Barnes is awakened from cryo, disoriented but quickly realizing that time is up; he is brought back to the US.

A press conference goes sideways when the team can't explain how they are funded, other than Tony Stark who is no longer an Avenger.

Steve was certainly NOT pleased with having a flour-covered demigod running around in the tower but Clint found it hilarious, and that's when the two men began a long friendship of pranks and silly jokes that no one else laughed at. 4 - The rogues are benched for property damage and they think Tony should pay for it and their weapons and upgrades; Wanda taken to Kamar Taj. No returning to Wakanda isn't an option - the country is no longer isolated and T'Challa is an Avengers candidate and can't violate the laws he's sworn to enforce. Friday showed the rogues the Siberia videos; Sam wishes he hadn't been so willing to throw common sense out the window to be a hero; Clint realizes he fucked up but his job was to shoot where and when he was told to, not make the decisions, he shifts blame from Tony to Steve; Barnes talks to his lawyer and the UN rep. T'Challa reflects on his arrogance and foolishness as he publicly steps down from the throne leaving the new Queen to address the nation. Everyone was happy for the city to have been saved but they also mourned for their lost ones. Pepper discovers Carter gave them their weapons; a package arrives for Tony; Spider-Man calls worried; staff empty Steve and Wanda's rooms. The idea to put the nuke in the portal wasn't a fruit of his genius, it was just what anyone would have done. Sam talks with Wanda about consent and mind rape. Steve decides to take matters into his own hands.

Earth prepares for the coming army with help from Doom, Magneto and the other realms. Stark asks Barnes if he's ready for phase two while Captain Danvers reads them their rights. Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right, even if the whole world is telling you to move. Natasha travels to Malibu to see Pepper, she calls Happy from the airport for a ride to the rebuilt mansion. Scott cobbled together comms for them but refuses to go, instead telling the king what they're up to and surrendering himself to the Accords committee. Trio arrested for D.C. Steve barred from visiting Peggy by family. Steve didn't call Tony about helicarriers/Insight to hide Barnes secret; they let the helicarriers fall on the city and exposed countless agents to keep Tony out of the loop. Taken into custody separate from T'Challa, Steve Sam and Sharon are shown photos of the dead and injured from the last few hours; two are aghast wondering how something conducted by Cap can go so wrong. Marie Jackson, the representative of the new SHIELD branch that would now oversee and take responsibility for the Rogues as a group has her work cut out for her explaining the real world. Sharon undermines and collects enhanced for Hydra.

“I need to know if I can trust you.” “What? Steve lost after Bucky goes back into cryo, spends his time venting to Sam. Hope contacts Pepper and the German government before giving a press conference denouncing Scott's actions and taking responsibility for letting him have the suit; she plans to use the Wasp suit to help Stark. James watches the end of Steve's trial and sends a letter in closure of their friendship; Steve's personality failings were always there but really became an issue after he was enhanced. If that's not your thing, just don't read it. 7 - Steve - counter-terrorism unit stops Rumlow, arrests Team Cap, forced to sign Accords and get trained, Rhodes in charge; Steve gets in army gets others killed; Steve gets in army, gets Bucky wounded, Bucky suicide. Not compliant with Agents of Shield. Natasha doesn't get the kings support after sneaking into Wakanda; E. Ross is under fire for letting them escape with weapons; T. Ross was caught on camera threatening Tony and Natasha to bring Steve an co in within thirty-six hours; Laura's file for divorce in the newspaper for all to see. 12 - Rhodes greets the rogues upon their return and threatens them off Tony. She gives him a number to contact Magneto. Tony faced Steve with his usual arrogance and self-confidence, it was after all the only shield he had against the world and he wasn't going to let it down any time soon. Your review has been posted. I'm reading a few were Tony is treated badly by the team and they only use him for the place to live and upgrades but don't want to have anything to do with him socially. Or: 5 Times Tony Stark was a Consultant and the 1 Time He was a Teammate.

Scott has realized that he made a mistake not asking questions just running off because Cap called. The Avengers are back at the compound and oblivious to much of anything other than their own interests. Scott turns himself in and the team is still in denial even with protests around the world and an outpouring of sympathy for Iron Man; the Smithsonian exhibit is attacked. Or, what if Team Cap was actually called out on their poor decisions and had to deal with consequences instead of being rewarded? Scott took the time to finally read the thousand pages of the Accords with help from a lawyer, he can disprove many of Steve's blanket statements and is disgusted that he dropped everything and didn't ask a single question before blindly following Cap. Steve and Wanda die in Lagos, others charged. Stephen portals them back to Danvers who benches them and Mary who demands training for conferences.

