show. Addison confessed to her that she felt like she ended up alone. Alex and Callie slept together after a big surgery involving reconstruction of a man's legs was successful when Callie was a 4th-year resident. While Callie and her father were arguing about her relationship (her father was disappointed that everything went so fast without he and his wife even knowing she was seeing someone), George remembered the sex he had with Izzie. Sie hat mit Erica Sonnenaufgangs-Yoga gemacht. At the reception, the newlyweds prepared for the father/daughter dance. She then invited him to assist her on a cool ortho case. She's very competitive but does have a sense of self, so she doesn't need to win all the time. Callie doesn't seem to have a problem with people seeing her in her underwear, evidenced by the time she peed in front of Izzie and Meredith and later changed into her scrubs in a crowded ER. While dancing, George kissed her and thanked her. While looking for George in the clinic to have the coffee date, Meredith told her that he was with Izzie. The Chief told her to get it together and left. Together, they purchased an apartment and lived there until Owen and Cristina moved out.

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