This model will fit many types of handguns. Chest pack holsters are preferable for several carry situations, including back packing, hiking, and fishing in remote areas, for deep concealment, or exterior carry chest holsters built into tactical vests worn by law enforcement or military personnel. 0000004267 00000 n Durability: The holster should be able to withstand rough duty use including adverse weather conditions.

Leather Chest Holster for Revolvers with Thumb Break.

Universal Spec-Ops Pistol Harness could also be used to hold a canister of bear spray. $25.75 $ 25. 0000619589 00000 n

0000791675 00000 n It is a Kydex Level I retention holster with three adjustable chest straps, available in multiple color schemes including black and camouflage. 0000694703 00000 n

It's a perfect 1911 chest holster, if you carry a Delta Elite or other 10mm in the backcountry. 0000791255 00000 n Many of the critical reviews sounded like people were using it beyond its intended function, e.g., heavy, large frame handguns, or improperly adjusting the straps.

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0000737147 00000 n Since weather changes here in an instant, a holster worn on the chest often endures rain, mud, saltwater, abuse from brush, and anything else the extreme Alaskan seasons can dish out. Leather Chest Holster For … The work is extremely high-quality I am very satisfied with the holster.

0000007788 00000 n The only time I have ever had violence between group therapy members involved women.

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This is a Blackhawk CQC holster for a Beretta 92/96 model pistol. Among all of the holsters I discussed here, and others I researched, there were always a small number of very low ratings. Freedom of movement and accessibility for fishing, backpacking, hiking, and other backcountry activities where you may feel the need for a firearm in case a grizzly, wolf, mountain lion or rabid Sasquatch on meth commences to use your leg for a chew-toy.

It's also available as a revolver chest holster, if your woods carry gun is a .357 or .44 Magnum. 0000035988 00000 n The ActiveProGear Jogging Concealment Holster and BLACKHAWK! 0000791591 00000 n 0000790919 00000 n The Blackhawk Holster Selector Tool makes it simple and fast for you to select the right holster for your handgun 0000734129 00000 n 0000791759 00000 n (2009). 0000574533 00000 n 0000758505 00000 n The holster base is joined by a custom-molded retention shell, made for your make and model firearm. Retrieved August 27, 2017 from, _______________________________________________________________, David A. Porter is a Republican, Second Amendment advocate, and conservative academic, who has taught psychology and criminology for 21 years. Both types of bears are territorial and aggressive.

%PDF-1.4 %���� Comfort: you will be wearing some types of chest pack holster when carrying a back pack over rough terrain. The Blackhawk is a black nylon bag with a Level II retention buckle and adjustable shoulder and chest straps. This is also ideal for discreet concealed carry with no printing or flashing under a jacket. Harness: A holster which wraps around the chest and over the shoulder to carry a firearm displayed over clothing, or concealed under clothing.

This holster has been made from nylon, which is soft and comfortable over the body.

0000004010 00000 n

0000000016 00000 n The holster can be adjusted to work as a chest holster or a shoulder rig.

Carroll (2007) notes the advantages of chest holsters, including accessibility and retention, both if the bad guy (or bad girl *) is trying to take your gun, or you are running, climbing or falling. Modified shoulder holster: A shoulder holster harness which is modified to carry the firearm at chest level instead of under the arm. 0000005051 00000 n

Time to ditch the thigh holster? In any potential self-defense situation, including bear defense, prevention should be the first goal before resorting to lethal measures. 0000125428 00000 n Every holster has a tension screw.

This is a chest pack holster designed for runners. Accessibility when sitting in a vehicle e.g., patrol officers, or at a desk, e.g., detective, PO(Parole/Probation Officer), or other LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) who spends time in an office environment.

Retrieved August 25, 2017 from, Hofman, J. 0000005977 00000 n The gun fits perfectly right out of the box. Retention: especially important when doing outdoor activities, Weight: when hiking, added weight is a consideration. This Kydex chest holster features .08 Kydex for a firm holster and 1.5" chest straps and buckles.

Backpacker. Retrieved August 25, 2017 from, Herrel.

Sleeping alone in the woods while female. It is available in sizes M (33 to 38 inches to XL (45 to 50 inches), and in right or left handed models. 0000583692 00000 n

HCS Ausrüstungs GmbHAm Heiligenholz 838667 Bad HarzburgTelefon: +49 (0)5322 5 54 52 92E-Mail:, 5% RABATT AUF ALLES AUSSER BÜCHER: GUTSCHEINCODE: MWST, Blackhawk Serpa Jacket Slot Duty Belt Loop, Blackhawk cqc holster fuer hk p8 coyote coyote.

... (27) 27 product ratings - Blackhawk SERPA Concealment Gun Holster Size 11 Right Hand - Matte Finish. 0000002952 00000 n

0000139916 00000 n This chest pack holster is known for its good fit and retention.

