Better Half VW Type Aircraft engine: National origin: United States: Manufacturer Better Half This is half a VW crankshaft in the proces of being cut and machined for use in a 1/2 VW engine. Crankshaft: These are Scat cylinder heads I purchased on a complete VW aircraft engine. It employs coil ignition and produces about 30 hp (22 kW). For aircraft use a number of experimenters seeking a small two-cylinder four-stroke engine began cutting Type 1 VW engine blocks in half, creating a two-cylinder, horizontally opposed engine.

This is my 78mm Scat crank after cutting in half.

The engine is supplied in the form of plans for amateur construction. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

[1][2], The design has evolved over time, incorporating improvements to reduce complexity and improve reliability.

New FI.R.M. Physically bigger pilots also needed a wider, taller seat plus more wing area and span was needed to carry the added pilot weight. “But, why?” you may ask.

The engine is supplied in the form of plans for amateur construction.

Click here to start a new topic. Read More About:   Better Half VW (Legal Eagle)    Legal Eagle, Affordable Carbon Part 103 You can also see the taper on the nose for the prop hub. Half VW Half Volkswagen engine mounted in a Hummel Bird . List ... all LSA Services ... each one verified to have the airplane or expertise you seek.

A slightly enlarged version of the original, the Legal Eagle XL Ultralight can handle a 275 pound pilot yet has an empty weight of just 246 pounds …so it also makes the grade as an ultralight. The Better Half VW is an American aircraft engine, designed by Leonard Milholland of Brookshire, Texas in 1993 for use in ultralight aircraft. Photo Properties . Better Half VW, the company behind the Legal Eagle series, offers a welded fuselage and a materials package. Perhaps not every pilot needs for aircraft to be affordable but a great many do. Perhaps not every pilot needs for aircraft to be affordable but a great many do. News & Video on Light-Sport Aircraft, Sport Pilot Kits, and Ultralight Aircraft, By Dan Johnson || September 2, 2018 12 Comments.

However, to keep the price extremely low, builders will have to do some scrounging, said Leonard Milholland, the designer.

The Better Half VW is an American aircraft engine, designed by Leonard Milholland of Brookshire, Texas in 1993 for use in ultralight aircraft.

Check out the modifications here. ; New to Wikipedia? Reliable Four-Stroke Power. © 2020 || Dan Johnson Media Corp. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

Plus, does not every pilot — every customer — appreciate a bargain?

Date: 06/01/10 Full size: 640x427 next last. Welcome!

Unlike other half VWs this design does not require cutting the engine block in half, but instead blanks the two aft cylinders and removes the pistons. [2], Data from World Directory of Leisure Aviation 2011-12[1],, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 May 2019, at 00:59. Ask questions, get answers. m, This page was last edited on 28 September 2020, at 00:37. Building the Better Half VW Engine (-mostly-) A report by Christopher Kleman Disclaimer: This document is for informational purpose only and is not intended to be a guide or definitive how-to for how you decide to build your engine. The original Legal Eagle limited the pilot weight to 225 pounds.

In this article, I am writing about one of most affordable aircraft you can build. The three axis aircraft is designed around the four stroke half VW engine producing 30 horsepower, more than enough power for most applications.

Better Half VW crankshaft. That’s right, they cut the engine in half, cutting out the back cylinders and welded the case back together so only two cylinders exist.

This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Better Half VW article. The Hummel 2 Cylinder VW — Powering the Hummelbird, Ultra Cruiser and other Experimental Amateur Built and Ultralight aircraft, Morry Hummel's 1/2 VW engine conversion plans have become a trusted standard in the aviation community. – Corsair Ultralight. Legal Eagle Is An Exceptionally Low-Cost Ultralight Aircraft for Kit Builders, Wing Span — 281 inches (23 feet, 5 inches). summary details Make Canon Model Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT Aperture Value … The purpose of such an engine is for ultralight or very very light aircraft, without spending twice as much money on expensive Austrian two-stroke power.

Gear — Tuffy Bicycle Wheels and shopping cart tail wheel. : Put new text under old text.

[1][2], The engine is a twin cylinder four-stroke, horizontally-opposed air-cooled, direct-drive gasoline engine design based on the Volkswagen air-cooled engine. A genuine, qualifying Part 103 ultralight vehicle, Legal Eagle ultralight weighs only 244 pounds. Legal Eagle is not available either fully built or in a full kit.

How low can the price go? This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject. ; Please sign and date your posts by typing four tildes ( ~~~~). They were already machined for 94mm cylinders and for dual ignition.

Speed — limited to legal ultralight speed (55 knots) but can do up to 60 MPH. This is a 1/2 VW engine. Plus, does not every pilot — every customer — appreciate a bargain?

This is merely a report of the method and route I chose to follow, and the issues that arose from such a build.

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