T'Challa's scientists insist on reading the manual and studying everything before adapting it to Bucky. Treating everyone else as collateral damage in pursuit of your cause. Steve is censured for not telling anyone about Bucky, for running around destroying the world wearing the US flag and loses the rank of "Captain' since he isn't actually military, just a civilian who will probably be sued. 18 - Steve called on Bucky-hunt expenses.

Assault teams from several countries join War Machine, Vision, Widow and the airport is still a disaster; the stun darts take down the unenhanced, Witch is harder while Widow prevents Panther. Please consider turning it on!

Questions are asked about their ability to pay personal expenses when none of them have a job so if they are not freeloading from the billionaire, is the government paying? 2 - longer 'what ifs?' The lawsuits will roll in now that they aren't protected by anyone: not military, Shield, Hydra or Tony. -If anyone wants to take this idea and turn it into a longer fic, be my guest *looks around with hope*-.

I hope so I like the idea.… You move.“. 1 - unconnected snippets.

1 - Tony got the rogues pardons and they arrive while Stephen is out. It made the tower less empty when Pepper was at work and Bruce was like a dream come true. 16 - The nuke is questioned, Shields dealing exposed, arrests, Earth Defense Accords, Thanos loses. The team goes their separate ways and Clint robs a bank since he knows Laura and Barney won't take him back; the funds are quickly gone with bribes new hearing aids and removing the tracker; then the airport damage bills arrive. Steve ignores the cards that Mary from PR gave him and prepares his own statement which basically reads 'we got the bad guy who cares about the damages.'

The smaller Chitauri warriors were easy enough to move, the police and SHIELD took care of that, but even with Iron man, the God of thunder, a supersoldier and a pair of heavy lifting Quinn-jets maneuvered by the two spies the leviathas were hard to move.

Even if Tony would die before he admitted it he enjoyed having guests. Lang floored that they could have been forgiven for Bucharest and Barnes get help before they ever called him... and turned it down. Marie blasts Steve after his impromptu interview goes viral against them, interpreted as a FY! He and Tony have done nothing but bicker the entire time they have been on the Avengers team. It had hurt but Tony plastered on his smirk and answered with his usual wit, "I think I would just cut the wire." Scott is worried but Steve is adamant about getting his hands on the device to help Bucky.

Shield kills Tony during the palladium disaster while trying to manipulate him, Pepper and Jarvis burn Shield down. T'Challa reformed in a new world. and how they change what came next. Tony also disapproved of the way he treated Bruce so Steve had immediately been classed as "not friendly" and Tony was determined to proceed with caution. 11 - Ultron kills twins, Tony talks him round about humanity. “Compromise where you can. Like the rest of the world, Hope has seen the airport footage and is horrified by Scott's use of the suit. Which of course he's hiding. At his meeting with the UN reps, Steve gives a rousing story of the Depression, friendship, becoming an icon and the responsibility to protect the people from bullies, fighting on behalf of the little guy. Barton is still furious that Tony didn't call; Clint spent years is a dangerous job, fought aliens and robots and retired, Tony wouldn't take a father from his children - Clint did that himself. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. The ones he had saved. Tony sues Shield over their manipulations. Practice makes perfect they say and this is only practice and therefore not perfect ^^. But they needed him. *runs off to read*. Steve and Sam hitch a ride to the U.N. bombing with Sharon; Natasha tells them to stay out of the hunts for Barnes and Sharon shares what little information she has which results in numerous injured LEOs at the building and a tunnel collapse killing a family, trapping/injuring others and delaying aide to other unrelated needs. Wanda made him relive it in Strucker's castle. He is unaware that Jo and Karen are plotting to matchmake Friday/Peter or that Friday is hoping Jo will be so busy helping Harley with his suit that she will stay out of Friday's love life.

Pepper agrees to see Natasha at the secluded home where the former CEO has been coping with her Extremis; Tony stabilized it but the stresses in her life made controlling it difficult, she even set off Hulk. Tony decided to ignore it.

Clint is delusional, blaming the rest of the world for wanting to let politicians control the Avengers, Tony for helping them; Laura hangs up. There are cracks between the two Avengers groups after the battle with Thanos, and Steve's attempts to 'fix' it seems to just keep making things worse.So much worse. Truths are revealed (the deal Tony made for Wanda after Lagos and the one sanctioning Steve and Sam to get Bucky); Bucky agrees to speak to a therapist alone and restrained; Steve makes excuses. Wanda leaves compound is confronted, realizes she's a monster and Steve is the people who dismissed her parents.

2. He has a lot to answer for. She claims to want to help since they have a mutual cause, opposition to any law that puts restrictions on enhanced individuals. The news identifies those involved in the tunnel collapse; has security footage from the building showing Barnes and Rogers assault; Wakanda offers compensation to Romania. Tony apologizes to Wanda for not detailing maybe losing her visa, kept at compound for safety.

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