0000036090 00000 n 0000792413 00000 n

0000769026 00000 n 0000089651 00000 n 0000632531 00000 n 0000703814 00000 n We use only MIL-W-17337 Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing. The Active Pro Jogging Concealment holster holds the gun tightly with no bouncing, and is sweat resistant/sweat proof. $169.82 $ 169. 0000552609 00000 n WideOpenSpaces. Holster shirt A holster shirt is a snug pullover with pockets at the chest to carry a concealed firearm. Universal Spec-Ops Pistol Harness, Active Pro Gear Jogging Concealment Holster, LINIXU Linixu Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster,,,,,, Gun Control: The maligned Second Amendment, The 5 Best IWB Holsters for Glock 19 Up to Gen 4 [REVIEWS], The Best Belly Band Holster: Reviews of [THE TOP 5], Choosing the Best Glock 20 Holster [OUR TOP 4], The 3 Best IWB Holsters for Bodyguard 380 Smith and Wesson M&P. 0000004527 00000 n OK, I exaggerated a bit about Bigfoot with rabies on meth, but in some remote wilderness areas, Grizzly or Kodiak bears may be a concern.

Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 4. 0000003076 00000 n 82. The incidence of violent crime perpetrated in remote wilderness areas if far less than the national average in urban areas (Smith, 2017). (2016). Blackhawk EDC, Tatical, and Duty Holsters. 0000006114 00000 n Retrieved August 25, 2017 from, Smith, J.R. (2017). 0000786231 00000 n

A Ruger Blackhawk in a beautiful Diamond D Guides Choice Chest Holster. 0

This is a chest pack holster designed for runners. K . 0000792094 00000 n 0000658105 00000 n 0000003478 00000 n

0000668536 00000 n He is the co-author of Gun Control: The maligned Second Amendment, The 5 Best IWB Holsters (Inside the Waistband for Concealed Carry), The 5 Best OWB Holsters (Outside the Waistband Carry). There were 10 Grizzly attack fatalities in the North America in the 2000’s (Herrel, 2009). Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved.

0000791843 00000 n 0000003321 00000 n It can be worn chest high, or low on the waist. The buyer has to consider the number of reviewers, and the percentage who were dissatisfied when choosing a holster.

startxref Right out of the box holster fit me well and carried my handgun effortlessly. Ask A Bear: How Many Bear Attacks, Really? 0000004658 00000 n Free Ground Shipping on All Orders | Expedited Options Available at Checkout, Due to COVID-19, We are Experiencing Delays Processing Returns and Refunds | See FAQs for Details, Watch the Blackhawk No Fail Series Featuring Travis Kennedy and Andy Stumpf, Copyright 2020 Blackhawk All Rights Reserved, T-Series L2D Light-Bearing Red Dot Sight (RDS) Duty Holster, T-Series L3D Light-Bearing Red Dot Sight (RDS) Duty Holster, T-Series L3D Non-Light Bearing Duty Holster, T-Series L2D Non-Light Bearing Duty Holster. Wide range of carry positions and carry styles allow you to browse through many holster models with great retention and a covered trigger guard, either open top holsters or holsters with a thumb break. 175 0 obj<>stream

27 product ratings - Blackhawk SERPA Concealment Gun Holster Size 11 Right Hand - Matte Finish, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like.

This holster is great for outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, riding snow machines or four-wheelers, mountain biking, or snowshoeing. 0000118463 00000 n

0000564670 00000 n The "Spec-Ops" part may be a bit overstated however. 0000674597 00000 n Attach the words tactical, SpecOps, or Special Operations to toilet paper and it will sell better.

0000003607 00000 n Sorry, we could not locate a holster for the weapon you searched for.

$30.00. Some of the reviewers who assigned a low score sounded like they were trying to use the holster beyond its intended function. Blackhawk! 0000003117 00000 n 0000007838 00000 n This is a good choice for under $50.

Blackhawk has a variety of high-quality EDC concealment holsters.

Mit in dem Paket ist neben dem Schlaufenhalter auch der Gürtel Clip für das Holster.

Some are absolutely feral. xref 0000005703 00000 n 0000005574 00000 n Chest bag: A pouch to hold a concealed firearm, which is bound to the chest with a wraparound strap and over the shoulder strap. 0000089441 00000 n Compatible with BLACKHAWK nylon holsters, injection-molded holsters and SERPA Quick Disconnect System adapters Black - One size fits all Customers who bought this item also bought.

0000006677 00000 n Please contact customer service if you have any questions. 0000089107 00000 n This holster shirt is intended for deep concealment.

Some users have given it bad reviews.

0000791171 00000 n Quick view Compare Choose Options.

View cart for details.

It has a firm hold and is perfect for off duty carry, or for armed civilians. 0000007874 00000 n

or Best Offer. 0000075397 00000 n 0000792258 00000 n 0000005438 00000 n 0000005180 00000 n Blackhawk nylon holsters like the TecGrip Junk Drawer are the perfect everyday concealed carry holster. $120.00. 0000791339 00000 n 0000723504 00000 n 0000022333 00000 n

They will hold a firearm discreetly, without flashing or printing. 0000004920 00000 n Diamond D Guides Choice Ruger Blackhawk Chest Holster, 4 5/8-Inch.

I had a chance to spend a few days afield with a Guides Choice holster fitted for a 4 ⅝” Ruger Blackhawk in 45 Colt.

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